Friday, February 12, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 1 - Period 2

Eagles should open on the power play for about 1:07 but nothing is indicated on the clock yet.

OK, now it's up.

Eagles open with MmcAuley, Zelker, Rupert, Cardinale, Ralph.

Troy goes for the high stick almost off the whistle. No contact so there will be a faceoff to the left of the Troy goalie.

Eagles keep it in for a moment but Troy bats it out, down the ice, Gillan sticks it aside, nice pass from Zelker to Rupert, Cardinale takes it up, battling on the boards is McAuley, Zelker sends it in and lookks for a change. Puck comes around while the Eagles are changing but no call for too many men.

Eagle down. Looks like Ralph.

10:35 on the clock in the second, Ralph is up now. Faceoff right of Eagles, Troy wins it back, Wagoner on a break now all alone. . shot bocked, Nagy on the rebound shot blocked and the goalie covers.

Faceoff left of Troy, play, no shot, Troy takes it out, Wagoner has it pushes to Hunt nice, nice pass, Troy takes it sends it in, Wagoner back sends it around, Troy has it pressured by Nagy, Troy takes it in, shot by Troy stopped by Gillan, no whistle . . it's in. Troy goes up 3-1 with a little less than 9:00 on the clock.

Eagles have it in the Troy zone now, shot by Santulli hits the crossbar and goes behind the net. Troy rushing back and there's a trip, Cardinale goes in the box.

FAceoff left of Eagles, Rupert takes it, Smith sends it up, Troy keeps it in, Zelker now takes it out, Troy has it takes it back in, traffic in front of the net, shot Troy and tipped up in for a goal. 4-1 now Troy at 6:54 left in the second.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Troy sends it back now, Nagy sends it out, Ralph and Nagy big collision at Center Ice . . . turns into a 3 on 1 rush for Troy - - shot scores. 5-1 Troy.

Faceoff Eagles have it in the Troy zone, another break for Troy here, Smith foils it, whistle here on Troy, interference.

Faceoff outside the Eagles zone, Zelker sends it up, Troy bats it back, now Ralph, Troy has it, shot wide of the net, Zelker on the boards breaking, Troy sneds it down, Ralph behind the net, Ralph coming up, Troy in the middle of change lots of open ice, no one between him and the net, shot top shelf SCORES. 5-2 Troy at 3:30.

Faceoff into the Troy zone, McAuley battling in the corners looking for Hunt, Smith . . .Troy goes WAY offsides but no call. Shot blocked by the Eagles, McAuley on the break now but Popp is down. 1:47 left in the second.

OK, play resuming.

Faceoff Eagles dump it in, Troy sends it out and down, Cardinale back, now Nagy, stripped away by Troy, Ralph back, Santulli on a break centering Tulchinsky is close but can't reach it, in the crner now Eagles all bunched up, no on in front of the net, now an interference call on Troy.

Faceoff right of Troy with :25 left in the second. Eagles showing a little life here but positionally still way off their usual game. 10 second left, Zelker tries to keep it in, there's the buzzer and with two on the books it's Troy 5, Eagles 2.


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