Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Four - First Period

The Eagles fourth tournament game is due to start in about 10 minutes. The Eagles will be playing Northern Rhode Island. The Eagles and NRI and currently tied with 4 points each. The winner of this game will return tomorrow to face, nearly without doubt, the Berkshire Rattlers. Both teams have previously lost to the Rattlers in this tournament by comfortable margins.

Three minutes til game time and I see a ref in the corner drinking coffee but no teams from either side.

OK, teams are coming out now. For some reason the Eagles sound positively jubilant. Maybe they know something no one else does.

Loud music from nowhere. Ouch.

NRI is wearing solid dark green, Eagles are in their traveling whites. No names on the NRI jerseys. Hm.

Warmup is over.

Eagles starting line: Lebel, Buffoline, LeBlanc, Suguitan, Gillan.

Eagles win the faceoff and Lebel takes it in early, Buffoline tries to stuff it bu the goalie covers. Great start for the Eagles.

Faceoff in NRI's ice, Eagles win it, Gillan shot rebound, Buffoline gets it, NRI has it down the ice Gillan chasing. Long shot down the ice now lebel closing, Ryan up to Buffoline, on the board lebel has it, centering to Tulchinsky great one timer goes wide. Ryan checking, gives NRI the first power play.

Faceoff on Eagles ice, Tulchyinsky wins it, shot goes wide, Smith up to Jeffs, chipped up and out of play for a whistle.

Faceoff NRI wins it, shot wide, Jeffs up and out Tulchinsky has it TRIPPED - - and its a 4 on 4 game.

Faceoff NRI wins it, but Gillan gets it, sends it up to Carson, now NRI has it baqttle in the faceoff cirlce SHOT Mahlitz sticks it off to the right. Now leblanc takes it up, Eagles go for a change, Buffoline with a shot, now back out, McCue has it dumps it in, Lebel battling in the corner. Back to the point, McCue looks for Buffoline but can't find him, now NRI has it, McCue sends it back in, good tape to tape pass by NRI but the Eagles bat it back in and go offsides.

PUck in NRI's ice, Davis battling loses it, NRI on the rush now, Ryan foils it, Tulchinsky in to help, Davis behind the net sends it up but goes down hard, Nelsen sends it up long but it's icing, all the way to the Eagles, right of Mahlitz.

Jeffs sends it out now no icing, pressur by Wigthman. NRI on the rush, shot save Mahlitz and NRI crashes the net off the moorings.

McCue up to Buffoline all alone, now pressured, LeBlanc shoots blocked by NRI, rebound Lebel shoots wide, Leblanc now on the boards centering no one there, Lebel shoots tripped but no call. NRI on the rush now, Smith back battling on the boards, NRI tips it in LeBlanc back, stripped, but covered by Smith, NRI centers McCue is there NRI tips it wide.

Shot by NRI Mahlitz covers, faceoff, shot by NRI goes wide, NRI behind the net Ryan wins the battle. Bogardus sends it up, NRI gets it back shot Ryan blocks it, shot by NRI goes wide, Carson in the corner, NRI has it, shot but NRI in the crease and the faceoff is outside of th Eagles zone.

2:18 remaining int he first, game is scoreless.

Eagles rush, Buffoline tripped but no call, Buffoline gets the puck, looking, looking, stripeed, Suguitan battling on the boards, shot Suguitan gets somme of it, Lebel takes it up, to Buffoline, now LeBlanc, shot goalie glove save.

NRI on the rush, perfect chance for a one-timer by NRI but they fan, Carson battling on the baords, 4 seconds left.

Buzzer and the end of the first, still scoreless.


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