Saturday, January 16, 2010

SQB2 at Deep Freeze - Game 2 Period 2

Here we go, Eagles out with Nagy, Tulchinsky, Popp, Gilland and Wagoner.

Nagy wins the faceoff, play in Needham's zone, Nagy with a shot. Needham rushing Wagoner picks a pocket and almost has a rush. Back in the Eagles zone now, Gillan sends it up, Needham picks the pass and takes it back, Ralph now up to Popp, Popp in the corner, Nagy centering, shot Tulchinsky on the rebound can't lift it up, Nagy tryhing to help, Needham has it now and sends it out and down.

McAuley on a rush now, stopped by Needham, 18 with a shot great butterfly save by Newton.

Arm now, not sure what for. Looks like #11 Noone is going to the box for interference. Eagles power play at 9:43 of the second.

Faceoff, Eagles take it in, out now Needham rushing, Wagoner back but she's beat, backhand shot and Newton makes the save. Great save.

Faceoff quick shot by Needham and Newton makes a glove save.

Faceoff left of Newton, Needham centering, puck is out, Needham brings it back in but offsides.

Faceoff Eagles win it forward, Needham picks it up, Popp rushing can't get it out. Nagy now, up to Tulchinsky, Popp ahead but it's icing and the faceoff goes all the way back.

8:33 left in the second, faceoff left of Newton, Nagy wins it, Popp sends it out, Ralph in the corner tries to send it over but it's off the ent. Gillan sends it up, Popp racing in, Needham back Gillan keeps it in, playon the other boards, Needham on the rush now, Gillan picks it up at center sends it out. Ralph on the rush now, shot blocked by Needham, Gillan over Ralph, Ralph back in to center . . . Needham picks it up, shot and it's in. Needham goes up 2-1 with 6:57 left in the period.

Faceoff zt center ice, Smith and Wagoner on D. Ziskin picks it up and rushing, splits the D, shot it's in. 3-1 Needham. Two quick goals here, Eagles need to get moving.

Icing on the Eagles faceoff way back in their zone. Shot Needham from the high slot, Newton sticks it up and gloves it. Faceoff left of Newton, play on the boards, Santulli on a rush now into the Needham zone, Wagoner back, to smith, Rudd, Needham rushing stripped away by Smith, into the Eagles zone, Zelker back, up to Santulli, Noone rushing shot Newton kicks it aside. IN the corner, back to center no D in front . . . shot Needham and it's in. Needham goes up 4-1.

Ralph on a rush now, high stick but no call. Back in the Eagles corner. Whistle and looks like Ralph is going to the box for roughing. Needham power play with 3:43 left in the second.

Faceoff left of Newton, Needham wins it, Wagoner chance to ice but she looks for the pass, play in the corners now, shot Needham and it's in. 2:55 left in the second, Needham goes up 5-1.

Eagles looking a bit draggy here. Faceoff left of Needham, Nagy wins it, Nedham has it, Tulchinsky battling in the corner, centering to Popp, shot blocked by Needham. Puck loose down the ice now, Smith back, sneds it up, Tulchinsky driving shot save, rebound shot save, Nagy helping, puck is back Popp with a shot blocked, Needham takes it out now, back in offsides.

Eagles back now, McAuley in the corner, Cardinale has it, sends it up. Big bump in the corner not sure who it is, looks like Cardinale he's down. No call though.

Faceoff left of Newton, Eagles win it, take it down, play in the corner there's the buzzer and at the end of the second Needham leads 5-1.


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