Friday, February 12, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 1 - Period 3

This game is still within reach. The Eagles outplay this team a little more than half the time on the ice.

Eagles go with McAuley centering Hunt and Popp, Smith and Wagoner on D. Troy wins it forward, shot blocked by Smith. Smith takes it out, Popp dumps it in to the Troy zone, McAuley chasing, Ralph shot blocked, Ralph to Wagoner stolen by Troy, Ralphp back but it's icing.

Faceoff right of Troy. Eagles win it, delayed call, looks like it will be on the Eagles. Cardinale for tripping. Power play for Troy.

Faceoff left of Eagles. Shot wide, Santulli takes it out the other side, Ralph stickes it up, Troy dumps it back in, Ralph back behind the net, Nagy on the break now, bumped hard by Troy, Wagoner breaking, stripped away by Troy, shot turned aside by Ralph, play down in tthe Troy zone now, Rupert from the corner looking, McAuley looking for Rupert, Troy takes it out.

Cardinale to Rupert takes it back in, but it's out and down the ice now, and . .. tripping on Katie Smith? Yep.

Faceoff left of Eagles, play down the ice, Popp dumps it in, Troy takes it back, picked off by Hunt 2 on 1, shot Hunt, rebound no shot. Faceoff left of Troy, Troy breaking, Cardinale back, now Cardinale is tripped and there's an arm. Eagles go on the power play.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Troy wins it forward, picked up by the Eagles, sent up and out of play.

Faceoff all the way back right of Eagles, Nagy wins it forward, Troy bats it aback, Cardinale skating up, all the way into the corner, pass looking for Santulli shot wide of the net. Troy shoots it out now all the way down, Gillan covers.

Faceoff left of Eagles, play into the zone, shot by Zelker goes wide, Smith keeps it in, flurry of shots by Eagles here but everything blocked or wide, McAuley rushing now, centering for Rupert shot wide, Rupert in the corner centering for McAuley wide, Troy takes it out, Rupert on a break, can't pull the trigger fast enough and is swarmed by Troy, hit hard and Rupert is down.

Faceoff in the neutral zone Nagy wins it forward, driving, Hunt with a beautiful backhander lifted just wide of the net, Cardinale long shot from the point blocked by Nagy. Troy takes it out now, Ralph tries dumping it on the long side but the Eagles go offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Tulchinsky dumps it in, McAuley on a break shot reboudn, shot again by McAuley and the goalie covers.

3:06 remaining in the gmame. Faceoff right of Troy Tulchinsky shot wide, Troy on the break shot save, centering pass Tulchinsky sends it out, SMith in the corner, 2:20 left, Tulchinskey battling, Troy breaking again but they go offsides.

1:50 left, Rupert rushing down the side, Zelker nice turnaround shot, Ralph behind the net, Cardinale skates it out, Ralph behind the net again, Troy with a couple shots here but nothing on net. Troy with another shot out of play.

:18.8 remainig and time is just about out. Troy manages one last shot Gillan blocks it up and away, Eagles on the break, Wagoner sends it to Popp in the corner but time runs out and that's the game.

Final score Troy 5, Eagles 2.

Players of the game for this game are: for Troy #5 Ricky Andrews and for the Eagles #14 Brian Ralph. Way to go guys!


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