Monday, August 14, 2006

Israeli-Hizbullah Conflict the Fault of Bush and Blair, Just Because

Here's a bit from Africa News Dimension in which the interviewee, Cathy Safi, a Lebanese South African, pins the current Israeli-Hezbollah conflict on Bush and Blair:

When AND asked Safi who she felt was responsible for the current conflict in Lebanon, she admitted that she was not entirely up-to-date with the whole history of the region, but that America's involvement had fuelled tensions in the volatile Middle East.

“I am angry at [American president] George Bush, and at [British prime minister] Tony Blair.

“When you see Bush on television, he actually comes across as if he's a god.

“And Condoleeza Rice [US secretary of state], she always has this big smirk on her face while people are losing their lives,” Safi said.
Safi admits that, “I see Bush and I feel so much hate”.

How do you argue with that?


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