Friday, January 15, 2010

SQB2 at Deep Freeze - Game 1 Period 2

Faceoff, Eagles go with Nagy, Rupert, Hunt, Ralph, Cardinale.

Amherst wins it forward, Cardinale picks it up, over to Ralph. Ralph sends it up but offsides.

Faceoff again, Amherst wins it. Play in the Eagles' corner now. Out, Rupert taps it out, Hunt takes it in the neutral zone. Centering pass to Nagy no shot. Down in the Eagles' zone now. Shot dribbles in from the corner and onto the net, play stops.

Faceoff in the Eagles zone, loose puck, Popp picks it up, carries it out, on a break now. Lift it, SCORES. 5-1 Eagles with 10:42 left in the first.

McAuley is on the bench now, looks like he might be not feeling well.

A bit of change in game play now, the Eagles have taken a little bit of edge off and look generally relaxed. Amherst is trying hard but is mostly in a defensive stance now.

Faceoff outside of Amherst's zone, Nagy wins it, Ralph takes it in, battling on the boards, Amherst sends it out. Cardinale has it, passes to Ralph but the pass is wide. Back over to Smith now, Nagy battling, Amherst behind the net, Cardinale keeps it in, to Ralph, to Cardinale long shot left of the net. ON the boards now Conkey takes it up, Ralph back and has it across the ice. Ralph with a nice long wrister from the faceoff dot and the goalie covers.

Faceoff with 7:51 left, Eagles win it, battling in the corner, Santulli keeps it in, Gillan keeps it in, Rupert centering, Hunt with a shot rebound, cover.

Faceoff left of Amherst, Amherst winds it - - Tedone again, Gillan takes it away, sends it in, Santulli behind the net, Hunt joining, Rupert shot, blocked, back to Wagoner shot blocked aside. McAuley leaving the team box now. Wagoner with a long shot, Amherst has it, brings it out, Tedone takes it up stripped away by Wagoner, sends it back in offisdes Amherst.

Faceoff Nagy wins it forward, Amherst picks it up, Ralph takes it away, racing down the ice nice pass to Popp but can't get a shot off. Tulchinsky in the corner centering pass Amherst blocks it. Ralph with a long shot from the blueline turned aside by the goalie. #63 Stewart from Amherst takes it in, shot, Newton covers.

Amherst on a break now, Wagoner racing back, catchines Amherst, foils the shot. Smith has it, takes it out, up to Santulli, now in the corner, up, Santulli with a nice shot but the goalie covers.

Faceoff right of the goalie, Amherst wins, Conkey on break now, four Eagles racing back take it away. Ralph in the corner sends it up, back now, Rupert with a nice move at the blue line, looking for a pass, troubled by Amherst, Rupert again on the boards. Now Nagy battlin, Cardinale keeps it in, back in the corner, Nagy rushes in, sends it back ot center bu tAmherst picks it up, Tedone takes it in to the Eagles zone, Eagles pick it up and take it back but offsides.

Faceoff just outside Amherst's zone. Loose puck, Tulchinsky in the corner, back to Santulli, Santulli to Tulchinsky, Tulchinsky centering. Now out, Popp carries it back in, Santulli with a shot blocked by the goalie bobbles along the goal line, out, Gillan has it, passes to Popp, Popp with a shot blocked and covered.

1:24 left in the second.

Oops, Amherst on a break. Shot goes wide. Play in the corner Gillan battling sends it up. Now Rupert, nice bang off the boards. Eagles are offisdes.

Faceoff, Eagles win, send it in. Hunt on the boards, centering shot blocked by Amherst, Amherst has it , Tulchinsky battling, out to neutral ice and there's the buzzer.

Score still stands at Eagles 5, Amherst 1.

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