Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Four - Third Period

Out now for the Eagles: Tulchinsky at Center, Jeffs on left wing, Carson on right win, Ryan on Left D, Suguitan on Right D. Faceoff NRI wins, knocekded away by Suguitan, nwo in the corner, Eagles send it out, NRI recovers and dumps it back in.

NRI behind the net centering but no one there, shot from the point goes wide, Ryan perfect tape to tape to Jeffs, Jeffs sends it up, battling on the boards and Ryan dumps it in Eagles go for a change - - sudden rush by NRI while the Eagles are changing - - but they go offsides. That could have been a 3 on 0.

LeBel with a rush, interfered with and he gets the whistle so it will be an Eagles poweer rplay.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Ryan shot from the blue line, NRI sends it out, Suguitan back in but offsides, and all theway down. Lebel pass to Buffoline, Buffoline takes it in on open ice, shot from the WAY high slot - - SCORES. The goalie reached up but didn't connect.

9:39 to go in the second and Eagles are on top 2-0, but this is a close ame that could very quickly turn. NRI on the rush now, they have numbers, shot save Mahlitz, shot save again. PUck is out of play. Faceoff NRI wins, tips it in, Gillan sends it back up, NRI long pass across the ice but can't hold on to it, Suguitan behind the net, sends it up, Hubschmitt tips it up, Eagles lose it, NRI tips it in, Gillan sends it back out.

Deep in NRI's ice now, Lebel tied up on theboards, now lebel has it, Buffoline, NRI with the rush long pass Smith strips him - - great play Sarah.

7:25 in the third now. Eagles on the rush, Buffoline tries to shoot can't, NRI onj the rush now, centering but can't connect, LeBlanc, carries it on but the Eagles go offisides.

Faceoff at center ice, Carson, NRI takes it, Ryan sends it up, Ryan again dumps it in, NRI gets it back long pass, Eagles on the rush, Carson behind the net now in front, Bogardus trying to get a shot but can't, now offises for the Eagles.

Faceoff NRI wins it, one timer Hubschmitt dives and takes the shot, he looks hurt, NRI in the corner now, sets up for a one-timer man's open but he fans. Now NIR goes offsides.

PUck is loose now towards thte net Mahlitz racing out gets there first. Two quick shojts by NRI, one sticked away, one kicked away. Mahlitz is at the top of his game today.

4:33 left LeBlanc down the ice goes in but offsides.

Fceoff outside Eagles NRI wins it, Eagles back McCue sends it up, Carson takes it up tries to pass to Hubschmitt but can't find him.

Faceoff to right of Mahlitz, Tulchinsky now Jeffs, battling in NEagles territory, the Eagles have changed their game maybe getting tired b ut they are letting NRI take the shots here. Mahlitz getting peppered blocks another one.

NRI is beginning to look desperate but they are getting somme momentum. Gillan in the corner sends it up, Lebel sends it out. Lebel takes it in to NRI's icde shot by Lebel stick save and the goalie covers.

2:06 left in the game. Shot by Carsonn from the corner goalies drops, covers.

Faceoff to left of NRI, Tulchinsky at center.

Eagles win it, pressuring but no shot, Hubschmitt open in front of the net goalie off to the side but he can't get the shot off, goalie scrambling and recovers, covers for a whistle with 1:17.

51 seconds left and a stop for offsides. The game isn't over but things look good for the Eagles. Suguitan dumps it in, 43 seconds, NRI pulls the goalie, Jeffs behind the net, twice, 19 seconds, 6 on 5 Eagles battling hard, 2 on 1 rush Mahlitz kicks but NRI scores with .2 on the clock.


Faceoff and an almost immediate buzzer -- Eagles win it, 2-1.

Eagles game 5 will be tomorrow at 12:15 when the Eagles play the Rattlers again in the tournament final. At worst we will go home with second place. The Rattlers play early tomorrow morning, and while they don't have a strong opponent they will have to play the whole game to beat Saugerties. Hopefully that will mean our fresh legs will give us a reasonable chance at beting the Rattlers.


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