Friday, January 15, 2010

SQB2 at Deep Freeze - Game 1 Period 3

Eagles open with Nagy, Tulchinsky, Hunt on forward, Cardinale, Ralph on D.

Faceoff Nagy wins it, Amherst picks it up. Eagles battling ack now. Tulchinsky with a nice pass back to thepoint. Ralph driving the net with a backhander, rebound Ralph picks it up and tries a backhander on the other side of the net. Goalie covers.

FAceoff right of Amherst Santulli wins it, Amherst, Tedone on a break, weak shot Newton save, Gillan picks up the rebound and sends it right up to Popp, Popp breaking now, shot wide, battling in the corners now, Amherst up, Gillan keeps it in with a nice wrister, centering now from the corner, to Rupert, Rupert shooting, SCORE!

Eagles 6, Amherst 1. Faceoff Eagles win, take it in, Hunt with a backhander. Nagy in the corner now looking, find Hunt still camped out in the slot, one-timer SCORES. Eagles 7, Amherst 1.

7:52 left in the game. Faceoff Eagles win, play back and forth in the neutral zone, Santulli has it up, stripped away, shot blocked by Zelker, Zelker up to Tulchinsky, Tulchinsky back to center, Amherst taps it out, Amherst has it bothered by Santulli, Amherst on a drive stripped away, Rupert has it now driving, stripped away, Gillan backhand pass to Santulli. Stewart driving now held up by Wagoner, Gillan takes it, Eagles down the ice now. Amherst with it in front of their net, Popp swooping in, Amherst driving Stewart up the ice but Amherst goes offsides. 5:24 on the clock.

Faceoff Rupert wins it, to Popp, back to Wagoner. Up Amherst steals and takes it in offsides.

Faceoff outside the Eagles zone, Amherst wins, sends it up, taken away by the Eagles, down the ice, Rupert with a shot now blocker save, Rupert centering from behind the net, Amherst has it, Smith with a chance for a break, Amherst strips it away, Rupert has it takes it out. Whistle for something.

3:46 left in the game, Eagles win the faceoff, Tedone driving, shot save Newton, plays it out to the corner. Eagles down the ice now, Zelker back to Ralph, to Cardinale, Cardinale with a shot wide of the net. Amherst slaps it out, Ralph back, takes it up, Amherst Tedone on a rush, passes, covered by four Eagles. Hunt on a break now tied up by Stewart. Out to Cardinale now, looking for Zelker, Zelker shot, kept in by Wagoner, again, Wagoner nice long shot wide of the net, in the corner now, 43 seconds.

Amherst rushing, stripped away by Wagoner, back on it, knocked away by Gillan, Tulchinskyh in the corner sends it back, Santulli shot wide, Tulchinsky to Santulli again, shot wide.

Buzzer . . . Eagles mob the goalie for the second time this game as they sew it up, 7 to 1. Nice job Eagles!

Next game tomorrow morning, play-by-play will appear here if there's wireless and coffee at the rink.


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