Friday, November 06, 2009

SQB2@Skaneateles - Third Period

With a quick turn of events towards the second period it's now 4-3 Eagles. The Lakers have now managed to outshoot the Eagles 14 to 11.

Here we go: Nagy at Center, Smith and Popp on wing, Wagoner and Gillan on D.
Faceoff Eagles win, Lakers send it up, Gillan with a perfect pass to Smith, she's stripped, Popp with a shot, but now it's out, Wagoner back and sends it up. Gillan looking for Smith again. Now it's out; Wagoner dumps it in but Smith is still in and the Eagles go offsides.

Faceoff just outside the blue line. Eagles win, Tulchinsky chasing, Tulchinsky up, Cardinale tries to keep it in but it's out, Tulchinsky up again but stripped. Lakers have it now, centering pass batted away by Cardinale. Lakers go offsides and the ref is sending it all the way back.

9:47 on the clock, Eaglesw in the faeoff, McAuley with a shot just wide of the ent. Hunt battling in the corner, Lakers win send it up, Cardinale tips it in and suddenly it's three on one. Shot by Hunt and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the right of the Lakers goal with 9:15 on the clock.

Eagles moving a little better now. Lakers with a break, Wagoner chasing, centering pass no shot, Rupert on the break tkaes it up, dumps it in, chasing, Lakers send it back, Lakers have it, Gillan tips away and Wagoner takes it, sends it up to Smith, she dumps it in Lakers bat it back to Rupert who sends it in, Rupert has it shot goalie covers.

Still 4-3 with 7:53 remaining, Eagles win the draw, Popp shot blocked, Hunt shot wide of the net, Popp centering pass to Nagy Nagy with a quick wrister - - goalie catches and covers.

Faceoff Eagles win Popp again with the shot blocked up high, Lakers reaching and we get a whistle for high stick. Faceoff Eagles win, Cardinale back, to Popp, Popp hit hard on the boards. Whistle - - I thought it was a peanlty but there's no call, I have no idea what the whistle was for. Faceoff is just outside the Lakers' zone. Lakers win, on a break, Wagoner with a nice D play tips it away from the rushing Laker. Up, up, Tulchinksy dmps it in but the Lakers send it back, Tulchinsky again sends it across to open ice. Everyone chasing, centering pass no on home. Two shots now on the Eagles. Wagoner up to Tulcchinsky, back out . . Egales send it in offisdes.

5:28 on the clock, still 4-3 Eagles and the shots stand at 15 a piece.

Eagles win the faceoff, Popp to Nagy onetimer misses, Lakers have it on the rush, stripped away, here comes Nagy on the break . . . Eagles are offisdes.

4:43 now. Lakers win the faceoff, Wagoner back, sends it up to McAuley misses, Tulchinskey back, Lakers have it send it out, Lakers coming up the side, Lakers bring it in but Wagoner bats it out. Play in the netural zone . . fans yelling because the clock hadn't started. Probably a good 20 seconds there.

Now in the Lakers zone, Hunt with a backhander, oh oh Lakers on the rush strong shot but Newton turns it away. Another shot, piling up in front of the goal but no goal and the Lakers change out their best line. That line should get two more shifts if the coach times it right.

Faceoff to the left of Newton, 3:36 now on the clock. Nagy wins.

Whistle and the refs are sending it all the way down, I don't know why. Eagles win the faceoff, traffic in front of the net, Lakers send it out, Nagy chasing, two on one with Popp tries a shot but can't pull it off. Rupert to Nagy tied up by Lakers, Lakers past Ralph now on the break, Laker goes down but now call, Popp on the break now, beats the Laker, SHOT and the goalie gloves it up off the ice.

2:02 on the clock now, Eagles with a shot blocked, McAuley with a shot blcoked, shot again backhander blocked, the Lakers are just clogging the slot. Smith is all alone in the slot now, Lakers send it all the way down and it's icing. Back to the Lakers zone left of the goalie.

1:13 left, Lakers wint he draw, Hunt with a shot blocked fat rebound but there's traffic, now it's out, Lakers looking positively rabid with 45 seconds left. Lakers driving the net pushed away, 30 seconds . . Hunt on the break, stripped, Lakers now on the rush, 10 seconds, Lakers trying to get off a shot, but can't do it as time runs out and the Eagles win . . . 4-3.

It's always a nail-biter with these guys. The Lakers managed 19 shots on goal, while the Eagles had only 17.

So that's it - - check back for tomorrow morning's game.


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