Friday, November 06, 2009

SQB2@Skaneateles - Second Period

Here they come, McAuley at center, Popp and Tulchinsky on the wing, Ralph and Cardinale on D.

Eagles win the draw but the Lakers take it, unfortuantely go offsides for an early stoppage of play, 11:48 left on the clock.

Cardinale has it sends it up to Tulchinsky . . . goes by her but down into the Lakers zone no icing, Eagles giving chase, Popp with the shot blocked by the Lakers, now the puck is out, Cardinale back passes across to Ralph, Ralph up passes to Popp, Popp takes it in stripped away and the Lakers send it out again. Almost a break there for the Lakers.

Popp now on the drive, stripped in traffic. Battling near the blue line and a whistle for forzen puck.

Faceoff just outside the blue line with 10:08 showing on the clock.

Eagles win, take itin, Popp tries a shot from high in the slot loses it, Rupert behind the net takes it out to Nagy, Nagy battling the goalie, sends it IN! Score is now 4-1 Eagles.

Lakers win the faceoff send it up, but they go offisdes after somme play in the netural zone.

9:14 on the clock.

Eagles win it but the Lakers take it and bring it up, now McAuley takes it out and to the side, battling along the boards, Ralph dumps it in bu the Lakers send it right back out. Cardinale with a nice move brings it up takes a long shot fromm outside the blue line, truned aside by the goalie, Lakers on the Rush now and dump it in, Ralph back to chase sends it over, Lakers take it - - shot NICE redirect but just wide of the net, that was very nearly a goal as Newton was clear on the other post.

Lakers have it again, dump it in, LONG shot from the point tries to redirect but can't pull it off.

Tulchinsky now takes it out int othe Lakers zone with Hunt, McAuley in traffic stripped away, Lakers on the rush again Wagoner folding back, she sends it up and all the way down for an icing call. Not sure about that one, there was a lot of traffic there.

Faceoff to the left of Newton - Lakers are out but now all back in, Gillan fans on the puck, tips it over to Wagoner who fans on the puck, now she sends it up, Lakers take a long shot, now another long shot from the corner and there's a stop.

5:08 on the clock, some play around the Eagles zone, they send it down but it's icing.

Faceoff to the right of Newton, Lakers win, Rupert sends it up, now Smith, Smith battling, McAuley on the rush, stops, centers, Rupert tries a one-timer very nice but doesn't quite get the aim.

Lakers on the break now try a shot from mteh outside blocked before it got to the net. Lakers looking a little more organized now. They just had a nice dump in. Lakers rushing the net, poke check by Newton, but now a centering pass no one can handlie it, another center pass and a fan on the one-timer. Boy the Lakers had maybe 3 or 4 good scoring opportunities there they just couldn't close. Eagles on the break shot and the goalie covers.

Faceoff now and the play is in the Lakers' zone. They send it out past Gillan on the boards. Eagles playing a pretty good physical game right now but looking slightly less zippy than some of the Lakers.

FAceoff to the right of the Lakers goalie, Eagles win, Cardinale with a shot blocked by Lakers, Hunt to Rupert shot blocked, Lakers on the break, shot goes way wide.

Faceoff just outisde the zone, McAuley wins, to Cardinale, now mcAuley, battling on the blue line and the Lakers are offsides.

These refs look familiar. I wonder if they are the same?

Lakers win the faceoff, center pass with a Laker parked right in the slot. This is their productive line. Laker all alone with th epuck but he drives the net instead of taking a quick wrister, easy save by Newton.

Lakers on the break now, centering pass, Newton with some nice work on the ice keeps it away, centering pass again shot perfect block by Newton, but no Eagles to take care of the garbage . . . here's a Laker closing and . lifts it in over Newton. 4-2

Faceoff, Lakers win, battling up, weak shot, Newton poke-checks but the Lakers keep coming, here's a wrister - - it's in under Newton's pads. 4-3 Eagles.

Faceoff again and that ends the period. The Eagles had better get their game heads back on. The momentum is clearly in favor of the Lakers at this point and the Eagles are looking disorganized and a little tired.


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