Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 2 - Period 3

Eagles will open with a 1:19 shorthanded stint in front of them.

Faceoff Warwick carries it in, shots mostly turned aside. McAuley on a break now two Warwick chasing, shot to the goalie and he hangs on.

FAceoff left of goalie, Warwick has it, sends it out, Eagles trailing, another Eagles penalty here for tripping.

Faceoff Warwick wins it back, and they go offsides. FAceoff all the way back at the Warwick zone, Warwick has it behind their own net, Nagy pressuring, Warwick rushing now, Ralph big hit on Warwick and he's going to the box too.

So we'll have :24 of 5 on 3, then another 1:20 of Warwick power play.

It is getting painful to type, and not because of the cold.

FAceoff left of the Eagles, Warwick has it, passing around, now in the corner, Tulchinsky battling hard, Eagles send it out, Warwick regroups, Tulchinsky again foils the play and sends it out, Warwick goes offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Warwick takes it in, they are just passing it around without shooting. Wagoner has it skates it out now, Warwick has it, takes it down, and . . now it's Wagoner's turn in the box - - for hooking.

Faceoff left of the Eagles goal, Eagles send it out, Warwick takes it back in offisdes.

Faceoff in the netural zone, Hunt battling, hit hard by Warwick, no call.

Play in the Eagles zone now, Eagles take it out, Tulchinsky pressuring and knocks over the Warwick player - - very nice play.

Warwick takes it in. 3:04 left in the third, Warwick has stopped shooting.

Penalty on Warwick now as Rupert was slashed while skating the puck out of the Eagles zone. Faceoff at center ice, Eagles win it forward, Warwick takes it in, Eagles back out and down, Popp centering from the corner play foiled by Warwick.

Time running out now. Rupert skates it up, dumps it in. Warwick sends it back out, Eagles have it.

Warwick's net is dislodged and there's a whistle, but time has run out and that's the end of the game.

A rather decisive win by Warwick, one might say.

This evening's game will be back in Frear Park, and should be covered here.

Wait, here's the two players of the game: 11 Clifton Park, Hannah Tulchinsky; and number 7 for Clifton Park, Ian Gillan.

That's all folks.


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