Friday, February 06, 2009

Eagles Game Two - Third Period

Eagles are out now for the third.

Scrum a center after the faceoff. Eagles now into Saug zone. Lebel in the corner. Back to Buffoline, stripped. Has it back, stripped again. Buffoline has it back, puck now in Eagles zone. In front of the net, Mahlitz shuffling down on the ice, sets, shot save and Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff i nthe Eagles zone and another shot on the net, Mahlitz sticks it away to the right, Suguitan now ehind th ent, stripped, goes hard into the boards. Gillan now, nice pass up the ice, Tulchinsky shoots - - off the post and back down in front of the net - - no goal.

Faceoff, Eagles win it, play in the middle section, Jeffs has it , Ryan with a mighty shot hits Carson. Centering pass no one there, Ryan with a shot wide. Ryan with a shot hits a Saugerties player who screams and falls, but gets back up. Free puck , McCue dumps it in.

Saugerties with th epuck now starting a rush, centers to #5 Mahlitz way off to the side but she bobbles it, can't get the shot off. That should have b een an easy goal for Saugerties. Smith now behind the net, takes it up, Saugerties back in but offisdes.

Faceoff at the Eagles blue line. Tulchinsky wins the draw, Suguitan sends it up, Saugerties has the puck now, no Tulchinsky takes it, back to Gillan , shot into traffice, Saugerties has the puck now, down the ice, two on one Suguitan back breaks it up but a sliding pass to #5 - - she blows it again.

#5 with the puck now, stripped by Davis. Down into Saugerties zone, Carson with a backhander goes wide. #5 on the rush, fakes Ryan but Davis is right there. Ryan sends it out, Saugerties sends it back in but offisdes with 5:14 remaining.

Faceoff at center ice. Buffoline goes forward, McCue sends it up, LeBel dumps it in, Eagles offsides at 4:59.

Buffoline on the faceoff, takes it in, maneuvering for room, tries to hit LeBlanc but Saug breaks it up. Nice D play by Smith to keep it in.

Now down on Eagles ice, shot stopped by McCue. Now back to Saugerties, LeBlanc shoots into traffic. Suguitan shoots into traffice. leBlanc on the rush, shoots, glove savve Saugerties.

Faceoff in Saugerties ice with 3:14 left, Saugerties not looking like they are getting much momentum here. #5 still has somme good legs though while the Eagles are tiring a little as this is their second game. Shot Mahlitz stick save, covers for a whistle at 2:46.

Faceoff and another whistle at 2:30, offsides Eagles. Faceoff and another whistle at 2:19, offsides Saugerties.

LeBel now on the rush, behind the net, sends it back to the point, Suguitan shot into traffic, Saugerties takes it to the side.

Now down in Eagles zone. Fceoff. Penalty in there somewhere as Saugerties now seems to be on thepower play.

Buffoline down the ice, Eagles shorthanded, Saugerties on the rush, passes, LeBlanc gets there and the Eagles send it all the way down. Buffoline behind th enet now, now in front, shot tipped up over the net. LeBlanc shoots I think the same kid just took it again. Great play by Gillan to keep it in.

That's the buzzer and this one ends without a bang.

Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.

Next game it tomorrow at 12:15. Not sure if the blog will be going as I might be home with the other hockey players but check back.


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