Saturday, January 16, 2010

SQB2 at Deep Freeze - Game 2 Period 1

On the UMass campus today for game 2 of the deep freeze. Eagles facing off against the Needham Rockets.

Eagles are out now and looking energetic in the warmup.

The UMass network is limited access but a student here was kind enough to log me in under his account. Not sure if I will get as lucky for the evening game tonight. "Just don't hack anything," he said.

There's an announcer. That's cool.

Here we go. Eagles open with Santullii at center, Rudd and Zelker on wing, Cardinale and Ralph on D.

Good to see McAuley back on the bench this morning, also joined by Cole Rudd.

Opening faceoff Egales win it forward, Needham picks it up, carries it in, shot by Needham Hickey blocked by Santulli.

Eagles have it now carry it in, Santulli to Rudd, Rudd with a shot goes wide. Play back out in front of the ent now, another shot and the goalie covers.

Faceoff left of Needham. Eagles havve changed lines, Nagy is out with Popp and Tulchinsky, Gillan and Wagoner on D.

Needham wins the faceoff, racing back now Ziskin, Tulchinsky takes it away, Nagy out now, Needham dumps it, Wagoner sends i tup, cross to Nagy, Nagy dumps it in and Tulchinsky chasinng. Tulchinsky with a weak wrister blocked, now the puck is loose and IN!! Eagles goal at 9:51 of the first.

Faceoff Needham wins it. #19 takes it in, backhander lifted and . . . it's in. Needham goal at 9:39. Score is 1-1.

Faceoff Amherst wins it forward, Eagles pick it up, taken away, play on the boards now, #19 Keenan with another shot swallowed by Newton.

Faceoff right of Newton, Needham wins ti forward, picked up by Smith, Needham towards the net, Rudd takes it away, Santulli racing back now behind the net, up to Rudd but Needham intercepts, shot, Newton covers for a save.

Faceoff left of Newton, Eagles win it forward, Needham keeps it in, plahy in front of the net, Nagy back sends it to the side, upt to Popp, Popp has it out, taken away by Needham, Ziskin on a rush now, Ralph takes it, over to Tulchinsky, Ralph behind the net now looking, skating, dumps it in but picks it up again, Ralph centering into the paint but the goalie kicks it away. Nedham takes it into the circle, Ralph with a big hit . . . that's going to be a penalty. Needham shot wide of the net, Eagles touch it and the penalty is blown.

Faceoff right of Newton, Eagles are short on Ralph's peanlty for checking.

Play into Needham's zone now, McAuley battling, Hunt with it now, Needham has it carries it in offsides. :55 left on the penalty. FAceoff outside th eEagles zone, Needham wins it, takes it forawrd, Cardinale behind the net and sends it all the way down. Nedham on the rush, tries to center Gillan foils it, shot blocked by Newton, Needham digging, peantly is over, Rupert picks a pass, Zelker now sends it down, Needham has it takes it in, Zelker now on a rush, shot wide of the net. Needham on a rush now, Rudd tripped but no call, on the boards, Tamkin rushing, Nagy picks it up, down the ice into the Eagles zone, Needham picks it up and rushes back, Needham shot wide of the net, Needham centering but no one home. Needham doing a good job of keeping playon the Eagles ice, centering pass again but they can't get a shot off. Smith now sends it out but Ziskin is back in with a shot, save by Newton, Rudd on a rush now stripped away and the Eagles are changing. Cardinale racing back loses to Ziskin, Ziskin with a shot hits the side of the net. Centering shot now. Tulchinsky with a hard stick wins the battle and sends it out.

Needham is offside now. Faceoff outside the Eagles zone. McAuley, Rupert and Hunt are out. Needham brings it in, Keenan again, centering pass by Needham, Ralph on a rush now looking, picks up Hunt, Hunt otwards the net with a diving, sliding shot blocked away by a Needham player. Needham on a rush now, shot and Newton swallows it for a stoppage of play.

:37 left in the first, this has been a good fast game. Gillan battling on the boards almost out, still battling now, puck loose across the ice, Wagoner picks it up, Gillan has it ready to send it out but there's the buzzer. At the end of one period it's Eagles 1, Needham 1.

This is a close game and the refs are calling it pretty loose, lots of bumps out there.


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