Saturday, February 13, 2010

SQB2: Troy Rink Rat Tournament, Game 3 - Period 3

Eagles go with Nagy centering Tulchinskey and Popp, Wagoner and Caridnale on D. Faceoff Eagles win it, pressuring, long shot by Wagoner, rebound goalie bobbles it, Popp taps it in!! SCORE!

Faceoff at center ice . . Eagles rushing, now there's a buzzer? Looks like there was a problem in the timebox.

Faceoff again, Eagles win it, Wagoner rushing backhand shot blocked and covered.

Faceoff left of Troy, Troy rushing, shot foiled by Zelker. Popp behind the net now, up to Smith, Troy centers, shot blocked by Ralph long rebound, nagy pressuring, Troy rushing picked by Zelker, battling on the boards now, puck in the Eagles zone now, Ralph has it behind the net, passes to McAuley, Eagles in the middle of a change her, Wagoner up to SMith, Hunt has it, McAuley bats it in, Troy has it shoots it out, Troy rushing Wagoner is back foils the shot, looks like it will be a penalty shot.

Skater at center ice, starts the rush, crosses, buries it through the 5 hole. Goal.

So Troy goes back up 2-1 with 9:17 remaining in the game.

FAceoff at center ice, Eagles win it forarrd, Troy rushing, Wagoner picks it, Troy rushing again, long shot Gillan blocks and covers.

Faceoff left of Eagles, quick shot sticked away by Gillan, Troy centering again, Popp, Tulchinskey battling, Tulchinsky sends it out, Popp rushing long shot, Troy back on the rush now, takes it in, Ralph sends it out back in offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone with 8:03 on the clock. Eagles win it back, Zelker racing, Troy centering, puck loose near the net Gillan covers.

Faceoff left of Eagles, centering sticked away by SMith, Saantulli skates it out, Smith dumps it in, Troy sends it back out, into the Eagles zone, Ralph behind the net looks for Santulli, Wagoner has it over to SMith, battling on the boards, Wagoner has it back, starts the rush, backhander towards the net McAuley behind the net centers, Troy sends it down Cardinale back, sends it out, Troy dumps it back in offsides.

FAceoff in the neutral zone at 6:03, Eagles win it, Popp rushing, Troy picks it, long shot from the faceoff dot finds the net. 3-1 Troy.

Faceoff at center ice, Eagles win, Nagy pressuring, puck is loose, Ralph back, kicks it out, Troy sends it back in offsides.

5:27 on the clock, Eagles win the draw, Popp rushing, centering, Troy has it rushing, dujmps it, Ralph back up to Tulchinsky, Troy shot wide of the net, Zelker behind th enet skates it up, into the neutral zone, McAuley battling in the corner, looks like a penalty on Zelker for something.

4:32 and Troy is on the power play. Troy wins it forward, Wagonner takes it wide and ices it, Eagles battling to keep it in the Troy zone, Troy on the rush takes it in to the Eagles zone, Nagy with a pick here, shot Troy covers.

3:50 left in the game, faceoff right of Troy, Troy bats it all the way down for icing.

3:44 now, :32 left on the penalty, faceoff right of Troy, Troy sends it up Wagoner back, looking back, Troy takes it in, penalty isover, Rupert picks up the puck comming onto the ice, long shot down now no icing, Rupert chasing, Smith pressuring, Ralph dumps it in the corner, long shot by Ralph almost in but just wide, Troy rushing now, behind the net,

Gillan heads for the bench Eagles with the extra attacker,

1:00 on the clock, Eagles battling in the neutral zone, Ralph behind th enet, bothered by Troy her pervades, Ralph all the way down, behind the net, :30 seconds, Rupert centering, no shot, Troy takes it out and down, Eagles folding back,

and there's the buzzer.

Final score, Troy 3, Eagles 1, despite a tremendous effort by the Eagles. Great, great game guys!!

Now the players of the game: for Clifton Park, #7 Ian Gillan. For Troy, #1 - - didn't catch the name, he was their goalie. Congratulations boys!


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