Friday, February 12, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 1 - Period 1

Here we are at Frear Park in Troy for the Eagles' first game of the Troy Rink Rat tournament. Clifton Park will face off against the Troy-Albany Squirt A/B team.

This may be the warmest I've ever felt in Frear Park (aka Freezer Park).

The Eagles will be missing their star goalie, Luka Newton, who is (hopefully) relaxing on a beach in a secret undisclosed location somewhere in the islands. If you are reading this Luka we miss you!

Eagles open with Nagy centering Popp and Hunt, Ralph and Cardinale on D, Gillan in the net.

Well, Troy opens with a quick goal at :22. From the corner the shot came in, scrum in front of the net and Troy lifted it in.

Faceoff again at center ice, Eagles take it in, play behind the net, now back out againn with Troy on the rush but they go offsides.

Faceoff outside the Eagles zone, Eagles win i tback, Wagoner sends it up, Troy bothered by McAuley, Ralph and Tulchinsky on the boards, Troy with it centering no defense there to speak off. Now Santulli has it takes it out, Troy sends it back in and the y go offisdes with 10:30 left on the clock.

Faceoff Troy wins it, sends it in, offsides again.

Faceoff outside th eEagles zone, Wagoner on a rush, held up by Troy, Smith dumps it in, Troy sends it out, now Wagoner on the rush again, stripped away, Troy back, shot kicked away by Gillan, Eagles send it down no icing, Troy brings it back, stripped away Rupert on the rush by the Eagles are offsides.

Faceoff Troy wins it runs it in again, shot fronm the point save Gillan, Troy battling in front no help from the D and Troy scores again.

2-0 Troy at 8 and change of the first.

Faceoff again Eagles win it forward, play back and forth behind the net. Shot Rupert save, Nagy with the reboudn SCORES! 2-1 Troy.

Faceoff at center Eagles win, carry it in, Hunt with a shot and the goalie covers.

The ref is digging the puck out of the net but no goal is indicated.

Faceoff right of Troy, Eagles win it, kept in, now Troy has it going forwarrd. Play down at the Eagles net, shot Gillan saves, rebound shot save again and pushed aside.

Eagles send it out and down Nagy racing but it's icing. All the way back, faceoff right of Eagles.

Nagy wins it forard, Tulchinsky sends it up but Troy keeps it in, battling on the board Eagles win almost out but Troy back on the rush now, centering pass picked off by Nagy, in the corner, back to the point, from the opposite side shot sticked away by Gillan, Santulli on a break now but chased by Troy, Troy rushing picked by Ralph, up to Santulli, stripped away picked up by Cardinale, Eagles looking somewhat disorganized here.

Play at center ice, Troy takes it in, Wagoner sends it up, still in the Eagles zone, Smith in the corner sends it up, behind the net, Wagoner up to Zelker troy takes it away, shot pushed aside, Wagoner on a rush finds Rupert, Rupert tripped going in but no call. Centering by Rupert batted away by Troy, back to SMith, Smith to Wagoner shot blocked by Troy.

Whiatle now, tripping on Troy, Eagles go on the power play.

Faceoff left of Troy, Troy wins it forward, Cardinale tries to keep it in, Troy rushin, now back to Ralph, to Nagy, to Popp back to Nagy but picked off by Troy. Popp has it again, to Hunt, Nagy behind the net, Troy sends it out, Cardinale back, passes to Ralph, battling on the boards wins it, Troy back Nagy pressuring. Icing on Troy.

Faceoff right of Troy, 1:45 on the clock.

Troy on the break centering pass no shot, Troy in the corner, shot sticked away by Gillan, Wagoner on the rush now takes it in, Troy bats it out and Wagoner is back, no icing, beind the net, now out at the blue line, shot Troy blocked by Smith.

Nagy on a break now, trying, tripped and there's an arm. Eagles go on the power play again.

Faceoff in the Troy zone, kept it in, monster shot by Cardinale just wide of the net. There's the buzzer . . . at the end of 1 it's 2-1 Troy.


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