Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 2 - Period 1

Here we are at Albany County Hockey Facility for game 2 of the Troy Rink Rat tournament. Clifton Park Eagles Squirt B2 will be squaring off against Warwick. Puck drop at 10:30.

Hockey Store 'n More, the pro shop located here at the rink, was kind enough to provide me with wireless access for this game. Thanks!!

I am down at one end of the rink to get the wireless connection so my vantage point isn't great. And no home fans nearby to help out with names. So bear with me.

Here we go, Eagles lead off with Ralph and Cardinale on D, McAuley centering Rupert and Zelker, Gillan in the net. Faceoff Warwick wins it, takes it in, play behind the net, shot Gillan turns it aside, back out and McAuley is down right in front of the team box.

Faceoff Eagles win it forward, Warwick picks it up, McAuley sends it deep, Cardinale fans from the blue line, Warwick now deep into Eagels zone, McAuley in the corner battling, Popp tries to skate it out, strippped away, Warwick D to D pass, rushing all alone but they go offsides, thankfully. Eagles caught in the middle of a change.

Faceoff Warwick breaking shot save, no cover second shot and it's in. Warwick goes up by one.

Faceoff at center ice, Eagles win it, Warwick bats it out, Wagonner rushing in, battling on the boards, Warwick breaks out looks for a hanger foiled by Popp, Eagles send it back Hunt chasing, Warwick takes it in and they go offsides with 9:40 on the clock.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Warwick wins it forward, Warwick centering, Santulli saktes it out, bothered by Warwick, stripped away Warwick hits the hanger, shot wide of the net, Warwick shot wide of the net, Tulchinskey battling knocked over no call, Ralph behind the net now skates it out in front stripped away three on one shot Gillan saves it to the side. Play on the boards, Warwick centering, man all alone shot scores. 2-1 Warwick.

Faceoff at center ice Eagles win it forward, Warwick picks it up, takes it in, Eagles send it out but Warwick is back, sends it up by Smith, Warwick behind the net, out in the corner, back to the point, down to the corner, shot goal.

With 7:16 left in the first it is 3-0 Warwick. Faceoff at center ice, Warwick takes it in, shot wide of the net, Warwick in the corner, tries to sneak it in Gillan says no, now Ralph down the boards, looking finds Popp driving the net but doesn't connect, Warwick back Ralph keeps it in, Santulli shot blocked, Hunt shot blocked, Warwick rushing back now, Warwick shot blocked by Popp, Warwick picks it up again, shot big rebound shot again and it goes in.

Eagles have not managed more than 10-15 seconds in the Warwick zone so far. Faceoff Warwick carries it in, centering pass picked off by Rupert skates it out, dumps and goes for a change, pucks shoots out now with a Warwick player trailing, Gillan comes out to cover bobbles the cover, Warwick can't manage a shot goes behind the net, Eagles have it now take it down, Warwick on the rush, foiled by Cardinale great backchecking there. Shot Warwick Gillan covers and Warwick keeps hacking.

Faceoff left of the goalie, Warwick takes it, cycles back to the point, slapshot blocked second shot goes in. Warwick goes up 5-0. That goal should be discounted for high sticking. Slapshots are not permitted at the squirt level.

Faceoff at center ice, Warwick takes it in, centering pass batted away by Wagoner, down the ice, Warwick on the rush now, behind the net, wraparound goal goes in.

Faceoff at center ice with a buck 50 left in the first. Play in the Eagles zone, Warick sends it back to the point but its out, play in neutral ice now, Zelker takes it in, battling in the corner Warwick has it, Santulli behind the net rushing but Popp is in front and the Eagles go offsides.

Faceoff in neutral ice, Warwick has it long shot at the buzzer goes way wide of the net. At the end of the first Warwick has a 6-0 lead.


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