Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Virus

The following is ripped unapologetically (in fact, that's part of the game) from

The Boring Part
Internet does not exist per se, it is merely the volatile aggregate of information, flowing around. For the past few years - following the emergence of the so-called Web 2.0 - information diffusion has been more and more orchestrated by bloggers instead of mainstream media. This paradigm shift has given us the opportunity to understand how word of mouth works by providing an actual framework in which a resource could be observed while spreading.

The Fun Part
What's in for you? The unique opportunity of being part of a fun, collaborative experiment. The resource we are offering you to spread is unique : the Happy Flu visualizer tracks its own diffusion. This means that when you post it on your own blog or website, in a couple of minutes you will appear on the applet. You will be linked to the place you first saw the resource and, even better, everyone spreading the resource from your page will be linked to you. This involves a lot of happy magic. We think it could be fun to build the biggest possible diffusion tree, don't you?

Get Involved!
Interested? Here is how it goes :

When you come across the Happy Flu visualisation applet, and if you want to spread it, click on "Spread it". Enter your website's name and url (those will appear on the Happy Flu visualisation as soon as your own post gets a few hits). Click "get code" and copy/paste the code in a blog article, and that's all!

A Few Notes
Please note that in order to have meaningful graphics and coherent data, we ask you to use the "Spread it" button on the website where you discovered Happy Flu.


Anonymous chollaball said...

ok i'm in, posting now. can't believe, however, that your first post in like 6 months is basically plagiarized. the PAW can't be taking that much time!??!

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