Saturday, November 07, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Third Period

Skaneateles does something neat between the second and third periods - - "Chuck-a-Duck." Instead of plastic pucks, they chuck rubber ducks. It's interesting. And the ducks make this little squeak when they hit the ice, which is a little creepy.

Eagles open the third with Nagy at Center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Wagoner and Rupert at D, Newton in the net.

Faceoff Camillus wins but Nagy recovers quickly, Popp up through traffic stripped away, Wagoner back. Camillus with a shot Rupert intercepts and tkaes it around behind, hits Popp on the redline all alone. Popp racing back now shot goes wide of the net. That was a good chance with a great heads-up pas by Rupert.

I hope my battery holds up. It's sending me nasty notes about how tired it is.

Faceoff to the right of Newton, shot Santulli blocks, Camillus back now, oh McAuley with a nice pick and he's off to the races. Shot rebound, back up to the point, Ralph with a breat shot from the line but the goalie covers.

Faceoff Camillus wins, loose play int he boards, now a hit and Camillus is going in the box for the first time this game. The call is . . . who knows, the refs here don't believe in hand signals.

Faceoff outside the Eagles zone, Camillus wins, sends it in offsides.

Faceoff again Nagy wins. Popp with a slow shot between th elegs of the defender, the goalie covers, Nagy flying in tries to lift the goalie's glvoe but gets the whistle in time.

Now there's a nice connection from Nagy to Popp. Shot, goalie covers. Eagles are outshooting Camillus 15 to 9 but still have managed only one goal. Now a long shot from the blue line and the goalie covers yet again.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Camillus wins the draw, takes it behind their net, shot goalie tries to ocver but the puck is loose, Smith sneaking it tries to poke it but no dice and there's a whistle.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Cardinale shot hits Smith on the skate and goes way wide. Tuluchinsky now to McAuley one timer nice, but no goal.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus. 7:25 left in the game.

Camillus on a break shot goes way wide, Wagoner crashes her own net and there's a whistle for the dislodged net.

Wagoner sedns it up, Popp all alone races towards the net shot goes wide. And there's a whistle, looks like tripping on Camillus. This has the Camillus crowd very upset.

Nagy behind the net tries a wraparound, Camillus on the break now shot Newton stretching from the opposite side but the shot is wide. Nagy up to Wagoner, now upu to Santulli, rupert, Ralph Camillus nearing the Eagles goal, Cardinale on a break now, long shot from Cardinale with Popp trailing but the goalie covers.

Still 3-1 Camillus with 5:08 left, and I predict my battery is going too die here in just a few minutes.

Cardinale with a shot, Smith tries to redirect good play there.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus Camillus wins, Rupert keeps it in but Camillus sends it out, Wagoner sends it back in. Now Rupert racing back send it up, mcAuley battling big, Camillus commes up with it, and there'as a whistle - - offsides, Camillus.

3:40 left on the clock.

Found a plug for the battery, so that's no worry now but the clock is as it's down to 2;56 and the Eagles are still down by 2. The shots are now at 21 to 10 Eagles.

Ralph up, shot burns through the crease and goes wide.

Eagles with a 4 on 1 rush now - - Cardinale with the puck and he RIPS it past the goalie, SCORES! with 1:40 on the clock it's a 3-2 game.

Eagles have pulled the goalie with 45 seeconds left, Shot by Ralph just wide. Shot by Nagy and the goalie covers, 26.5 left on the clock.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Wagoner keeps it in Ralph, Camillus . . .

wins. The clock runs out and the final score is Eagles 2, Camillus 3. Final shots on goal 23 Eagles, 10 Camillus, with 7 of those 10 coming in the first half of the game. Camillus managed only 3 shots in the last 19 minutes of play.

Well, it looks like we will see this team again bright and early tomorrow morning for the grudge match.


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