Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Three - Second Period

Back out on the ice, the Eagles open with Buffoline, LeBel, LeBlanc, Davis, and Ryan. Battling at cen ter, Lebel on thte break, Buffoline has it, tackled by Lebel, Buffoline now stripped, Rattlers clear and start a rush.

Looking at little mor eevenly matched as the play has bone back and forth on both ends this period. Nelsen in now.

Jeffs perfect pass to Carson in front of the net, Carson one timer sends it home GOAL. Rattlers 3, Eagles 1.

Faceoff, Eagles send it to the Rattlers, Rattlers on a break. Eagles pick it off and send it back down to the Rattlers. Goalie is down but Eagles can't manage a shot. Smith dumps it in offisdes for a whistle.

Rattlers on a rush Ryan lifts anad leBel slaps it away. Buffoline now tries a wraparound, goalie is there. Lebel in the corner surrounded by Rattlers.

Rattlers on a rush now Ryan back, pushes the Rattler wide but gets a call for tripping. Rattlers on the poweer play with 7:05 left in the second.

Eagles win the faceoff, Suguitan behind the net sends it up but the Rattlers get it , long HARD shot fromm the blue line Mahlitz nabs it out of the air for a whistle. Great save.

Faceoff and another shot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff and anothershot blocked by the Eagles, Rattlers back to the point #12 long shot top shelf goal. Rattlers go up 4 to 1.

Eagles win the faceoff, Carson into the Rattlers ice, shot, puck arcing, goalie grabs it with a glove save for a whistle stop.

Rattlers win the faceoff send the puck in, now its out, back in but the Rattlers are offisdes for a whistle.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Eagles lose it, get it back, now down the ice and a whistle for offisdes.

Eagles manage two shots b ut can't get it past Foley. Rattlers down the ice now #12 takes a shot, good sliding save by Mahlitz and a covers for a stoppage of play.

PUck down at the Eagles now, battling along the boards, now its out, now Wightman, centering but no ones there, Rattlers have it, crossing in front of the net, what a mess, Rattlers score.

With 2:21 in the second it's Rattlers 5, Eagles 1.

Buffoline questioning the goal, discussing with the ref, no change in the call the goal stands. Buffoline now with a shot rebound. Puck is out but the Rattlers send it back in, Lebel picks it up, centers but no one there. Buffoline now tries to walk it in but can't.

Nelsen down the ice now dumps it in, Wightman in the coner, Ryan shoots, Rattlers send it all the way down the ice and a whistle for icing.

Faceoff in Rattlers, Rattlers have it for a rush, 10 seconds left Rattlers shoot, Mahlitz saves and covers.

There's the buzzer and at the end of two its Rattlers 5, Eagles 1.


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