Friday, February 06, 2009

Eagles Game Two - First Period

This will be the second game for the Eagles today after defeating Bethlehem 4-2 this morning. The Eagles enjoyed a fine afternoon of pizza followed by bowling. It turns out Coach George is a closet bowling fanatic and pasted one of the parents (who will remain unnamed) 168-134 in a late afternoon match.

So far the Eagles, Northern Rhode Island, and the Rattlers have posted wins, so there is a three-way tie for first.

This game is between the Eagles and Saugerties.

The Eagles have a chance to move alone into first if they defeat Saugerties. If the Eagles lose, Saugerties will join the Eagles, NRI and the Rattlers for a four-way tie for first.

Warmup is done now. Teams are collecting the pucks.

Eagles coming out now. Opening linie is Buffoline, LeBlanc, LeBel, Gillan, Suguitan on D.

Eagles win the facedoff, leblanc up, has it centering to Lebel picked off by Saugerties. Lebel now on the boards, to Buffoline, good centering pass to LeBlanc, shoots rebound, shot SCORE!

Eagles up by one. Not sure who got that one. Nelsen no in to Saug zone, takes a shot, goalie sticks it away. Saugerties now with a shot blocked by Smith. Smithj on the puck, passes, into traffic. Eagles go for a change as Saug satrts the rush.

Ryan now with the puck sends it up, icing and a stoppage of play.

Puck now in Eagels territory, Saug centering, foiled by Ryan and Carson, shot wide of the net, Ryan sends it up, back again, Ryan up to Wightman, centers but Davis is there. Carsonn now into Saugerties zone and Eagles change their forwards.

Eagles changing D now, LeBel in the corner to Buffoline, Buffoline cetners to LeBlanc but misses, good Eagles play. Suguitan down shot, wow right on the line but Mahlitz keeps it out, Leble takes it away. Buffoline now, looking, shoots rebound. LeBlanc now, LeBlanc to Tulchinsky one timer SCORES!! Eagles up by 2. GREAT one-timer.

Faceoff now, Saugerties dumps it in, McCue back, misses, Nelsen hits Hubschmitt on a pass, Nelsen keeps it in, wrister on the net, save and the goalie covers.

Carson behind th enet, Ryan keeps it in, Ryan with a shot almost hits Carson. Eagles keepin gthe pressure on. Good play by Ryan on the Blue line. Saugerties winws the battle and tries a rush but the Eagles close fast. Jeffs now on the rush dumps it in and the Eagles change it up all the way around. Icicng, faceoff will be all the way back in Eagles territory.

Eagles win the faceoff, puck now in Saugerties zone. Buffoline along the boardes, now leblanc, centers, play broken up, Gillan with a shot deflected by Saugerties bodies. BUffoline now, puck comes back, Buffoline again, closing, shoots, goalie deflects, behind the net shot on the other side, goalie cover for a stoppage of fplay.

4:38 left in the first, Eagles 2, Saugerties 0.

Tulchinksy now inn center, Saug wins the draw, Nelsen back battling, Tulchinsky, Hugschmitt keeping it towards the SAugerties end. Saugerties now down the ice, passes, open, Smith back wins the puck, Mahlitz races towards the box as there's a delayed penalty on Saugerties. Saugerties takes the puck and play stops. Not sure what the call was.

Eagles on the power play now, puck is in Saugerties territory. Ryan with a shot deflected. Saugerties has the puck now, now in to CP zone, icing but Saugerties gets to it first. Here comes a breakaway, shot save Mahlitz and covers to stop play.

1:42 left in the first.

Buffoline on the faceoff, shot Mahlitz deflects, Suguitan now coast to coast, shoots, Saugerties covers.

Faceoff in Saugerties zone. Penalty is over.

LeBlanc nice centering pass, now Saugerties on the rush, Saugerties shnot wid, Buffolin behind the net, down the ice, still has it - - cross pass to LeBlanc shot - - off the post. GREAT play.

Faceoff with 15 second left. Smith back, Saugerties regroups, dumps the puck in but the buzzer ends the round.

Score at the end of the first, Eagles 2, Saugerties 0.


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