Sunday, November 08, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Third Period

Well I didn't win Chuck-a-Duck but I did manage to knock what was then the winning duck right out of the blue center dot. Heh heh. That was almost as much fun as winning.

OK here we go in the third, Eagles are out with nagy at Center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Ralph and Cardinale back on D.

Faceoff Nagy wins it, Popp rushing forwrd, shot goalie sticks it up and wide of the net, Hunt with a shot now goes wide, lots of traffic in fron of the net, Cardinale sends it back to the net, Ralph tips it back now, Eagles kidn of bunched up, Hunt drives th enet shot rebound Nagy tries to poke it but the goalie cover and the Eagles go for a full change.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Camillus on the rush, Wagoner back playing the puck but there's an arm up . . looks like tripping. Nope, hooking. Camillus on the power play.

Faceoff mcAuley wins it forward. Somme guy fomor Camillus sounds really agitated over there. Tulchinsky on a break now, stripped away on the boards, Gillan tries a shot stripped awa, rushing back now 3 on 2, centering pass and Camillus sends it home. 2-2.

Faceoff at center ice, nagy wins it forward, Camillus tries to send it back but Nagy picks it up again, takes it in, Nagy looking for Smith but the goalie reaches out and covers.

Faceoff right of Camillus, Eagles outshooting Camillus 16 to 8 at this point. Faceoff Nagy wins, drives the ent, loses it, poked away by Camillus, Cardinale dumps it back in to the corner, Camillus sends ti all the way down, Cardinale back behind the net, stripped away but he gets it back, sends itt hard up the boards tot McAuley, Camiluus grouping up here, Eagles send it out, Ralplh now cahrging, tripped by Camillus but no call. His stick went flying. McAuley now shot goes wide of the net, Ralph back in traffic finds Cardinale, Cardinale up to Nagy, lots of traffic in front of the ent and . . . SCORE. Looks like Popp finally got a stick on the puck and lifted it in.

Eagles 3, Camillus 2.

Faceoff McAuley wins, Hunt takes ti up, McAuley nice shot on the net goalie bobbles the save and Popp almost gets another one. Popp from the corner sends it up, Gillan back in the corner now, McAuley up finds Hunt, Wagoner sends i tup again, Huntt comes up with it, Popp now on the rush tripped and FINALLY there's an arm.

Eagles on the power play with 6:16 left in the 3rd. Faceoff right of Camillus Camillus wins, Nagy gets it and throws it towrds the net, Cardinale looking for Santulli, whistle for a player down. Camillus.

5:57 on the clock now, faceoff right of Camillus, Rupert in the far corner brings it in, Cardinale throws it back on the net, Camillus on the ice bats it forard but no call for the handpass. Play behind the net, whistle looks like Camillus is going in the box for hooking. Eagles back on the poweer play.

Faceoff right of Camillus, McAuley wins, to Popp, to Wagoner and they are out, Wagoner chucks it back in with 3 Eagles still int he zone for offsides, and the ref takes it all the way down.

FAceoff right of Newton, Eagles win, Gillan sends it up, Popp tires to handle but falls, McAuley right behind him, Camillus now behind the net, Camillus tries a rush, three Eagles back, long slow shot and Newton covers easily from the ice.

Faceoff left of Newton, nagy wins, take sit up, Camillus strips away, is aon a break, Nagy back and lifts the stick for a perfect foil. Nagy rushing now, stripped away, Ralph keeps it in, Nagy looking for Tulchinsky, centering pass back and Nagy takes another shot sticked away by the goalie.

FAceoff elft of Camillus, McAuley wins the draw, Ralph back tips it towards the net, Ralph battlingon the boards, tips it again Santulli with the backhander goes wide, Santulli in the corner, Camillus is up goes past Cardinale McAuley is back, 2:35 left on the clock and the intesnity is starting to pick up.

McAuley sends it up now, Camillus bats it back and it's all the way down, Rupert gets it sends it up, McAuley breaking now, stripped away, chucks it in but Camillus ahs it. Here's Nagy, Hunt rushing in crashes into Nagy and two Eagles down, play along the boardes Hunt comes up with it, stripped away centering pass newton blocks, scrambles, covers.

1:09 left on the clock.

Faceoff, no now there's a whistle somemone called a timeout not sure which team.

Back out now for what could be the last faceoff. Nagy is a center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Gillan and Wagoner on D. Here comes Camillus.

Camillus has pulled the goalie.

Faceoff Camillus wins, puck is out and down now. Wagoner sends it in and its offisdes.

Faceoff Nagy wins it forward, 32 seconds left, Battling on the baords, Nagy back, sends it up, Camillus has it Sanatulli snends it up, 6 seconds, weak shot and the clock runs out as the Eagles win it, 3-2, outshooting Camillus 24 to 9.

So the Eagles finish the Shootout 2-2, placing 3rd of four teams in.


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