Sunday, November 08, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Warmup and First Period

Here we are at game 4, consolation finals of the Skaneateles shootout. The Eagles will square off against the same Camillus team that they fell to yesterday afternoon.

Eagles looking somewhat subdued in the warmup. Not much zip on the passes so far. Newton however is looking pretty fired up in the net and of the first 15 warmup shots ahs stopped them all.

This is a really long warmup. They just started the five minute clock. Camillus however has grouped and is ready to play. Now they've all gathered at their own goal, whacking sticks on the ice. Refs look like they are looking for an early start.

Game time. Eagles lead with Nagy at center, Tuluchinsky and Hunt on wing, Ralph and Cardinale on D, Newton in net.

Faceoff Nagy wins, Ralph sends it up, shot crosses the center, Camillus brings it back, sends it in but they go offsides and play stops at 11:29 of the first.

Faceoff Nagy wins again, but the puck goes all the way back to Newton and he covers. Faceoff Camillus takes it, weak shot and Newton covers for another whistle.

FAceoff Camillus wins shot wide of the net, Camillus behind the ent, McAuley steals it sends i up but Camillus keeps itin, now Wagoner behind the net sends it up to Popp, stripped away in th enutral zone. Popp now driving, shot save. Traffic in front of the net, Smith has her stick up, and it looks like a goal for the Eagles. Camillus does not like that call at all.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Wagoner steals and sends it up, now Wagoner on the rush, Popp closing in behind, another long shot and - - its IN!

Two quick goals here for the Eagles have them rather excited.

Faceoff Eagles win, take it in to their zone, now Camillus brings it up, shot Newton steers it off to the right of the goal. Puck is out and Camillus sends it back in fafst for an offsides.

Faceoff with 9:30 on the clock, Nagy wins it forward, now Rupert, Rupert with some nice moves takes it in but tripped up in traffic. Camillus has it Nagy steals and carries it in fast but Rupert is still down on the ice from the pielup and its offsides Eagles.

Faceoff Eagles win, Cardinale to Ralph, Ralph tries to hit Hunt on the pass but misses and the puck goes deep. Looks like its going to be icing all the way back for the Eagles.

Faceoff to the left of Newton Camillus wins, weak centering pass Wagoner picks it takes i tup, now McAuley on the rush, battling in the corner. Pucks squirts out Gillan and Wagoner both racing back, Camillus now with a centering pass but no one can take it. Gillan battling in the corner wins, now Wagoner on a break, cuts, shoots, kick save by the goalie. Hunt now in the corner, looking for McAuley, Eagles caught in the middle of a D change here but Ralph recovers, sneeds it to Cardinal, Cardinale tries to send it up but its blocked and Camillus almost gets a quick break there.

Now in the Camillus zone, Ralph keeps it in, back up Cardinale keeps it in and sends it deep in the corner. Camillus on the break Ralph chasing, picks it, Ralph now behind the net, Popp rushing the net, Camillus breaking now but stripped by three Eagles at once. Nagy on a rush, tripped approaching the goal but no call as the goalie covers.

5:32 left in the first and it's still 2-0 Eagles. Shots are almost even at 4-3.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus now, somme play along the boards, Camillus sends it up Wagoner tips it, and it's out of play.

Faceoff to the left of Camillus, some play back, Wagoner tips it to Santulli who turns and fires a nice shot on the ice bu the goalie has lots of time and covvers easily.

Faceoff to the left of Camillus, Eagles win, Rupert with a ackhander towards the net but no one's closer. Now in the corner, Rupert looking for Santulli, behind th enet now and up the boards, Gillan gets run over and the puck is out.

Camillus behind their own net, up the boards, out, somee play in the netural zone and we get a whistle for something. Eagles leading the shots 5-3. Looks like a penalty for the Eagles, Rupert is in the box.

Sorry I took some time to buy some ducks for the CHuck-a-duck. Eight seconds left on the power play, Camillus has not yet managed a shot on the net. 1:41 left in the first, play has been in the Eagles zone most of the last 3 minutes. Now Camillus with a nice wrister but Newton drops and covers.

1:24 now on the clock, faceoff to the left of Newton, the puck is out and now back in for Camillus offsides.

Ok, still trying to carry out the duck transaction here. Its the end of the first period and the Eagles are up 2-0, outshooting Camillus only narrowly 5 shots to 4.


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