Monday, February 19, 2007

Tigger Criminal Charges Bounce

Michael Fedelem will not be charged after all for swatting a 14-year old kid at Florida's Disney amusement park, so says the Boston Herald:
Criminal charges will not be filed against a Disney employee accused of hitting a teenager while in costume as the Winnie the Pooh character “Tigger,” authorities said.
The State Attorney’s Office announced Thursday that it will not press charges against Michael J. Fedelem. Prosecutors made the decision after reviewing a complaint from New Hampshire resident Jerry Monaco.
Curiously, neither the Herald article nor any other article I could find explain what caused Tigger to bat the kid to begin with. From that, I suspect there's some kind of understanding between Fedelem, the prosecutors, and Monaco.

Also no word on whether Fedelem will get his job back--or if he even wants it at this point.



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