Friday, February 06, 2009

Eagles Game Two - Second Period

Tulchinsky out for the opening faceoff, Nelsen, Hubschmitt, Smith and McCue. Saugerties gets the puck, takes it up, out, back in offsides and a whistle stop 15 seconds in tothe period.

11:45 faceoff in Eagles zone, eagles have the puck, tipped up and now down the ice . Whistle stop for icing and the puck goes all the eway back.

Saugerties wins the faceoff, hard shot right off the bat but save by Mahlitz. Carson now with the puck, loses it, gets it back, goalie kicks the pick all the way out to the blue line. Wow.

Puck now down in Eagles territory, long shot down the ice and a whistle for icing at 10:35.

Saugerties wins the faceoff, great shot by Saugerties, sticked away by Mahlitz. Buffloine down the ice now shot reboudn, Buffoline behind the net, wraparound - - it's in. Goal Eagles.

Buffoline now, shoots, blocked.

Whistle now, LeBel for hooking. Saugerties will start the power play with 9:42 remaining in the second.

Faceoff, Eagles win it, Smith back now, Tulchinsky withthe puck, loses it, Nelsen helps, Tulchinsky racing, McCue, Saugerties breakaway crossing in fron t of the net, Mahlitz with a sliding save. Nice, nice. Puck behind the net, back out shot - - Mahlitz again with the save.

Eagles now down in Saugerties territory, Dawson Davis nice play to keep it in.

Faceoff now near center ice. Eagles take it forward, Jeffs sends it up. Davis keeps it in. Whistle stop for icing on Saugerties.

7:13 in the second, Tulchinskey wins the draw, Saaugerties in the corner playing keep away, Gillan with a shot goes wide.

6:39 faceoff all the way yback in Saug. zone. Wightman shot, kicked away by Saugerties goalie Kehr. Saug on a breakawy, crossing in front GREAT sliding save by Mahlitz but there's a penalty. Looks like tripping on mcCue, putting saugerties on another power play.

Faceoff in Eagles zone, Saugerties controlling, shot wide, cetnering pass borken up by Davis, Carson now on the rush, Saugerties now back but they go offsides for a whistlestop.

Faceoff at the Eagles blueline, Eagles win, Buffloine into tSuagerties zone, tries to get a shot off but cant, Saugerties takes th epuck to ward the Eagles net, Gillan takes it away. Buffoline now, now in the corner, whistle for frozen puck. Pretty quick whistle. Puck in fron of the net, Buffoline, shoots, save.

Buffoline behind the net looks for LeBlanc can't find him, puck taken away now, back to Gillan shot wide, Lebel now to LeBlanc slams it but wide, puck down the ice now would be icing but Gillan back, shoots it up but now icing on Gillan so the faceoff is all the way back.

2;56 in the second now, still Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.

Faceoff Eagles have it, Tulchinskyu up, shoots, Nelsen in the slot tries a backhnader but it's off the goalies pads. Saugerties takes it down the ice, gets off a weak shot easy save by Mahlitz.

1:57 now Tulchinkssy on the rush, shot rebound, Nelsen shot rebound, Hubschmitt can't get the third shot off, puck is back out and now back in but Saugerties has 4 men in the zone already for offsides.

Jeffs now sends it across to Bogardus, Saugerties with the puck now Wightman takes it away, Wgihtman trying to center, Bogardus trying to center, no one on the net. Shot dribbles toward the goal but no one is on center.

Saugerties on the rush now, tries to cross by Jeffs is there sends it away. Eagles offsides with :19.6 left in the second.

Eagles playing more like themselves this game with a little more zip in the skates and a little more heat in the puck.

Lebel now down the ice, to the right of the Saugerties net, perfect pass to LeBlanc winds up a shoots - - wide.

Buzzer and that's the second. Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.


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