Friday, January 26, 2007

Jesus Doesn't Buy "Inconvenient Truth"

An evangelical Christian in Seattle, Washington is spearheading a local campaign against "propagandist" Al Gore.

Setting aside the rich irony . . . here's the opener of the article:

Gore film sparks anger in Wash. school district
FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Frosty Hardiman is neither impressed nor surprised that "An Inconvenient Truth," the globalwarming movie narrated by former vice president Al Gore, received an Oscar nomination this week for best documentary.

"Liberal left is all over Hollywood," he grumbled a few hours after the nomination was announced.

Hardiman, a parent of seven in the southern suburbs of Seattle, has roiled the global-warming waters.

It happened early this month when he learned that one of his daughters would be watching "An Inconvenient Truth" in her seventh-grade science class.

"No, you will not teach or show that propagandist Al Gore video to my child, blaming our nation -- the greatest nation ever to exist on this planet -- for global warming," Hardiman wrote in an e-mail to the Federal Way School Board.

The 43-year-old computer consultant is an evangelical Christian who said he believes that a warming planet is "one of the signs" of Jesus Christ's imminent return for Judgment Day.

OK, so, there it is: Let's not even talk about global warming because (1) the U.S. is the greatest nation on earth and (2) Jesus is coming. Hopefully the logical and doctrinal shortcomings of that argument are readily apparent.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of global warming, you can hardly argue that Gore's film should be banned in public schools. The film was screened widely and is - - for better or worse - - now part of the public debate. If Hardiman is that fretful that his child is going to be brainwashed by one showing of a film, he can simply borrow a copy from the Seattle Public Library and spend some time talking with his kid(s) about why he disagrees with the film-makers. Then - - gasp - - let his kid make up her own mind about where she stands.

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