Saturday, November 07, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Warmup and First Period

Here we are at the warmup of game three in the Skaneateles shootout. The Eagles lost a thumper this morning 11-1 to the Binghamton team. They need to win this game and every period in this game to make the finals tomorrow.

The Eagles are playing Camillus, currently last in points, they lost this morning to the team that we beat yesterday in the first round. They cannot make the finals at this point and so can only play the spoiler for the Eagles.

If we lose we will play Camillus again tomorrow morning.

To see the most recent update on the game tap your F5 key.

Starting for the Eagles are: Nagy at center, Popp and Hutn on wing, Wagoner and Rupert on D, Gillan in net.

Puck drop: Eagles win, Camillus sends it up, Hutn battling, Rupert sends it up to Hunt almost had a break, now all the way back but no icing. Wagoner back, upt o Popp who takes it all alone, Rupert with a shot, Nagy with a backhand, not getting close to the goal, it's out Wagoner sends it back in for a quick offisdes and the Eagles change it up.

Faceoff Eagles win but Camillus sends it back, Cardinale racing back trips his opponent and the ref makes the call. Camillus goes on the powerr play at 10:58 of the first.

Fceoff oh the right, Eagles win it, Camillus gets close to the net, Gillan is down but can'tt reach it to cover, now the whistle.

Eagles win the faceoff Santulli takes it out, now he sends it alll the way down. Santulli with a big hit on Camillus got the ref's head but no call. Now Camillus sends it up, Ralph back, feeds to the center but recovvers, now Ralph on the break stripped, Camillus folds back, Nagy battling on the boards. Eagles need a change here and they do it on the fly. Weak shot dribbles back toward th enet and the penalty is over, Popp racing down with a shot save and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Eagles win, Rupert shot wide Smith tries to redirect, now she snds it around, Camillus racing back, shot through the five hole for a goal.

1-0 Camillus.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Eagles tkae it, nice play Ralph to Hunt, Camillus racing back now and they go wayyy offisdes for a whistle stop.

Faceoff Eagles win, Ralph sends it all the way down, but Camillus back. Hunts glove is off with his stick but he recovers. Eagles with one shot near the net but goes wide. Camillus racing back now. Shot Gillan with the save big rebound sitting out there right to a Camillus player. No help from the D and Camillus lifts in in . 2-0 Camillus with 7:00 even on the clock.

Faceoff at center ice Eagles win, they take it up, puck is out Wagoner sends it back in and the Eagles are offsides.

Now the ref is putting Santulli in the box and giving him a chat. No idea what this is about but it's a penalty and a power play for Camillus.

Camillus wins the faceoff sends it up, now on a break. Shot save, rebound, Camillus crashes the net and draws a whistle.

Ralph on a break now, in traffic but he maintains, takes a shot just wide. Camillus back now closing, shto blocked. Ralph sends it all the way down Eagles giving chase. Ralph with a shot from the line blocked by Camillus. Camillus on a break now Ralph back and there's an arm up. Tripping? Give me a break. The ref must be from Camillus. So Camillus is . . .once again back on the power play.

Camillus wins the fafceoff Eagles send it out, Camillu s sends it back in and goes offsides.

Faceoff Eagles win, Tulchinsky takes it up, now Wagoner, Camillus breaking back, and they go offsides yet again.

With 3:50 left in the first it's 2-0, Camillus has outshot the Eagles 5-2.

Battling in the corner, what a battle. Popp gets it snes it up. Camillus with two weak shots trying to get it to the net. Now they do but Gillan says no. Now the Eagles are back and they dump and change. Ralph now sens it up, Camillus sends it all the way down and there's a whistle for icing.

Faceoff all the way back in the Camillus zone, McAuley wins it, puck dribbles toward the net, Hunt is on it shot SCORES! 2-1 Camillus with 2:05 left in the first.

Faceoff a center ice McAuley wins it. Camillus breaking now Ralph back and breaks it up. McAuley going for it but is tripped, delayed call Gillan stays home as the Eagles race down. Shot save and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the left of Cammillus, Eagles win it, Wagoner with a shot. Camillus driving down now Wagoner back. Rupuert back takes it, skates it up, nice move to take it out of the zone. Popp now almostt on a breakTulchinsky driving, Wagoner with a shot blocked. Eagles crashing the net now but the goalie covers.

11 seconds left in the first, Eagles win the draw, Camillus racing back and play ends in the neutral zone as time runs out. Eagles showing a little more initiative in the last few minutes of the first have managed to even the shots out at 5 a piece, Camillus still leads 2-1.


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