Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tougher Truck Regulations Proposed

Here's an interesting bit about big truck safety.

Activists seek tougher truck regulation

More than 100 people a week are killed in large truck crashes in this country, according to safety groups that called Monday for reducing how long big-rig drivers can work without rest.

. . .

Jacqueline Gillan, vice president of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, told the news conference that the truck safety effort pales by comparison with federal food safety regulation.

"Nearly 61 people die from E.coli (infections) each year, which is equivalent to the four-day death toll from truck crashes," Gillan said.

"Anytime there is an E.coli outbreak, the federal government uses every resource available to stop this public health threat," she said. "Yet, unsafe big rigs kill and maim tens of thousands each year because truckers are pushed to drive long hours under unsafe conditions while the federal response has been silence and indifference."

Besides being wildly energy inefficient.



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