Sunday, November 08, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Second Period

Eagles out with Santulli at Center, Hunt and Rupert on wing, Ralph and Carrdinale on D.

Faceoff Camillus wins it forward, play in the entural zone, Ralph sends it in, Rupert driving to the net looks across for Hunt but a little too far in front, Hunt can't handle the pass. Loose puck Santulli charging back for it, Ralph now back in the neutral zone, Camillus on a break wobbles a shot towards the net but Newton says now way, Popp on a break now, tries to go to to the goalie's stick side but a poke check foils the shot, Popp still near the net Wagoner with a long shot on the net the goalie covers and Popp is right there trying to get under the glove. Whistle and the goalie still has it.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Tulchinsky now in the neutral zone stripped away, Camillus picks it upn and has a rush, shot wides of the ent, behind the ent, oh close centering shot goes right through the crease. Camillus controlling now, behind th enet, lots of traffic Newton fighting and comes up with the puck. Whistle with 9:15 left in the second, faceoff to the left of Newton.

McAuley wins it forward, Ralph hits Rupert with a nice pass, Camillus strips it away and takes it in but they go offsides.

Faceoff now in the neutral zone, Camillus wins, Ralph sends it back, now Rupert takes it in, stripped away, Smithon the boards finds Rupert back in the center and Rupert with a backhander but the goalie covers.

FAceoff left of Camillus, McAuley wins it back, Cardinale to Ralph, Ralph with a shot checked by Camillus but no call. McAuley battling in the corner sends it up to Ralph, Ralph with a long shot in the air but the goalie gloves it for a save and a whistle.

Faceoff right of Camillus, Camillus wins it forward, Huntt sends it back, Santulli on the boards, Gillan battling at the line, Camillus is through no on backchecking and Camillus is on the rush. Shot, scores.

Faceoff Santulli wins it, Wagoner now up on the rush, stripped away, McAuley looks for Santulli at center, Camillus gets it by Gillan again but Wagoner is back. Hunt with a nice centering pass but Nagy can't take it, Wagoner steps up to keep it in but goes offsides.

Faceoff outside the dot, Camillus wins it, Rupert up now, looking, nice wrister blocked by Camillus, Camillus nice passes takes it down and in to the Eagles'zone, now back out and in again for an offsides.

6:24 left in the second, 2-1 Eagles.

Faceoff Nagy wins it, Tulchinsky takes it up. Camillus has it now. Offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Camillus wins it forward, puck is away to the side and Smith racing after it, Wagoner on the rush now takes it in, play out from the corner Wagoner keeps it in again, Nagy handling the puck squibs back out and he drags it in for an offsides call. That was pretty close. Not sure that was actually out from my angle.

Whistle stop here I'm not sure what for. Faceoff is outside the zone, the puck was in and on the boards. Didn't see the call.

Wagoner on the boards in the neutrall zone now sends it in, Smith wiwth a centering pass Popp is higher in the slot. Camillus strips it away and sends it out, Wagoner sends it back in for offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone Camillus wins, Cardinale back, sends it up, now Ralph dumps it in, Camillus sends it back out, Cardeinale to Ralph, up, Nagy has it, Eagles rushing now, Hunt to Nagy for a one timer but the goalie covers.

Faceoff Nagy wins, drives the net, Camillus strips it away, Hutn reovers and throws it towards the net again, Ralph on D now dumps it back in, they're by him, CArdinale backchecking, forces Camillus wide, Camillus rushing again shot wide of the net, Hunt closing Hutn chukcs it out trying to lead Nagy, Camillus sends it back in nagy behind the net, Camillus has it sends it out in front, Ralph on the rush now one defender, foiled and Hunt tries to pickit up as the trailer but can't get to it, puck is out, Ralph to Cardinale sends it in, out and in again for an offisdes.

1:17 left in the second.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Camillus racing down the side, shot wide of the net, puck is out now Camillus dumps it back in, Gillan sends it off the boards, McAuley to Santulli, back to McAuley give and go and they are going, McAuley to Santulli all alone, to Tulchinsky . .. shot wide of the net. Player in the goalie crease and the aceoff will be outside the zone.

Camillus wins, Wagoner falls and Camillus immediately rushes, Camillus shot Newton with a beautful save.

Period ends, Eagles 2, Camillus 1.


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