Friday, February 27, 2009

Eagles NES Game 1 - First Period

The first period of the first game of the Eagles' NES tournmanent is about to get underway. The Eagles are facing "PVHC" - - no idea what that means or where they are from. T?hey have big cats on the front of their sweaters.

The Egales start with Buffoline, Lebel, WIghtman, McCue and Suguitan.

Eagles win the faceoff into PVHC zone, shot save, PVHC with the puck 20 on 1 shot save Mahltiz. Quit turnover #18 on PVHC is tall and has speed.

Lebel now with the puck into PVHC zone, behind the net, to Buffoline but turned over to PVCH. PVHC beats Ryan at the blueline 2 on 1 shot save Mahlitz.

Faceoff to the left of Mahlitz, PVHC has the puck now behind the net shot save Mahlitz

Faceoff to the right of Mahlitz in the corner now centering pass no one from mPVHC is there.

Two more shots on the Eagles goal one bounced out one goes wide. Puck is out, PVHC bbrings it back in but offisdes.

FAceoff goes to Egales Buffoline down the line tripped but no call, Eagles a little sluggish and bunched up. PVHC long pass stripped away b y Suguitan, sent up, Buffoline alone, shot save.

Face off to right of PVHC they win it, McCue back sends it up. Lebel takes it in but offisdes.

Faceoff in the netural zone PVHC wins it around behind the net and back out, in again and PVHC goes offsides.

Faceoff in the netural zeonn, lebel has it, now LeBlanc, PVHC gets it, batttling on the boards Nelsen sends it up and out of play.

Faceoff now just innside the Egales zone PVHC wins it brings it in, long shot on goal tipped away, Gillan sends it up Buffoline racing but can't get there, PVHC long pass up ice Suguitan breaks it up and sends it out, Tulchinsky pressuring, McCue up to Leblanc, now Buffoline, brings it in but Tulchinsky is offisdes.

Faceoff outside the zone Eagles win it, Ryan wins the battle at center ice sends it up, great centering pass by Hubschmitt no shot, back now in Eagles zone, battline on the boards Hubschmitt has it sends it out, up now to Carson, LeBlanc tips int in and the Eagles change up, in PVHC zone now, battling on the boards to the right of the goalie, puck is free back into PVHC zone but they send it out, now into Eagles zonne, Smith sends it up long shot from mthe point Mahlitz rebound, tipped awayby Ryan, centering pass by PVHC no one takes it, the puck is out now, Buffoline up, D changes but PVHC wins it hustling back long shot from the point goes wide, Gillan in the corner battling tips it up, now tulchinsky in the other corner, Tulchinsky sends it up and out, PVHC takes it dumps it in.

Another long shot from PVHC on the point goes wide penalty now on Gillan for slashing gives PVHC their first power play.

Faceoff PVHC wins it keeps it in, lots of back and forth puck now towards the net PVHC pounding but Mahlitz covers. Faceoff Eagles win it, puck is out PVHC regroups, sends it back in, shot Mahlitz covering.

2:38 remaining in the first and it's 0-0.

Faceoff now down the ice, battling in the corner, centering pass Wightman onetimer SCORES!! Beautiful, beautiful play.

Faceoff now at center ice PVHC wins it, sends it back, Egales have it out, Buffoline now behind the net send it up, Suguitan, back to Buffoline, take it in, battling in the high slot, PVHC has it,

now Leblanc on the breakaway bothered can't get a strong shot, PVHC has it now long shot from the point deflected by Mahlitz. Shot again Mahlitz covers.

13.2 seconds left in the first, Eagles skating much better now and passing a little as they seem to be finding their groove a little.

There's the horn and the end of the first period.


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