Friday, February 06, 2009

Live Blogging the Eagles Game at Berkshire School

I'm going to try live blogging the game today at Berkshire school.

First of, this facility is AMAZING. We are playing on an olympic-sized rink today. The entire team is here.

Everyone was dressed early so there was an extended warmup period. The Bethlehem team is hitting the ice right now with 2:52 togo until game time.

Mahlitz is in the net for the Eagles.

33 seconds left in the warmup. Sounds like we are going to have a national anthem too.

National Anthem is over. I can't ever hear it without getting chills.

Buffoline, LeBlanc, LeBel out on the first line, Gillan, Suguitan on D.

10:48, eagles offisdes.

Carson, Wightman, Bogardus out, Beth wins the faceoff.

10:31, #90 bethelehem scores the first shot and first goal.

Beth wins the faceoff.

Ryan dumps it in but a play stoppage for icing.

Faceoff in Eagles zone. Shot, savve. Faceoff again, now down in Beth territoriy.

Nelsen completely alone with the goalie, shot goes wide.
Buffoline, bad pass back to the point, puck goals to the Eagles.

Quick whistle by the ref, would have been a second goal for Beth.

Eagles looking pretty flat. Jeff has the puck, dumps it in. GREAT crossing pass but Wightman can't get to it.

Beth shott goes wide. Tulchinsky racing for the puck now, whistle and stop for icing - - faceoff all the way back in Eagles territory.

Tulchinsky at center. Nelsen again on a breakaway! Goalie saves.

Bethlehem icing call now, all the way back in their territory.

6:17 to play in the first, still 0-1.

Buffoline now with the puck, looking, looking, pass to Suguitan.

Gillan racing back buits Beth to the puck. Beth gets it back, shot save Mahlitz. Beth outshooting the Eagles so far, outplaying them so far too.

Now in Beth's zone - - GREAT center pass Wightman bumped fromo mbehind just as he made contact. Now dow in the Eagles zone. Jeffs has it, dumps it in while the Eagles go for a change.

Lots of pressure on the net, Beth goalie easily makes three saves in traffic.

Now in the Eagles zone, Smith fans on the puck. Here comes tulchinsky, to Humschmimtt, back to Tulchinksy - - shot goalie glove save. Doesn't she get the MVP so far, coming up big.

Lebel shoots just wide of the Beth net. Now leblanc, good centering pass but Lebel was away, Eagles regrouping, Leblanc in the corner Beth comes up with the puck. Now back in Bath's zone. Buffoline has it, stripped, Beth on a breaway, Gillan foils it in front of the net and a whistle stop for the net off its moorings.

1:00 left in the frist, Beth on a breakaway. Great 2-man play but they couldn't pull it off.

Penalty now on the Eagles, #20 Ryan. I missed the signal. Bogardus ices it.

Down in Beth's zone shorthanded, Nelsen shoots, goalie covers.

Eagles pull the goalie for the faceoff, time runs.

End of the first period, Eagles 0, Beth 1.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is neat. almost like being there. sounds like a hard game. . . . off to get twins, I'll check back when I get home.

11:22 AM  

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