Sunday, November 08, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Third Period

Well I didn't win Chuck-a-Duck but I did manage to knock what was then the winning duck right out of the blue center dot. Heh heh. That was almost as much fun as winning.

OK here we go in the third, Eagles are out with nagy at Center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Ralph and Cardinale back on D.

Faceoff Nagy wins it, Popp rushing forwrd, shot goalie sticks it up and wide of the net, Hunt with a shot now goes wide, lots of traffic in fron of the net, Cardinale sends it back to the net, Ralph tips it back now, Eagles kidn of bunched up, Hunt drives th enet shot rebound Nagy tries to poke it but the goalie cover and the Eagles go for a full change.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Camillus on the rush, Wagoner back playing the puck but there's an arm up . . looks like tripping. Nope, hooking. Camillus on the power play.

Faceoff mcAuley wins it forward. Somme guy fomor Camillus sounds really agitated over there. Tulchinsky on a break now, stripped away on the boards, Gillan tries a shot stripped awa, rushing back now 3 on 2, centering pass and Camillus sends it home. 2-2.

Faceoff at center ice, nagy wins it forward, Camillus tries to send it back but Nagy picks it up again, takes it in, Nagy looking for Smith but the goalie reaches out and covers.

Faceoff right of Camillus, Eagles outshooting Camillus 16 to 8 at this point. Faceoff Nagy wins, drives the ent, loses it, poked away by Camillus, Cardinale dumps it back in to the corner, Camillus sends ti all the way down, Cardinale back behind the net, stripped away but he gets it back, sends itt hard up the boards tot McAuley, Camiluus grouping up here, Eagles send it out, Ralplh now cahrging, tripped by Camillus but no call. His stick went flying. McAuley now shot goes wide of the net, Ralph back in traffic finds Cardinale, Cardinale up to Nagy, lots of traffic in front of the ent and . . . SCORE. Looks like Popp finally got a stick on the puck and lifted it in.

Eagles 3, Camillus 2.

Faceoff McAuley wins, Hunt takes ti up, McAuley nice shot on the net goalie bobbles the save and Popp almost gets another one. Popp from the corner sends it up, Gillan back in the corner now, McAuley up finds Hunt, Wagoner sends i tup again, Huntt comes up with it, Popp now on the rush tripped and FINALLY there's an arm.

Eagles on the power play with 6:16 left in the 3rd. Faceoff right of Camillus Camillus wins, Nagy gets it and throws it towrds the net, Cardinale looking for Santulli, whistle for a player down. Camillus.

5:57 on the clock now, faceoff right of Camillus, Rupert in the far corner brings it in, Cardinale throws it back on the net, Camillus on the ice bats it forard but no call for the handpass. Play behind the net, whistle looks like Camillus is going in the box for hooking. Eagles back on the poweer play.

Faceoff right of Camillus, McAuley wins, to Popp, to Wagoner and they are out, Wagoner chucks it back in with 3 Eagles still int he zone for offsides, and the ref takes it all the way down.

FAceoff right of Newton, Eagles win, Gillan sends it up, Popp tires to handle but falls, McAuley right behind him, Camillus now behind the net, Camillus tries a rush, three Eagles back, long slow shot and Newton covers easily from the ice.

Faceoff left of Newton, nagy wins, take sit up, Camillus strips away, is aon a break, Nagy back and lifts the stick for a perfect foil. Nagy rushing now, stripped away, Ralph keeps it in, Nagy looking for Tulchinsky, centering pass back and Nagy takes another shot sticked away by the goalie.

FAceoff elft of Camillus, McAuley wins the draw, Ralph back tips it towards the net, Ralph battlingon the boards, tips it again Santulli with the backhander goes wide, Santulli in the corner, Camillus is up goes past Cardinale McAuley is back, 2:35 left on the clock and the intesnity is starting to pick up.

McAuley sends it up now, Camillus bats it back and it's all the way down, Rupert gets it sends it up, McAuley breaking now, stripped away, chucks it in but Camillus ahs it. Here's Nagy, Hunt rushing in crashes into Nagy and two Eagles down, play along the boardes Hunt comes up with it, stripped away centering pass newton blocks, scrambles, covers.

1:09 left on the clock.

Faceoff, no now there's a whistle somemone called a timeout not sure which team.

Back out now for what could be the last faceoff. Nagy is a center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Gillan and Wagoner on D. Here comes Camillus.

Camillus has pulled the goalie.

Faceoff Camillus wins, puck is out and down now. Wagoner sends it in and its offisdes.

Faceoff Nagy wins it forward, 32 seconds left, Battling on the baords, Nagy back, sends it up, Camillus has it Sanatulli snends it up, 6 seconds, weak shot and the clock runs out as the Eagles win it, 3-2, outshooting Camillus 24 to 9.

So the Eagles finish the Shootout 2-2, placing 3rd of four teams in.

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Second Period

Eagles out with Santulli at Center, Hunt and Rupert on wing, Ralph and Carrdinale on D.

Faceoff Camillus wins it forward, play in the entural zone, Ralph sends it in, Rupert driving to the net looks across for Hunt but a little too far in front, Hunt can't handle the pass. Loose puck Santulli charging back for it, Ralph now back in the neutral zone, Camillus on a break wobbles a shot towards the net but Newton says now way, Popp on a break now, tries to go to to the goalie's stick side but a poke check foils the shot, Popp still near the net Wagoner with a long shot on the net the goalie covers and Popp is right there trying to get under the glove. Whistle and the goalie still has it.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Tulchinsky now in the neutral zone stripped away, Camillus picks it upn and has a rush, shot wides of the ent, behind the ent, oh close centering shot goes right through the crease. Camillus controlling now, behind th enet, lots of traffic Newton fighting and comes up with the puck. Whistle with 9:15 left in the second, faceoff to the left of Newton.

McAuley wins it forward, Ralph hits Rupert with a nice pass, Camillus strips it away and takes it in but they go offsides.

Faceoff now in the neutral zone, Camillus wins, Ralph sends it back, now Rupert takes it in, stripped away, Smithon the boards finds Rupert back in the center and Rupert with a backhander but the goalie covers.

FAceoff left of Camillus, McAuley wins it back, Cardinale to Ralph, Ralph with a shot checked by Camillus but no call. McAuley battling in the corner sends it up to Ralph, Ralph with a long shot in the air but the goalie gloves it for a save and a whistle.

Faceoff right of Camillus, Camillus wins it forward, Huntt sends it back, Santulli on the boards, Gillan battling at the line, Camillus is through no on backchecking and Camillus is on the rush. Shot, scores.

Faceoff Santulli wins it, Wagoner now up on the rush, stripped away, McAuley looks for Santulli at center, Camillus gets it by Gillan again but Wagoner is back. Hunt with a nice centering pass but Nagy can't take it, Wagoner steps up to keep it in but goes offsides.

Faceoff outside the dot, Camillus wins it, Rupert up now, looking, nice wrister blocked by Camillus, Camillus nice passes takes it down and in to the Eagles'zone, now back out and in again for an offsides.

6:24 left in the second, 2-1 Eagles.

Faceoff Nagy wins it, Tulchinsky takes it up. Camillus has it now. Offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone, Camillus wins it forward, puck is away to the side and Smith racing after it, Wagoner on the rush now takes it in, play out from the corner Wagoner keeps it in again, Nagy handling the puck squibs back out and he drags it in for an offsides call. That was pretty close. Not sure that was actually out from my angle.

Whistle stop here I'm not sure what for. Faceoff is outside the zone, the puck was in and on the boards. Didn't see the call.

Wagoner on the boards in the neutrall zone now sends it in, Smith wiwth a centering pass Popp is higher in the slot. Camillus strips it away and sends it out, Wagoner sends it back in for offsides.

Faceoff in the neutral zone Camillus wins, Cardinale back, sends it up, now Ralph dumps it in, Camillus sends it back out, Cardeinale to Ralph, up, Nagy has it, Eagles rushing now, Hunt to Nagy for a one timer but the goalie covers.

Faceoff Nagy wins, drives the net, Camillus strips it away, Hutn reovers and throws it towards the net again, Ralph on D now dumps it back in, they're by him, CArdinale backchecking, forces Camillus wide, Camillus rushing again shot wide of the net, Hunt closing Hutn chukcs it out trying to lead Nagy, Camillus sends it back in nagy behind the net, Camillus has it sends it out in front, Ralph on the rush now one defender, foiled and Hunt tries to pickit up as the trailer but can't get to it, puck is out, Ralph to Cardinale sends it in, out and in again for an offisdes.

1:17 left in the second.

Faceoff Camillus wins it, Camillus racing down the side, shot wide of the net, puck is out now Camillus dumps it back in, Gillan sends it off the boards, McAuley to Santulli, back to McAuley give and go and they are going, McAuley to Santulli all alone, to Tulchinsky . .. shot wide of the net. Player in the goalie crease and the aceoff will be outside the zone.

Camillus wins, Wagoner falls and Camillus immediately rushes, Camillus shot Newton with a beautful save.

Period ends, Eagles 2, Camillus 1.

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 4 - Warmup and First Period

Here we are at game 4, consolation finals of the Skaneateles shootout. The Eagles will square off against the same Camillus team that they fell to yesterday afternoon.

Eagles looking somewhat subdued in the warmup. Not much zip on the passes so far. Newton however is looking pretty fired up in the net and of the first 15 warmup shots ahs stopped them all.

This is a really long warmup. They just started the five minute clock. Camillus however has grouped and is ready to play. Now they've all gathered at their own goal, whacking sticks on the ice. Refs look like they are looking for an early start.

Game time. Eagles lead with Nagy at center, Tuluchinsky and Hunt on wing, Ralph and Cardinale on D, Newton in net.

Faceoff Nagy wins, Ralph sends it up, shot crosses the center, Camillus brings it back, sends it in but they go offsides and play stops at 11:29 of the first.

Faceoff Nagy wins again, but the puck goes all the way back to Newton and he covers. Faceoff Camillus takes it, weak shot and Newton covers for another whistle.

FAceoff Camillus wins shot wide of the net, Camillus behind the ent, McAuley steals it sends i up but Camillus keeps itin, now Wagoner behind the net sends it up to Popp, stripped away in th enutral zone. Popp now driving, shot save. Traffic in front of the net, Smith has her stick up, and it looks like a goal for the Eagles. Camillus does not like that call at all.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Wagoner steals and sends it up, now Wagoner on the rush, Popp closing in behind, another long shot and - - its IN!

Two quick goals here for the Eagles have them rather excited.

Faceoff Eagles win, take it in to their zone, now Camillus brings it up, shot Newton steers it off to the right of the goal. Puck is out and Camillus sends it back in fafst for an offsides.

Faceoff with 9:30 on the clock, Nagy wins it forward, now Rupert, Rupert with some nice moves takes it in but tripped up in traffic. Camillus has it Nagy steals and carries it in fast but Rupert is still down on the ice from the pielup and its offsides Eagles.

Faceoff Eagles win, Cardinale to Ralph, Ralph tries to hit Hunt on the pass but misses and the puck goes deep. Looks like its going to be icing all the way back for the Eagles.

Faceoff to the left of Newton Camillus wins, weak centering pass Wagoner picks it takes i tup, now McAuley on the rush, battling in the corner. Pucks squirts out Gillan and Wagoner both racing back, Camillus now with a centering pass but no one can take it. Gillan battling in the corner wins, now Wagoner on a break, cuts, shoots, kick save by the goalie. Hunt now in the corner, looking for McAuley, Eagles caught in the middle of a D change here but Ralph recovers, sneeds it to Cardinal, Cardinale tries to send it up but its blocked and Camillus almost gets a quick break there.

Now in the Camillus zone, Ralph keeps it in, back up Cardinale keeps it in and sends it deep in the corner. Camillus on the break Ralph chasing, picks it, Ralph now behind the net, Popp rushing the net, Camillus breaking now but stripped by three Eagles at once. Nagy on a rush, tripped approaching the goal but no call as the goalie covers.

5:32 left in the first and it's still 2-0 Eagles. Shots are almost even at 4-3.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus now, somme play along the boards, Camillus sends it up Wagoner tips it, and it's out of play.

Faceoff to the left of Camillus, some play back, Wagoner tips it to Santulli who turns and fires a nice shot on the ice bu the goalie has lots of time and covvers easily.

Faceoff to the left of Camillus, Eagles win, Rupert with a ackhander towards the net but no one's closer. Now in the corner, Rupert looking for Santulli, behind th enet now and up the boards, Gillan gets run over and the puck is out.

Camillus behind their own net, up the boards, out, somee play in the netural zone and we get a whistle for something. Eagles leading the shots 5-3. Looks like a penalty for the Eagles, Rupert is in the box.

Sorry I took some time to buy some ducks for the CHuck-a-duck. Eight seconds left on the power play, Camillus has not yet managed a shot on the net. 1:41 left in the first, play has been in the Eagles zone most of the last 3 minutes. Now Camillus with a nice wrister but Newton drops and covers.

1:24 now on the clock, faceoff to the left of Newton, the puck is out and now back in for Camillus offsides.

Ok, still trying to carry out the duck transaction here. Its the end of the first period and the Eagles are up 2-0, outshooting Camillus only narrowly 5 shots to 4.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Third Period

Skaneateles does something neat between the second and third periods - - "Chuck-a-Duck." Instead of plastic pucks, they chuck rubber ducks. It's interesting. And the ducks make this little squeak when they hit the ice, which is a little creepy.

Eagles open the third with Nagy at Center, Popp and Hunt on wing, Wagoner and Rupert at D, Newton in the net.

Faceoff Camillus wins but Nagy recovers quickly, Popp up through traffic stripped away, Wagoner back. Camillus with a shot Rupert intercepts and tkaes it around behind, hits Popp on the redline all alone. Popp racing back now shot goes wide of the net. That was a good chance with a great heads-up pas by Rupert.

I hope my battery holds up. It's sending me nasty notes about how tired it is.

Faceoff to the right of Newton, shot Santulli blocks, Camillus back now, oh McAuley with a nice pick and he's off to the races. Shot rebound, back up to the point, Ralph with a breat shot from the line but the goalie covers.

Faceoff Camillus wins, loose play int he boards, now a hit and Camillus is going in the box for the first time this game. The call is . . . who knows, the refs here don't believe in hand signals.

Faceoff outside the Eagles zone, Camillus wins, sends it in offsides.

Faceoff again Nagy wins. Popp with a slow shot between th elegs of the defender, the goalie covers, Nagy flying in tries to lift the goalie's glvoe but gets the whistle in time.

Now there's a nice connection from Nagy to Popp. Shot, goalie covers. Eagles are outshooting Camillus 15 to 9 but still have managed only one goal. Now a long shot from the blue line and the goalie covers yet again.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Camillus wins the draw, takes it behind their net, shot goalie tries to ocver but the puck is loose, Smith sneaking it tries to poke it but no dice and there's a whistle.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Cardinale shot hits Smith on the skate and goes way wide. Tuluchinsky now to McAuley one timer nice, but no goal.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus. 7:25 left in the game.

Camillus on a break shot goes way wide, Wagoner crashes her own net and there's a whistle for the dislodged net.

Wagoner sedns it up, Popp all alone races towards the net shot goes wide. And there's a whistle, looks like tripping on Camillus. This has the Camillus crowd very upset.

Nagy behind the net tries a wraparound, Camillus on the break now shot Newton stretching from the opposite side but the shot is wide. Nagy up to Wagoner, now upu to Santulli, rupert, Ralph Camillus nearing the Eagles goal, Cardinale on a break now, long shot from Cardinale with Popp trailing but the goalie covers.

Still 3-1 Camillus with 5:08 left, and I predict my battery is going too die here in just a few minutes.

Cardinale with a shot, Smith tries to redirect good play there.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus Camillus wins, Rupert keeps it in but Camillus sends it out, Wagoner sends it back in. Now Rupert racing back send it up, mcAuley battling big, Camillus commes up with it, and there'as a whistle - - offsides, Camillus.

3:40 left on the clock.

Found a plug for the battery, so that's no worry now but the clock is as it's down to 2;56 and the Eagles are still down by 2. The shots are now at 21 to 10 Eagles.

Ralph up, shot burns through the crease and goes wide.

Eagles with a 4 on 1 rush now - - Cardinale with the puck and he RIPS it past the goalie, SCORES! with 1:40 on the clock it's a 3-2 game.

Eagles have pulled the goalie with 45 seeconds left, Shot by Ralph just wide. Shot by Nagy and the goalie covers, 26.5 left on the clock.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Wagoner keeps it in Ralph, Camillus . . .

wins. The clock runs out and the final score is Eagles 2, Camillus 3. Final shots on goal 23 Eagles, 10 Camillus, with 7 of those 10 coming in the first half of the game. Camillus managed only 3 shots in the last 19 minutes of play.

Well, it looks like we will see this team again bright and early tomorrow morning for the grudge match.

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Second Period

Second period Eagles open with McAuley, Smith, and Popp, Cardinale and Ralph back on D.

Camillus wins the draw, take it up, long shot Cardinale sends it up long, Smith pressuring, Smith has it takes it in, dumps it into the corner. Camillus on the break now they fead their center. It's out, they send it back in for offsides.

Faceoff Camillus takes it forward, Eagles get it and take it in, it's out and Wagoner dumps it back in for offsides.

Faceoff Eagles win it. Tulchinsky battling on the boards, gets it passes it out to no one, Wagoner on the drive shot goes wide. Lots of traffic.

Cardinale steps on to the ice and immediately stops the puck from going out. Eagles keeping good pressure on. Now its icing on the Eagles.

9:00 left in the second.

Faceoff to the right of Gillan. McAuley wins, whistle and . .. a redo? McAuley wins again, Popp takes it up, now McAuley, now Camillus has it, shot Gillan drops and covers for a whistle.

Faceoff to the right of the goal McAuley wins again, Popp on a break shot rebound, shot again, Camillus with a MONSTER shot from the redline Gillan makes a kick save to keep on off to the right. Wow.

Now the Eagles change goalies up with 7:40 left in the second. The shots stand at 7 a piece, still Camillus with 2, Eagles 1.

Eagles looking a little draggy now, McAuley centers, McAuley sends it back to the point, Ralph with a great shot.

Popp behind the net comes around shot just wide, Ralph with a shot now. And another with Nagy trying the one-timer he connects but the puck goes wide. That was a beautiful chance.

Faceoff to the right of the Camillus goal, rupert has it turns, shoots, Camillus on the break now Wagoner back, passes it up to Popp, Camillus has it, now Smith dumps it in, Santulli battling on the boards, Eagles dump it in again, Santulli with a chance. Now the puck goes way down, Popp on the break shot save rebound goes wide of the net, Camillus has it now, McAuley racing in to break it up, Camillus driving the net now. Rupert goes behindMcAuley with a rush but Camillus grabs it and the Eagles are off balance, Camillus on the break Cardinale races back and foils the break, no shot.

Eagles now lead shots after that last flurry 11 to 7.

Tulcinsky sends it up, now McAuley, now Camillus shot rebound, Tulchinsky on a break, Ralph now, shot goalie stops it, two Eagles crashing but come up empty.

Faceoff left of Camillus, Hunt battling, Nagy helping, puck is loose, Cardinale keeps it in, Hunt with a clear chance can't manage the shot. Camillus racing back now on a break, shot from just even to the net and Newton covers easily.

Faceoff to the right of Newton. Camillus wins it almost gets off a shot but the Eagles beak it up. Camillus with a shot now, Newton on the ice makes the stop and the cover.

Ffaceoff left of newton. Camillus wins it, shot just wide of the net, Popp with a nice hit in the corenr no call, Wagoner on the break but she's caught, Camillus now, McAuley on thhe ice but h'es up. Camillus with a shot way wide of the net, with 28 seconds left we get a whistle, puck frozen.

FAceoff Camillus wins, Camillus with a shot scores. 3-1 Camillus with 26 seconds on the clock. That play took less than 3 seconds.

Faceoff Eagels win, Eagles pressuring, Santulli diving to keep it in, Hunt on a break with only a second left bothered by Camillus and can't get off a shot.

And the period ends, Camillus 3, Eagles 1. Shots are Camillus 9, Eagles 12.

Skaneateles Shootout - Game 3 - Warmup and First Period

Here we are at the warmup of game three in the Skaneateles shootout. The Eagles lost a thumper this morning 11-1 to the Binghamton team. They need to win this game and every period in this game to make the finals tomorrow.

The Eagles are playing Camillus, currently last in points, they lost this morning to the team that we beat yesterday in the first round. They cannot make the finals at this point and so can only play the spoiler for the Eagles.

If we lose we will play Camillus again tomorrow morning.

To see the most recent update on the game tap your F5 key.

Starting for the Eagles are: Nagy at center, Popp and Hutn on wing, Wagoner and Rupert on D, Gillan in net.

Puck drop: Eagles win, Camillus sends it up, Hutn battling, Rupert sends it up to Hunt almost had a break, now all the way back but no icing. Wagoner back, upt o Popp who takes it all alone, Rupert with a shot, Nagy with a backhand, not getting close to the goal, it's out Wagoner sends it back in for a quick offisdes and the Eagles change it up.

Faceoff Eagles win but Camillus sends it back, Cardinale racing back trips his opponent and the ref makes the call. Camillus goes on the powerr play at 10:58 of the first.

Fceoff oh the right, Eagles win it, Camillus gets close to the net, Gillan is down but can'tt reach it to cover, now the whistle.

Eagles win the faceoff Santulli takes it out, now he sends it alll the way down. Santulli with a big hit on Camillus got the ref's head but no call. Now Camillus sends it up, Ralph back, feeds to the center but recovvers, now Ralph on the break stripped, Camillus folds back, Nagy battling on the boards. Eagles need a change here and they do it on the fly. Weak shot dribbles back toward th enet and the penalty is over, Popp racing down with a shot save and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the right of Camillus, Eagles win, Rupert shot wide Smith tries to redirect, now she snds it around, Camillus racing back, shot through the five hole for a goal.

1-0 Camillus.

Faceoff Camillus wins, Eagles tkae it, nice play Ralph to Hunt, Camillus racing back now and they go wayyy offisdes for a whistle stop.

Faceoff Eagles win, Ralph sends it all the way down, but Camillus back. Hunts glove is off with his stick but he recovers. Eagles with one shot near the net but goes wide. Camillus racing back now. Shot Gillan with the save big rebound sitting out there right to a Camillus player. No help from the D and Camillus lifts in in . 2-0 Camillus with 7:00 even on the clock.

Faceoff at center ice Eagles win, they take it up, puck is out Wagoner sends it back in and the Eagles are offsides.

Now the ref is putting Santulli in the box and giving him a chat. No idea what this is about but it's a penalty and a power play for Camillus.

Camillus wins the faceoff sends it up, now on a break. Shot save, rebound, Camillus crashes the net and draws a whistle.

Ralph on a break now, in traffic but he maintains, takes a shot just wide. Camillus back now closing, shto blocked. Ralph sends it all the way down Eagles giving chase. Ralph with a shot from the line blocked by Camillus. Camillus on a break now Ralph back and there's an arm up. Tripping? Give me a break. The ref must be from Camillus. So Camillus is . . .once again back on the power play.

Camillus wins the fafceoff Eagles send it out, Camillu s sends it back in and goes offsides.

Faceoff Eagles win, Tulchinsky takes it up, now Wagoner, Camillus breaking back, and they go offsides yet again.

With 3:50 left in the first it's 2-0, Camillus has outshot the Eagles 5-2.

Battling in the corner, what a battle. Popp gets it snes it up. Camillus with two weak shots trying to get it to the net. Now they do but Gillan says no. Now the Eagles are back and they dump and change. Ralph now sens it up, Camillus sends it all the way down and there's a whistle for icing.

Faceoff all the way back in the Camillus zone, McAuley wins it, puck dribbles toward the net, Hunt is on it shot SCORES! 2-1 Camillus with 2:05 left in the first.

Faceoff a center ice McAuley wins it. Camillus breaking now Ralph back and breaks it up. McAuley going for it but is tripped, delayed call Gillan stays home as the Eagles race down. Shot save and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the left of Cammillus, Eagles win it, Wagoner with a shot. Camillus driving down now Wagoner back. Rupuert back takes it, skates it up, nice move to take it out of the zone. Popp now almostt on a breakTulchinsky driving, Wagoner with a shot blocked. Eagles crashing the net now but the goalie covers.

11 seconds left in the first, Eagles win the draw, Camillus racing back and play ends in the neutral zone as time runs out. Eagles showing a little more initiative in the last few minutes of the first have managed to even the shots out at 5 a piece, Camillus still leads 2-1.

Friday, November 06, 2009

SQB2@Skaneateles - Third Period

With a quick turn of events towards the second period it's now 4-3 Eagles. The Lakers have now managed to outshoot the Eagles 14 to 11.

Here we go: Nagy at Center, Smith and Popp on wing, Wagoner and Gillan on D.
Faceoff Eagles win, Lakers send it up, Gillan with a perfect pass to Smith, she's stripped, Popp with a shot, but now it's out, Wagoner back and sends it up. Gillan looking for Smith again. Now it's out; Wagoner dumps it in but Smith is still in and the Eagles go offsides.

Faceoff just outside the blue line. Eagles win, Tulchinsky chasing, Tulchinsky up, Cardinale tries to keep it in but it's out, Tulchinsky up again but stripped. Lakers have it now, centering pass batted away by Cardinale. Lakers go offsides and the ref is sending it all the way back.

9:47 on the clock, Eaglesw in the faeoff, McAuley with a shot just wide of the ent. Hunt battling in the corner, Lakers win send it up, Cardinale tips it in and suddenly it's three on one. Shot by Hunt and the goalie covers.

Faceoff to the right of the Lakers goal with 9:15 on the clock.

Eagles moving a little better now. Lakers with a break, Wagoner chasing, centering pass no shot, Rupert on the break tkaes it up, dumps it in, chasing, Lakers send it back, Lakers have it, Gillan tips away and Wagoner takes it, sends it up to Smith, she dumps it in Lakers bat it back to Rupert who sends it in, Rupert has it shot goalie covers.

Still 4-3 with 7:53 remaining, Eagles win the draw, Popp shot blocked, Hunt shot wide of the net, Popp centering pass to Nagy Nagy with a quick wrister - - goalie catches and covers.

Faceoff Eagles win Popp again with the shot blocked up high, Lakers reaching and we get a whistle for high stick. Faceoff Eagles win, Cardinale back, to Popp, Popp hit hard on the boards. Whistle - - I thought it was a peanlty but there's no call, I have no idea what the whistle was for. Faceoff is just outside the Lakers' zone. Lakers win, on a break, Wagoner with a nice D play tips it away from the rushing Laker. Up, up, Tulchinksy dmps it in but the Lakers send it back, Tulchinsky again sends it across to open ice. Everyone chasing, centering pass no on home. Two shots now on the Eagles. Wagoner up to Tulcchinsky, back out . . Egales send it in offisdes.

5:28 on the clock, still 4-3 Eagles and the shots stand at 15 a piece.

Eagles win the faceoff, Popp to Nagy onetimer misses, Lakers have it on the rush, stripped away, here comes Nagy on the break . . . Eagles are offisdes.

4:43 now. Lakers win the faceoff, Wagoner back, sends it up to McAuley misses, Tulchinskey back, Lakers have it send it out, Lakers coming up the side, Lakers bring it in but Wagoner bats it out. Play in the netural zone . . fans yelling because the clock hadn't started. Probably a good 20 seconds there.

Now in the Lakers zone, Hunt with a backhander, oh oh Lakers on the rush strong shot but Newton turns it away. Another shot, piling up in front of the goal but no goal and the Lakers change out their best line. That line should get two more shifts if the coach times it right.

Faceoff to the left of Newton, 3:36 now on the clock. Nagy wins.

Whistle and the refs are sending it all the way down, I don't know why. Eagles win the faceoff, traffic in front of the net, Lakers send it out, Nagy chasing, two on one with Popp tries a shot but can't pull it off. Rupert to Nagy tied up by Lakers, Lakers past Ralph now on the break, Laker goes down but now call, Popp on the break now, beats the Laker, SHOT and the goalie gloves it up off the ice.

2:02 on the clock now, Eagles with a shot blocked, McAuley with a shot blcoked, shot again backhander blocked, the Lakers are just clogging the slot. Smith is all alone in the slot now, Lakers send it all the way down and it's icing. Back to the Lakers zone left of the goalie.

1:13 left, Lakers wint he draw, Hunt with a shot blocked fat rebound but there's traffic, now it's out, Lakers looking positively rabid with 45 seconds left. Lakers driving the net pushed away, 30 seconds . . Hunt on the break, stripped, Lakers now on the rush, 10 seconds, Lakers trying to get off a shot, but can't do it as time runs out and the Eagles win . . . 4-3.

It's always a nail-biter with these guys. The Lakers managed 19 shots on goal, while the Eagles had only 17.

So that's it - - check back for tomorrow morning's game.

SQB2@Skaneateles - Second Period

Here they come, McAuley at center, Popp and Tulchinsky on the wing, Ralph and Cardinale on D.

Eagles win the draw but the Lakers take it, unfortuantely go offsides for an early stoppage of play, 11:48 left on the clock.

Cardinale has it sends it up to Tulchinsky . . . goes by her but down into the Lakers zone no icing, Eagles giving chase, Popp with the shot blocked by the Lakers, now the puck is out, Cardinale back passes across to Ralph, Ralph up passes to Popp, Popp takes it in stripped away and the Lakers send it out again. Almost a break there for the Lakers.

Popp now on the drive, stripped in traffic. Battling near the blue line and a whistle for forzen puck.

Faceoff just outside the blue line with 10:08 showing on the clock.

Eagles win, take itin, Popp tries a shot from high in the slot loses it, Rupert behind the net takes it out to Nagy, Nagy battling the goalie, sends it IN! Score is now 4-1 Eagles.

Lakers win the faceoff send it up, but they go offisdes after somme play in the netural zone.

9:14 on the clock.

Eagles win it but the Lakers take it and bring it up, now McAuley takes it out and to the side, battling along the boards, Ralph dumps it in bu the Lakers send it right back out. Cardinale with a nice move brings it up takes a long shot fromm outside the blue line, truned aside by the goalie, Lakers on the Rush now and dump it in, Ralph back to chase sends it over, Lakers take it - - shot NICE redirect but just wide of the net, that was very nearly a goal as Newton was clear on the other post.

Lakers have it again, dump it in, LONG shot from the point tries to redirect but can't pull it off.

Tulchinsky now takes it out int othe Lakers zone with Hunt, McAuley in traffic stripped away, Lakers on the rush again Wagoner folding back, she sends it up and all the way down for an icing call. Not sure about that one, there was a lot of traffic there.

Faceoff to the left of Newton - Lakers are out but now all back in, Gillan fans on the puck, tips it over to Wagoner who fans on the puck, now she sends it up, Lakers take a long shot, now another long shot from the corner and there's a stop.

5:08 on the clock, some play around the Eagles zone, they send it down but it's icing.

Faceoff to the right of Newton, Lakers win, Rupert sends it up, now Smith, Smith battling, McAuley on the rush, stops, centers, Rupert tries a one-timer very nice but doesn't quite get the aim.

Lakers on the break now try a shot from mteh outside blocked before it got to the net. Lakers looking a little more organized now. They just had a nice dump in. Lakers rushing the net, poke check by Newton, but now a centering pass no one can handlie it, another center pass and a fan on the one-timer. Boy the Lakers had maybe 3 or 4 good scoring opportunities there they just couldn't close. Eagles on the break shot and the goalie covers.

Faceoff now and the play is in the Lakers' zone. They send it out past Gillan on the boards. Eagles playing a pretty good physical game right now but looking slightly less zippy than some of the Lakers.

FAceoff to the right of the Lakers goalie, Eagles win, Cardinale with a shot blocked by Lakers, Hunt to Rupert shot blocked, Lakers on the break, shot goes way wide.

Faceoff just outisde the zone, McAuley wins, to Cardinale, now mcAuley, battling on the blue line and the Lakers are offsides.

These refs look familiar. I wonder if they are the same?

Lakers win the faceoff, center pass with a Laker parked right in the slot. This is their productive line. Laker all alone with th epuck but he drives the net instead of taking a quick wrister, easy save by Newton.

Lakers on the break now, centering pass, Newton with some nice work on the ice keeps it away, centering pass again shot perfect block by Newton, but no Eagles to take care of the garbage . . . here's a Laker closing and . lifts it in over Newton. 4-2

Faceoff, Lakers win, battling up, weak shot, Newton poke-checks but the Lakers keep coming, here's a wrister - - it's in under Newton's pads. 4-3 Eagles.

Faceoff again and that ends the period. The Eagles had better get their game heads back on. The momentum is clearly in favor of the Lakers at this point and the Eagles are looking disorganized and a little tired.

SQB2@Skaneateles - Warmup and First Period

Eagles SQB2 taking on Skaneateles Lakers, game time 5:15pm.

The Lakers look big and excited. They are stretching in one of the corners.

Gorgeous facility here, a big pool, fitness center, ice rink. Fairly new and in top shape.

The Eagles look good; there was a lot of noise from them comming out of the locker room so hopefully that translates into some good first period energy.

I'm sitting on the wrong side of the rink to have the benefit of the WiFi connection. Should have brought the cowbell . . .

Looks like wide range in talent from the Lakers, some kids throwing good passes and doing crossovers, others not so well. 40 seconds left in the warmup.

Here's the starting lineup: McCauley at center, Ruperrt and Popp on Wing, Cardinale and Ralph on D, and Newton in goal. Lakers win the faceoff but Popp is up, Eagles ahve in in the attacking zone, but here's Lakers on a breakaway, Newton poke checks no shot.

Eagles take control and it's out but they lose it in the neutral zone. Now the Lakers have it, a shot across the crease, two shots, no goal.

Faceoff in the Eagles zone with a line change, Hunt has it down the ice into the far corner, no w Nagy, backhander but he Lakers send it out. Gillan takes it sneds it out, the Lkaers dump it back in but offisdes for a whistle. 10:21 on the clock.

Faceoff Lakers win, Eagles get it, Hunt takes it in, Nagy with a shot SCORES. Nice little wrister in on the ice but past the goalie.

Now the faceoff Lakers win it, back in their zone. Ralph keeps it in with a strong shot torwards the net. Now the Lakers have it, Smith in front with a shot tied up, Lakers send it up and now out, McCauley on the rush, shot blocked by the Lakers. McCauley again back to the point, Ralph shot wide Smith tries to deflect perfect but off the post! Whistle stop for dislodged net.

Faceoff now in the Lakers zone, Lakers win it, Popp with a shot from the faceoff circle, Lakers send it back Wagoner keeps it in, now twice. Here's Popp one on one and lifts it past the goalie SCORES! 2-0 Eagles with 8:26 on the clock in the first.

Faceoff Lakers win but Wagoner sends it deep, Lakers have it on a rush Gillan back takes it away and goes behind the net, falls. Wagoner brings it out Eagles on the rush, McCauley to the outside two on one he shoots - - glove save and the goalie hangson to it.

Faceoff in the Lakers zone they win it, send it up past Cardinale. Eagles folding back, now Mccauley brings it up, Lakers start a rush but lose it, Ralph is back to get the puck, here's McCauley but loses it. Traffice in front of the net Newton is hangin in, now it's away with Hunt charging up, Lakers send it back in and they go offisdes.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Lakers step up, long, long shot turned aside by Newton, now back up to the netural zone, Lakers bring it in Gillan sends it deep no icing and the Eagles chase. But now its out.

Lots of open ice play here both sides are all spread out and the puck is moving around fast. Lakers are back in their corner send it up and out, Rupert is on the chase. Now on the boards, Lakers keep itini, shot blocked by Rupert before it gets to the net. Here's Hunt on a break, passes to Popp, Popp with the shot - SCORES. 3-0 Eagles with 4:01 left in the first. The goalie couldn't get down to the ice in timme for that one.

Faceoff Eagles send it forward, now the puck goes end to end twice from player to player. Santulli takes it behind the net, send it out on the boards, Lakers send it back in offsides and both sides will go for a change.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Hunt takes it up, stripped away but now he's got it back, Gillan now sends it up, fighting on the boards, Gillan passes to Hunt all alone but he loses it, Smith takes the shot and the goalie covers. A backhnader by Hunt blocked before it got to the net. Lakers have it now, long shot turned aside by Newton but there's no Eagles nearby, Lakers with a shot to the offside of the net scores. 3-1 now with 1:59 left in the first.

Faceoff stays in the Eagles' zone, wow Lakers have ripped off three good shots here, none of them on net but all with good speed. Now Lakers on the breakaway - - Newton is out, shot SAVE, Gillan takes away the rebound but there's a whistle on the play.

15 seconds left.

No real good possession after that and the first period ends with the Lakers showing a little life and the Eagles back on their heels a little.