Friday, February 27, 2009

Eagles NES Game 1 - Second Period

Faceoff Eagles win it, PVHC sends it back, now into the Eagle's zone, Buffoline has it stripped away, back up long shot from the high slot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff to the left of Mahlitz Leblanc wins it, McCue seds it up no icing, Lebel, tries to cetner but blocked, battling in the corner now, McCue loses it, Nelsen at center, now into the Eagles zone, good centering pass PVHC can't get a shot off, battling on the boards, back into the Eagles zone, Hubschmitt on a break now, behind the net, Carson, Buffoline with a shot goes wide, back out Ryan sends it in but the Eagles go offsides.

9:02 in the 2d, faceoff Eagles win, Leblanc in battling, Nelsen dumps it in, Gillan pressuring, Tulchinsky behind the net, to Gillan, backhander blocked, backhander SCORES!! Eagles up 2-0.

FAceoff PVHC wins it, into Eagles zone, now out Gillan, Buffoline, deep in PVHC zone, centers shot rebound shot save. Oh I thought that was in.

Faceoff Eagles win puck is out Ryan back in but Eagles go offsides.

Buffoline now takes it in , centers to Wightman but PVHC bothers, PVHC hits the long pass Buffoline picks it off, bothered in the corner, to Wightman, Wightman behind the net good wraparound centers Lebel can't get the shot.

PVHC on the break now, shot Mahlitz rebound Buffoline takes it, now down in PVHC zone, Carson centers, long shot by Nelsen, Smith loses it PVHC down now,

PVHC really looking and skating, long shot Mahlitz rebound PVHC picks up the garbage and scores. 2-1 Eagles.

4:09 in the second Faceoff center ice, Buffoline has it, takes itin, center to Tulchinsky stripped away, PVHC dwonw the ice, Buffoline has it on a break now 2 on 2, Leblanc tries a shot can't get it, icing on PVHC now.

Faceoff to the left of PVHC.

Leblanc in now stripped, Wightman picks it up, Leblanc centers, Nelsen takes it in, back out, in again long shot, sent way down the ice, Eagles back now, 1:24 left in the period.

Carson wins the battle on the baoreds takes it in, wins again, centers, Buffoline has it shot deflected away, Smith with a shot goes wide, PVHC sends it Smith sends it back, Buffoline now, shot goalie tries to cover but Leblanc picks him, Smith battling now on the boards keeps it in.

Buzzer, Eagles are still up 2-1 at the end of 2.


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