Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 2 - Period 2

Faceoff at center ice, Warwick wins ti forward, Zelker in the corner, Eagles try to get it out but Warwick keep it in, Warwick behind the net, back to the point, D to D picked off by Popp and he carries it out, play in the netural zone, Eagles carry it in but offsides.

FAceoff in the netural zone, 11:04 on the clock, Eagles carry it ink, Warwick rushing out, Ralph takes it and dumps it back in, Warwick sends it out again, Rupert carries it in on the far side, Warwick rushing now, centering shot foiled by Ralph. Eagles take it down now, there's an arm - - looks like a Warwick penalty for checking. No surprise there. So the Eagles go on the power play.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Warwick takes it, rushing, shot save and Gillan covers.

FAceoff left of the Eagles, Warwick has it, back to the point, shot turned aside by Nagy, Rudd battling int he corner sends it over, Eagles send it down, Warwick picks it up sends it all the way down but no icing, Warwick shot goalie tries to cover, behind the net wraparound goes in.

Warwick penalty for hooking.

Faceoff in the neutral zone. Back to Ralph, all the way down no icing, Warwick long pass hits the hanger, Warwick weaving through traffic no shot.

Santulli is down, not sure what happened. Ok he's up now.

Faceoff right of the Eagles, Eagles take it out, Warwick rushing back, penalty now on Warwick for interference.

Faceoff in the neutral zone Warwick takes it forward, deep in the Eagles zone, Cardinale skates it up, taken away by Warwick, Ralph battling hard in front of the net, out to the side, shot Gillan saves, the puck is down in the Warwick zone now. Long shot from the blue line top shelf and it goes in. They are no longer putting the score up so I have no idea what the real number is. Well above 7.

Faceoff at center ice, you can see the frustration playing out on the ice as the Eagles both pull back and lash out when Warwick is close.

Warwick shot save by Gillan, back out at the blue line now Warwick passes in the corner, sends it across, back to the point,k stealby Popp all alone rushing, shot rebound no trailer, Wariwck rushing back now 2 on 1 with Ralph defending, no shot, battling in the corner now and penalty on Warwick. Not sure of the call.

1:04 let in the second here, play is in the Warwick zone, out past Cardinale, Warwick skating in, cutting through traffic, shot it's in.

Faceoff at center ice, Hunt has it through traffic, shot rebound no trailer. Warwick brings it out, behind the net Santulli big hit on Warwick and he's going in the box for checking.

Warwick power play with 0.7 left in the second.

Puck drop and an almost instant buzzer. At the end of 2 it's Warwick too many to count, Eagles 0.


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