Friday, November 06, 2009

SQB2@Skaneateles - Warmup and First Period

Eagles SQB2 taking on Skaneateles Lakers, game time 5:15pm.

The Lakers look big and excited. They are stretching in one of the corners.

Gorgeous facility here, a big pool, fitness center, ice rink. Fairly new and in top shape.

The Eagles look good; there was a lot of noise from them comming out of the locker room so hopefully that translates into some good first period energy.

I'm sitting on the wrong side of the rink to have the benefit of the WiFi connection. Should have brought the cowbell . . .

Looks like wide range in talent from the Lakers, some kids throwing good passes and doing crossovers, others not so well. 40 seconds left in the warmup.

Here's the starting lineup: McCauley at center, Ruperrt and Popp on Wing, Cardinale and Ralph on D, and Newton in goal. Lakers win the faceoff but Popp is up, Eagles ahve in in the attacking zone, but here's Lakers on a breakaway, Newton poke checks no shot.

Eagles take control and it's out but they lose it in the neutral zone. Now the Lakers have it, a shot across the crease, two shots, no goal.

Faceoff in the Eagles zone with a line change, Hunt has it down the ice into the far corner, no w Nagy, backhander but he Lakers send it out. Gillan takes it sneds it out, the Lkaers dump it back in but offisdes for a whistle. 10:21 on the clock.

Faceoff Lakers win, Eagles get it, Hunt takes it in, Nagy with a shot SCORES. Nice little wrister in on the ice but past the goalie.

Now the faceoff Lakers win it, back in their zone. Ralph keeps it in with a strong shot torwards the net. Now the Lakers have it, Smith in front with a shot tied up, Lakers send it up and now out, McCauley on the rush, shot blocked by the Lakers. McCauley again back to the point, Ralph shot wide Smith tries to deflect perfect but off the post! Whistle stop for dislodged net.

Faceoff now in the Lakers zone, Lakers win it, Popp with a shot from the faceoff circle, Lakers send it back Wagoner keeps it in, now twice. Here's Popp one on one and lifts it past the goalie SCORES! 2-0 Eagles with 8:26 on the clock in the first.

Faceoff Lakers win but Wagoner sends it deep, Lakers have it on a rush Gillan back takes it away and goes behind the net, falls. Wagoner brings it out Eagles on the rush, McCauley to the outside two on one he shoots - - glove save and the goalie hangson to it.

Faceoff in the Lakers zone they win it, send it up past Cardinale. Eagles folding back, now Mccauley brings it up, Lakers start a rush but lose it, Ralph is back to get the puck, here's McCauley but loses it. Traffice in front of the net Newton is hangin in, now it's away with Hunt charging up, Lakers send it back in and they go offisdes.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Lakers step up, long, long shot turned aside by Newton, now back up to the netural zone, Lakers bring it in Gillan sends it deep no icing and the Eagles chase. But now its out.

Lots of open ice play here both sides are all spread out and the puck is moving around fast. Lakers are back in their corner send it up and out, Rupert is on the chase. Now on the boards, Lakers keep itini, shot blocked by Rupert before it gets to the net. Here's Hunt on a break, passes to Popp, Popp with the shot - SCORES. 3-0 Eagles with 4:01 left in the first. The goalie couldn't get down to the ice in timme for that one.

Faceoff Eagles send it forward, now the puck goes end to end twice from player to player. Santulli takes it behind the net, send it out on the boards, Lakers send it back in offsides and both sides will go for a change.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Hunt takes it up, stripped away but now he's got it back, Gillan now sends it up, fighting on the boards, Gillan passes to Hunt all alone but he loses it, Smith takes the shot and the goalie covers. A backhnader by Hunt blocked before it got to the net. Lakers have it now, long shot turned aside by Newton but there's no Eagles nearby, Lakers with a shot to the offside of the net scores. 3-1 now with 1:59 left in the first.

Faceoff stays in the Eagles' zone, wow Lakers have ripped off three good shots here, none of them on net but all with good speed. Now Lakers on the breakaway - - Newton is out, shot SAVE, Gillan takes away the rebound but there's a whistle on the play.

15 seconds left.

No real good possession after that and the first period ends with the Lakers showing a little life and the Eagles back on their heels a little.


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