Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Three - Third Period

The Eagles are going to need some spark if they are going to catch the Rattlers.

Same starting forward lineup, Jeffs and Suguitan are in on D.

Eagles win the faceoff, down in the Rattlers ice, shot save and the goalie covers.

On the boards, Buffoline has it, now Leblanc, stripped, Suguitan tips it back, LeBlanc has it.

#11 throws LeBlanc to the ground. #11 goes in tot he box for a slash. But it looks like LeBlanc is getting a penalty too? Not sure what the refs think they saw there.

Ryan back now sends it all the way down and the call is icing. 9:31 left to play and the eagles trail by 4.

Faceoff in Eagles ice, Carson sends it down the ice for icing again.

Faceoff in Eagles ice to the left of Mahlitz, Eagles take it down the ice now, Wightman closing.

The Eagles have back off now, they are giving the Rattlers a lot of room. McCue keeps it in shot by Carson goes wide, Wightman centering in traffic, SMith takes it behind the goal.

Nice hit by Lebel on #12. Buffoline now, tripped by #19 he's goin to the box for a Eagles power play.

Rattlers down the ice now with their PK, fromo the bottomm of the face off cirlce, shot #11 top left shelf scores. Rattlers 6, Eagles 1.

LeBlanc with a shot now goes behind the net, Davis shoots blocked by the Rattlers.

Buffoline to Lebel, back, puck towards the net but eh goalie covvers. 5:46 now left in the game.

Tulchinksey on open ice, heading towarrds the net, can't get a shot off as he's interefered with the Rattlers but no call.

Gillan in the corner takes it away fromo the Rattlers. Rattlers #11 breaking now, Suguitan back, whoa that's a trip and the arm goes up.

Rattlerson the power play, Eagles looking angry now as they battle the puck out, offisds and it goes all the way back to Rattlers icde. Leblanc flying in, where was this team ten minutes ago? Buffoline looking, tries the wrap but the goalie is there, back out to Davvis, long shot goalie covers for a whistle stop.

Here comes #12 again, no one pressuring him, he's got rrom, shot - - goal.

Scrum in fron of the net, Gillan falls and covers the puck. No whistle though. smart play.

30 seconds left, Eagles have a rush, centering pass by Ryan no one's there. NICE hit by Jeffs.

Bogardus has it with just a few left, tries to get a shot off but can't and there's the final buzzer.

Rattlers 7, Eagles 1.

Next game is this afternoon at 4:15 when the Eagles go against Northern Rhode Island.


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