Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Four - Second Period

Out on the ice: Tulchinsky, Hugschmitt, Nelsen, Gillan, Suguitan.

Eagles win it but NRI recovers, Gillan now starting a rush tied up at the blue line. Play along the boards now Tulchinsky takes a shot from his knees on the red line, goalie kickes it away, Lebel with a shot, Buffoline with a shot but nothings going in.

Now NRI down the ice, off to the left of Mahlitz centering pass weak wrister and Mahlitz covers easily.

Faceoff to the right of Mahlitz, shot Mahlitz reaches with his glove but it's in front. Long shot down the ice for the Eagles and now its all the way back for icing.

Faceoff Eagles lost it NRI shooting, wow the puck is flying everywhere bobbles in looks like a goal whistle, no goal. Greatt job Hunter!

Faceoff Eagles win it down the ice, offsides. Faceoff at middle ice, NRI wins it, takes it bac behind the net, sends it up but Hubschmitt takes it, now battling ont the boards nice play by Suguitan to keep it in, long shot by NRI all the way down and a whistle for icing.

Face off to left of NRI, Eagles win it, Buffoline to Lebel with a backhander but the goalie kicks it away, Buffoline with it to leblanc, back to Ryan shot rebound loose puck Buffoline backhander SCORES!

Eagles go up by one.

Faceoff center ice NRI wins it, Eagles close, long shot to the goal, the goalie's not touching it and it bounces JUST to the left of the net. Wow. Risky play. Whistle for icing.

Faceoff on Eagles ice, NRI wins it, rough play, NRI cetners from behyind the net but Eagles bat it away. NRI on the rush, Suguitan bats it away, Bogardus on the boards now, NRI fans on the puck, scrum in fronn of the net Mahlitz covers. Boy that looked like roughing the goalie after tthe whistle to me.

Long shot through traffic Mahlitz screened but drops at the last possible second to make the save. Now back behind the net, sends it up wicked wrister Mathlitz gloves it but can't hold on to it, but it goes wide. On the boards now, Nelsen up to Hubschmitt and its out.

Eaglees on the rush now but they go offsides and a whistle.

4:48 in the second now, NRI on the rush, weak wrister goes wide NRI gets it back, looking to center but no shot, centering again, Ryan's stick breaks he picks it up, and now he's going in the box. NRI on the power play.

Buffoline maneuvering . . he's tripped. This is going to be a 4 on 4 for 54 seconds.

NRI has it, not much pressure from the Eagles, Eagles are back to full strength now so it's an Eagles power play for 25 seoconds. NRI keepg it in now, Carson on the rush, Bogardus tries a shot in traffic .

Nelse on the rush, shoots wide, Tulchinsky, fans, shoots wide, down the ice now, Gillan back, shoves them off to the side, puck is out of the Eagles zone, now back in and offisdes. All the way back in the zone, faceoff, Eagles win it, buffoline shot goalie glove save.

Faceoff again NRI wins it, Buffolin on a rush, tied up, great play by mcCue, Lebel centers batted away by NRI, there's the buzzer and at the end of 2 periods its Eagles 1, NRI 0.


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