Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Three - First Period

The Eagles third game of the tournament will start in about 10 minutes.

The Eagles play the Berkshire Rattlers this morning. Berkshire held on to beat Northern Rhode Island in their only game yesterday, so they comme into this game fairly fresh. Berkshire is a strong team, beating the Eagles once in regular season play. Their goalie is a big and sharp, and there are a few skaters on the team our skaters cannot stay with. This will be a difficult game.

Eagles coming out of the locker room now as the Zamboni(R) finishes its last few passes.

Both teams are in the box and very quiet. This is a meeting of two possible finalists and it looks like both teams understand that.

The Eagles look anxious to get on the ice as the ground crew finishes the last cleanup.

Now they're out.

The Rattlers have their big goalie, Foley, in net. The Eagles will place Mahlitz.

1:30 left in the warmup. The Rattlers are ripping shots in on their side. Eagles are starting up some passing drills.

Time for the opening faceoff. The Eagles will start with Buffoline at Center, Leblanc on Right wing, Lebel on left wing, Mccuie on left D, Smith on right D. Scrumming at center ice, McCue back Eagles come out wiht it, battling behind the net, Buffoline has it stripped.

Rattlers with a wraparound Mathlitz is there. Back to the point, Rattlers dump it in again. Cetnering pass from behind the net one timmer goes wide. Weak wrister Mahlitz covers for a whistle stop.

Ryan in the corner runs the breakaout and its in Rattlers territory now. Not much pressure from the Eagles. Battling at the faceoff circle Eagles win it. Around behind the net and up the boards Ryan keeps it in. Rattlers behind their net Nelsen battling. Rattlers start a rush now.

Back in Eagles territory, Nelsen sends it down theice, no icing as the Eagles close in. Rattlers on a break, Gillan back and shoved into the wall hard. Penalty on the Rattlers for roughing.

Eagles on the power play now, leBlanc wins it and stars the rush, Lebel now, LeBlanc ack to Suguitan on the point. Rattlers with a rush Suguitan foils it, Rattlers 2 to 99 onetimer sends it home for a goal. Rattlers 1, Clifton Park 0. Rattlers scoring shorthanded.

Eagles win the faceoff now in Rattlers territory, still 20 seconds left on the penalty. Rattlers have it now starting a rush, Ryan foils it, Buffoine down the ice now, shoots, Foley nabs it out of the air for a whistle stop.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Rattlers have a break, #11 beats Mahlitz easily for another goal. Rattlers 2, Eagles 0.

Nelsen now into the Rattlers zone takes a shot goalie kick save, Rattlers now down the left boards now in the middle, Rattlers ona break Mccue foils Carson with a shot goes in front of the net.

Rattlers down the side now, centering, Ryan bats it down, Jeffs behind the net takes it up, Rattlers trying a breakout can't doi it, Wightman cetners to Carson shot goes wide. Centering now, Rattlers try a break "Bogardus has it driving deep. now Buffoline, shot and the goalie covers for a whislte.

3:45 in the first, Rattlers 2 Eagles 0.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Suguitan keeps it in, Buffoline shot rebound, Rattlers get it, Lebel tripped but no call, battling behind the net, Gillan with a long shot goalie covers for another whistle. Eagles look a little livlier towards the end of this period, putting some pressure on the Rattlers.

Rattlers now back in Eagles ice, centering, lots of traffic in fronnt of the net, Rattlers lift it up for a goal. 3-0 Rattlers with 2:32 left in the first. This will be hard to comme back from as the Eagles have managed only a few shots on net.

Smith behind th ent now, Nelsen has it on the rush, shot goalie covers, no, behind the net. No out to center ice, Jeffs has it dumps it in, Rattlers send it all the way down no icing, hard play on the boards now Buffoline has it, stripped, Lebel checked into the boards no call, long shot on the net goalie gloves it for a whistle stop. 8 second left. Ryan with a long shot from the blue line blocked by the Rattlers and the first period ends, Rattlers 3, Eagles 0.


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