Friday, January 15, 2010

SQB2 at Deep Freeze - Game 1 Period 1

Getting ready for the first game of the Deep Freeze tourney in Amherst/Holyoke Massachusetts.

A bit of a setback here at the start as it looks like our goalie ended up at the other rink. So we are borrowing a goalie from Amherst. They just they won their game 5-0 so it looks like we'll be getting a good one.

Eagles are on the ice now and looking pretty motivated.

Word is that our goalie should be here for the second period. I have to say that if it hadn't been for Nona giving me one of those "you know you're going to a different rink" lines just before I left Clifton Park Ian and I would have been up there with Luka wondering where everyone else was. Thankfully it was just a mis-cue and not an accident that has them delayed.

Our borrowed goalie's name is Kyle. There's the buzzer for warmup. But it looks like they are still going.

About to get underway now at 7:54.

Eagles open with: Santulli at center, Zelker and Smith on wing, Ralph and Cardinale on D. Faceoff Santulli wins it forward, play on the boards, Amherst brings it in , shot blocked off a player's back. In the nuetral zone now, Smith has it, now Ralph takes it in , behind the net, centers back to Zelker who taps it in to the wide open net for the first goal. Eagles 1, Amherst 0, 48 seconds in to the game.

Fceoff at center ice, Rupert, Hunt, Wagoner, Gillan, and Nagy out for th eEagles. Amherst wins it forward, weak shot sticked aside. Still in, Amherst with another shot blocked aside. Now out and into the Amherst zone, Hunt to Rupert looking for a shot no go. Amherst on the break back but Wagoner and Gillan run him down. Now Hunt up looking for Rupert again, no shot. Amherst has it. Battles in the corner puck squirts away, Amherst with a long pass and it's own. Cardinale back dumps it in, play on the boards.

Amherst has it takes it up, into the Eagles zone, Ralph troubling Amherst's #16 Tedone. Ralph behind the net now, sends it up, Cardinale, almost out but they keep it in. Popp takes it into center ice, stripped away and Amherst takes it back in offsides.

Faceoff Nagy wins it forward, Wagoner takes it wide, dumps it in, looked like a high stick there for a second but no call. Wagoner driving up now wide, long shot blocked aside by Amherst, Amherst in the corner, centering shot for Zelker tries to get a stick on it but tied up, back to the poin now, Gillan sends it toward the net, turned aside by Amherst, Zelker with another chance here but not close.

Faceoff Amherst wins it, Amherst on a break, Ralpoh and Cardinale run him down. Cardinale back, sends it way down the ice. Faceoff at center ice now, Amherst carries it in. Shot, scramble, shot it's in. Amherst scores. 1-1 with 6:10 left in the first.

Faceoff Eagles win it forward, play in the corner, shot blocked and the goaliie covers.

Faceoff right of the Amherst goalie. Puck is loose. Amherst has it, Gillan keeps it in, Popp with a spinning shot blocked by Amherst, Nagy on a drive stripped away but Tulchinsky follows. Shot by Nagy rebound shot again and it IN. Score! 2-1 Eagles. Not sure who actually got the shot on that one.

Faceoff Santulli wins it forward, Amherst picks up the loose puck takes it in. Smith now has it and out, way down the ice and . . icing. Faceoff all the way back in the Eagles zone. Tedone wins it, Santulli spins and takes it. Tedone with a shot blocked. Tedone with another shot. Smith has it on the boards now and out, nice play. Amherst has it driving, repelled by the Eagles but they keep it in, shot wobbling towarrd the net, Kyle covers.

3:50 left in the first. Eagles with a break, Hunt behind the net looking for the wraparound. Wagoner tries a shot from mthe blueline fans, play on the blueline, Hunt with a nice rifle but it's blocked by Amherst. Now in the corner, centering shot and Amherst almost tips it in to their own net.

Faceoff McAuley wins it forward. Amherst picks it up, sends it down, Gillan and Wagoner back. Eagles take it out and Amherst sends it back in offisdes. Faceoff . . . Cardinale has it back, nice long pass to Popp. Ralph in the neutral zone back to Cardinale, Cardinale take sit up, over to Popp, Popp in traffic stripped away, kept in by Ralph, short pass to Tulchinsky LOVELY backhand into the net for a goal. Excellent play. Eagles up 3-1 with 2:06 left in the first.

Faceoff at center ice Eagles win it, now back out, Amherst driving Tedone toward the net, backhand shot Kyle sticks it aside. Now up, long shot and the Amherst goalie covers. Faceoff left of the goalie Eagles win it, Zelker in the corner misses the puck. Wagoner keeps it in, nice long shot, Santulli in the ocrner, Zelker centers to Smith, Santulli with a nice wrister deflected up and over the net. 27 seconds left. Santulli centering now, Zelker with a nice one timer taps it in. Goalie tried to cover but couldn't get down in time. 4-1 Eagles.

Faceoff at center ice Amherst wins it forward, little play back and forth, and the period runs out.

Eagles are mobbing Kyle right now to say thanks for filling in. That's funny.

OK. Go to the next post for the second period.


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