Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 3 - Period 2

Second period, Eagles lead with Nagy centering SMith and Santulli, Cardinale and Ralph on D.

FFaceoff at center ice Eagles win it forward, Troy sends it up, Cardinale dumps it, Troy skates it out, Nagy battling hard on the boards takes it back in, Nagy tripped no call.

Troy skates it in, Ralph battling in the corner takes it away, starts a rush, Ralph shot wide of the net. Now it's out, back in, Eagles are offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Eagles win it forward, Troy taps it back, Zelker dumps it, Troy on a rush now, could be a 3 on 1 but Wagoner races back with a blistering backcheck. Takes it out, Troy back in but offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Eagles win it, Troy takes it away, Ralph sends it around, Tulchinsky battling at the line, centering shot Ralph picks it, Popp tries to skate it out, now it's out, long shot on net sticked away by Troy, long shot by Tulchinsky from the blue line just wide, Troy takes it down now, Eagles recover McAuley takes it in, Smith centers for McAuley blocked by Troy.

Troy on the rush, Zelker and Wagoner back, penalty on Zelker for tripping. Bogus call, he was clearly playing the puck. Troy on the power play.

FAceoff Eagles tap it all the way down. McAuley sends it down, Defense is way forward here. Troy sends it in, shot blocked by Gillan, play behind the net, Eagles send it out, power play is over, Eagles rushing now, Nagy shot rebound, Nagy battling, battling, it looks like it's in but the ref is waving it off.

FAceoff right of Troy, Troy has it takes it down, shot wide off the post, wraparoudn Gillan shuts the door. Behind the net again, Cardinale battling hard, Troy brings it out, centering pass doesn't connect, Troy keeps it in, Eagles looking winded here, Cardinale behind the net sends it up, and now it's out and the Eagles get a mujch needed change.

Play deep int he Troy zone now, long shot by Wagoner rebound, Troy rushing now long pass doesn't connect . . . icing.

FAceoff left of Troy, Troy pressures up Zelker keeps it in, Troy deep in the Eagles zone now, shot save by Gillan, scrambling, now around the other side Gillan covers.

Faceoff right of . . . Troy on the rush, race for the puck Gillan leaps out and covers. Wow.

Faceoff right of Eagles, Eagles take it down, Troy rushing back now, shot Gillan covers.

Faceoff right of Eagles, shot wwide of the net, now out, Popp racing, 1:30 left on the clock. Troy sends it all the way down no icing, Nagy sends it out, Nagy battling hard on the boards sends it out again, Troy sends it back in, shot by Andrews Gillan pads it aside, :40 second left another shot high across the shoulder goes in.

1-0 Troy with :39.6 left.

Faceoff at center ice, Troy wins it forward, takes it in, now it's out, Troy sends it back in offisdes and the refs take it all the way back.

Faceoff left of Troy, MCauley wins it back, shot by Cardinale blocked, battling on the boards as time runs out.

With two on the books it's Troy 1, Eagles 0.


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