Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 3 - Period 1

Back at Frear Park to face Troy-Albany Squirt B again. Hopefully the Eagles have recovered somewhat from their morning thrashing by Warwick.

Eagles lead with McAuley centering Hunt and Rupert, Wagoner and Zelker on D, Gillan in the net.

Faceoff Troy wins it, Zelker takes it, dumps it in, tipped up by troy Zelker keeps it in, Troy on the rush now centering pass doesn't connect, Wagoner sends it up the middle and all the way down, Eagles gofor a change.

Play in the neutral zone, Troy dumps it in but they go offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone Eagles win it forward, Nagy pressuring, Tulchinsky in the corner, shot from the scrum goes wide, hard hit on Popp in the corner no whistle. Troy takes it up, in , Ralph is back, sends it up byut Troy takes it, shot fromm Troy blocked by Nagy, now it's out.

Play in the center zone, Eagles send it in but offsides.

FAceoff in the neutral zone, Eagles win it forwward, Troy picks it up, sends it in, Wagoner back, to Smith takes it out, McAuley skates it up, Zelker with a diving shot, Troy recovers and starts the rush, sends it in, Wagoner is back, Troy trying to center Santulli picks it off and takes it out. Troy dumps it, shot wide of the net,back and forth behind the net, McAuley sen ds it out, Smith on a break, Troy sends it all the way back no icing, Ralph has it skates it in, striped away Troy sends it down long shot Gillan handles it, taps it away to the corner for Cardinale.

Troy goes offsides. FAceoff in the netural zone, Troy wins it, Wagoner back sends it up, Popp skating it up now, Tulchinskey helping, Troy on a break McAuley racing backcheck. Big hit by Zelker colliding with Troy, Troy sends it back in, Wagoner foils the pass sends it to Popp, Popp shot just wide of the net.

Troy takes it out, down the ice, weak shot from the high slot Gillan stops and covers.

Faceoff right of the Eagles, from the center shot Gillan kicks it away. Troy tries a shot fans, Popp picks a pocket takes it out and sends it down. Stripped away by Troy and they rush, long shot Gillan saves, covers.

Faceoff right of the goalie, Troy wins it, now its out, Rupert rushing takes it in, McAuley rushing the net stripped away, Wagoner long centering shot, Troy on a break now shot just wide, Rupert and Hunt on the rush now, Troy sends it all the way down for icing.

Faceoff left of Troy, Troy winns it, rushing out, shot behind the net, from the corner, Nagy battling hard sends it out, Troy picks it up and sends it back in, Cardinale tries to get it out picked off by Troy, shot Gillan covers.

Faceoff left of Gillan, Cardinale takes it out, Troy back in, Eagels take it out, Ralph pass to SMith doesn't connect, Eagles battling to keep it in, Troy sends it out Wagoner back, Eagles dump it from mcenter no icing, Troy on the rush now Hunt picks the pocket, drives, shot and Troy covers. Damn. That looked good and we had the trailer too.

FAceoff right of Troy, Troy sends it out, Wagonner sends it back in just offisdes. That was a close one.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Troy sends it up, Wagoner dumps it, Troy sends it back out, Rupert dumps it again but the Eagles are offsides.

FAceoff in the neutral zone, Eagles win it forward, Troy back, sends it out, now dumped deep intot hte Troy zone, Troy recovers sends it all the way down but its icing.

FAceoff left of Troy, :22.6 on the clock, Troy wins it, Eagles reocver, long shott by Ralph just wide of th e net, Troy rushing Cardinale keeps it in, Troy with another push all the way down, refs let it go as the time runs out.

Scoreless at the end of one.


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