Friday, February 06, 2009

Eagles Game - Second Period

Starting a new post for the second period. Eagles send out Buffoline, LeBlanc, Suguitan, Jeffs. 1:02 of Beth power play remaining.

Beth wins the draw, but Eagles recover and dump it. Out now, Eagles regrouping but offisdes.

LeBlanc noow, stripped, lots of messy playon the sides. Penalty over.

Faceoff in Beth's territory. Gillan, Ryan out on D. Gillan foils another one in front of the net.

Gillan with a shot from the point, goes wide. Carson chance for a breakaway but falls. Now Ryan behind the net, to Bogardus, Beth has now, shot, save Mahlitz.

Faceoff in Eagles. Penalty #8 Beth, cross-check. Don't see that call very often.

Eagles power play. Past smith, she has it dumps it back in. Great D-D pass by Mccue - - shot Bogardus tipped away by Beth. Buffoline to Leblanc - - Goal Eagles!

8:04 remaining in the second it's a 1-1 game.

Nelsen now gets the puck on the net but the goalie covers. Jeffs, Suguitan out on D.

Nelsen, throws it to the net. Beth has now, Tulchinsky chance for a shot, now in the Eagles zone, shot save Mahlitz.

Faceoff, Beth to the net, Ryan clears, Carson shoots shot goes wide. Beth possible breakaway Gillan foils it to keep the puck in.

Who is number 90? His jersey is different than the others, and he is good.

LeBel shoots, rebound, shot Leblanc scores . . . . ref waives it off - - player in the crease. Faceoff now outside the attacking zonnee.

Suguitan now behind the net, Buffoline now behind th enet, now down in the Beth's, good centering pass but Leblanc can't get to it. Buffoline in the corner now, Jeffs dumps it in, Egales for a change, trip coming up on Bethlehem.

3:43 left in the seconnd, Eagles power play. Faceoff in Beth's zone . . Tulchinskey at center. Ryan blaster from the blue line, goalie saves and covers.

Faceoff again, Nelsen racing back for the puck, Beth controls, Suguitan back now, can't pull off the breakout. Now out, Beth regrouping, now in Beth's zonne, Ryan shot from the blueline goes wide.

1:50 left in the second, power play is over.

McCue hits carson on a NICE long pass, Carson to Buffoline, Buffoline closes on the net, shoots, SCORES. Eagles 2, Beth 1 with 1:26 in the second.

Nice breakup by Jeffs.

Gillan racing back. Checks. #10 White going to the box for 1:30 with :49 left in the period, that will give Beth a power play extending into the third.

Buffoline now in Beth's zone shorthanded, wrister to the net, goalie catches, drops, covers for a stoppage of play. Faceoff again . . . Eagles control . . . but that's the end of the period.

At the end of the second, it's Eagles 2, Beth 1.


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