Saturday, November 07, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Second Period

Second period Eagles open with McAuley, Smith, and Popp, Cardinale and Ralph back on D.

Camillus wins the draw, take it up, long shot Cardinale sends it up long, Smith pressuring, Smith has it takes it in, dumps it into the corner. Camillus on the break now they fead their center. It's out, they send it back in for offsides.

Faceoff Camillus takes it forward, Eagles get it and take it in, it's out and Wagoner dumps it back in for offsides.

Faceoff Eagles win it. Tulchinsky battling on the boards, gets it passes it out to no one, Wagoner on the drive shot goes wide. Lots of traffic.

Cardinale steps on to the ice and immediately stops the puck from going out. Eagles keeping good pressure on. Now its icing on the Eagles.

9:00 left in the second.

Faceoff to the right of Gillan. McAuley wins, whistle and . .. a redo? McAuley wins again, Popp takes it up, now McAuley, now Camillus has it, shot Gillan drops and covers for a whistle.

Faceoff to the right of the goal McAuley wins again, Popp on a break shot rebound, shot again, Camillus with a MONSTER shot from the redline Gillan makes a kick save to keep on off to the right. Wow.

Now the Eagles change goalies up with 7:40 left in the second. The shots stand at 7 a piece, still Camillus with 2, Eagles 1.

Eagles looking a little draggy now, McAuley centers, McAuley sends it back to the point, Ralph with a great shot.

Popp behind the net comes around shot just wide, Ralph with a shot now. And another with Nagy trying the one-timer he connects but the puck goes wide. That was a beautiful chance.

Faceoff to the right of the Camillus goal, rupert has it turns, shoots, Camillus on the break now Wagoner back, passes it up to Popp, Camillus has it, now Smith dumps it in, Santulli battling on the boards, Eagles dump it in again, Santulli with a chance. Now the puck goes way down, Popp on the break shot save rebound goes wide of the net, Camillus has it now, McAuley racing in to break it up, Camillus driving the net now. Rupert goes behindMcAuley with a rush but Camillus grabs it and the Eagles are off balance, Camillus on the break Cardinale races back and foils the break, no shot.

Eagles now lead shots after that last flurry 11 to 7.

Tulcinsky sends it up, now McAuley, now Camillus shot rebound, Tulchinsky on a break, Ralph now, shot goalie stops it, two Eagles crashing but come up empty.

Faceoff left of Camillus, Hunt battling, Nagy helping, puck is loose, Cardinale keeps it in, Hunt with a clear chance can't manage the shot. Camillus racing back now on a break, shot from just even to the net and Newton covers easily.

Faceoff to the right of Newton. Camillus wins it almost gets off a shot but the Eagles beak it up. Camillus with a shot now, Newton on the ice makes the stop and the cover.

Ffaceoff left of newton. Camillus wins it, shot just wide of the net, Popp with a nice hit in the corenr no call, Wagoner on the break but she's caught, Camillus now, McAuley on thhe ice but h'es up. Camillus with a shot way wide of the net, with 28 seconds left we get a whistle, puck frozen.

FAceoff Camillus wins, Camillus with a shot scores. 3-1 Camillus with 26 seconds on the clock. That play took less than 3 seconds.

Faceoff Eagels win, Eagles pressuring, Santulli diving to keep it in, Hunt on a break with only a second left bothered by Camillus and can't get off a shot.

And the period ends, Camillus 3, Eagles 1. Shots are Camillus 9, Eagles 12.


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