Friday, February 27, 2009

Eagles NES Game 1 - Third Period

Faceoff to start the third Leblanc wins it rushing, stripped away Suguitan keeps it in, down the ice now, shot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff shot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff PVHC wins it keeps it in, back to the point, Buffoline takes it, now int PVHC zone can't get anything going,

Buffoline on the rush now Lebel trailing Buffoline keeps it goes behind the net, loses it in traffic, PVHC up now, Smith back, PVHC skating hard hard hard.

Carson has it long shot rebound Buffoline in checked hard but no call.

Long shot from PVHC goes wide, puck down the ice now Tulchinsky racing, PVHC recovers. PVHC has it now down the ice shot Mahlitz rebound, covers.

Traffic in the net, Buffoline has it up to Wightman, stripped away, PVHC no Buffoline shot stopped by PVHC sent up the ice,

Carson to Buffoline takes it out, into PVHC zone now. Eagles looking somewhat flat.

PVHC #18 has it racing, Suguitan back but can't match her, shot scores.

Suguitan has it stripped, Nelsen up to Tulchinsky, Ryan long shot fromm the point save. Wow. Great shot.

Faceoff to the right of PVHC Buffoline wins it, tries a wrapround can't get it, Carson has it now dumps it in, battling in the corner, Mccue keeps it in, long puck Smnith back behind the net,

Buffoline on the break they have numbers, caught by PVHC weak shot,

Faceoff outsdie the PVHC zone Eagles win it, Leblanc shot,

Tulchinsky beind the net Carsono up, in traffic, backhander goes wide

2:17 left in the game

PVHC sends it out of play.

Faceoff just in the PVHC zone. Buffoline, Leblanc, Smith sends it towards the net,

back in the Eagles zone now, Buffoline to Leblanc misses and it goes down

PVHC on the break now Suguitan back, shot Mahlitz rebound, covers.

Faceoff to the right of Mahlitz, Buffoline wins it,

45 seconds

30 seconds,

15 seconds PHVC has it

Eagles can't get it out.

PVHC junk shot scores. 3-2.

Eagles pull the goalie.

Faceoff Eagles win, puck back, Ryan up ice, shot Eagles on the buzzer goes wide.

What a heartbreaker. PVHC wins 3-2.

Eagles NES Game 1 - Second Period

Faceoff Eagles win it, PVHC sends it back, now into the Eagle's zone, Buffoline has it stripped away, back up long shot from the high slot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff to the left of Mahlitz Leblanc wins it, McCue seds it up no icing, Lebel, tries to cetner but blocked, battling in the corner now, McCue loses it, Nelsen at center, now into the Eagles zone, good centering pass PVHC can't get a shot off, battling on the boards, back into the Eagles zone, Hubschmitt on a break now, behind the net, Carson, Buffoline with a shot goes wide, back out Ryan sends it in but the Eagles go offsides.

9:02 in the 2d, faceoff Eagles win, Leblanc in battling, Nelsen dumps it in, Gillan pressuring, Tulchinsky behind the net, to Gillan, backhander blocked, backhander SCORES!! Eagles up 2-0.

FAceoff PVHC wins it, into Eagles zone, now out Gillan, Buffoline, deep in PVHC zone, centers shot rebound shot save. Oh I thought that was in.

Faceoff Eagles win puck is out Ryan back in but Eagles go offsides.

Buffoline now takes it in , centers to Wightman but PVHC bothers, PVHC hits the long pass Buffoline picks it off, bothered in the corner, to Wightman, Wightman behind the net good wraparound centers Lebel can't get the shot.

PVHC on the break now, shot Mahlitz rebound Buffoline takes it, now down in PVHC zone, Carson centers, long shot by Nelsen, Smith loses it PVHC down now,

PVHC really looking and skating, long shot Mahlitz rebound PVHC picks up the garbage and scores. 2-1 Eagles.

4:09 in the second Faceoff center ice, Buffoline has it, takes itin, center to Tulchinsky stripped away, PVHC dwonw the ice, Buffoline has it on a break now 2 on 2, Leblanc tries a shot can't get it, icing on PVHC now.

Faceoff to the left of PVHC.

Leblanc in now stripped, Wightman picks it up, Leblanc centers, Nelsen takes it in, back out, in again long shot, sent way down the ice, Eagles back now, 1:24 left in the period.

Carson wins the battle on the baoreds takes it in, wins again, centers, Buffoline has it shot deflected away, Smith with a shot goes wide, PVHC sends it Smith sends it back, Buffoline now, shot goalie tries to cover but Leblanc picks him, Smith battling now on the boards keeps it in.

Buzzer, Eagles are still up 2-1 at the end of 2.

Eagles NES Game 1 - First Period

The first period of the first game of the Eagles' NES tournmanent is about to get underway. The Eagles are facing "PVHC" - - no idea what that means or where they are from. T?hey have big cats on the front of their sweaters.

The Egales start with Buffoline, Lebel, WIghtman, McCue and Suguitan.

Eagles win the faceoff into PVHC zone, shot save, PVHC with the puck 20 on 1 shot save Mahltiz. Quit turnover #18 on PVHC is tall and has speed.

Lebel now with the puck into PVHC zone, behind the net, to Buffoline but turned over to PVCH. PVHC beats Ryan at the blueline 2 on 1 shot save Mahlitz.

Faceoff to the left of Mahlitz, PVHC has the puck now behind the net shot save Mahlitz

Faceoff to the right of Mahlitz in the corner now centering pass no one from mPVHC is there.

Two more shots on the Eagles goal one bounced out one goes wide. Puck is out, PVHC bbrings it back in but offisdes.

FAceoff goes to Egales Buffoline down the line tripped but no call, Eagles a little sluggish and bunched up. PVHC long pass stripped away b y Suguitan, sent up, Buffoline alone, shot save.

Face off to right of PVHC they win it, McCue back sends it up. Lebel takes it in but offisdes.

Faceoff in the netural zone PVHC wins it around behind the net and back out, in again and PVHC goes offsides.

Faceoff in the netural zeonn, lebel has it, now LeBlanc, PVHC gets it, batttling on the boards Nelsen sends it up and out of play.

Faceoff now just innside the Egales zone PVHC wins it brings it in, long shot on goal tipped away, Gillan sends it up Buffoline racing but can't get there, PVHC long pass up ice Suguitan breaks it up and sends it out, Tulchinsky pressuring, McCue up to Leblanc, now Buffoline, brings it in but Tulchinsky is offisdes.

Faceoff outside the zone Eagles win it, Ryan wins the battle at center ice sends it up, great centering pass by Hubschmitt no shot, back now in Eagles zone, battline on the boards Hubschmitt has it sends it out, up now to Carson, LeBlanc tips int in and the Eagles change up, in PVHC zone now, battling on the boards to the right of the goalie, puck is free back into PVHC zone but they send it out, now into Eagles zonne, Smith sends it up long shot from mthe point Mahlitz rebound, tipped awayby Ryan, centering pass by PVHC no one takes it, the puck is out now, Buffoline up, D changes but PVHC wins it hustling back long shot from the point goes wide, Gillan in the corner battling tips it up, now tulchinsky in the other corner, Tulchinsky sends it up and out, PVHC takes it dumps it in.

Another long shot from PVHC on the point goes wide penalty now on Gillan for slashing gives PVHC their first power play.

Faceoff PVHC wins it keeps it in, lots of back and forth puck now towards the net PVHC pounding but Mahlitz covers. Faceoff Eagles win it, puck is out PVHC regroups, sends it back in, shot Mahlitz covering.

2:38 remaining in the first and it's 0-0.

Faceoff now down the ice, battling in the corner, centering pass Wightman onetimer SCORES!! Beautiful, beautiful play.

Faceoff now at center ice PVHC wins it, sends it back, Egales have it out, Buffoline now behind the net send it up, Suguitan, back to Buffoline, take it in, battling in the high slot, PVHC has it,

now Leblanc on the breakaway bothered can't get a strong shot, PVHC has it now long shot from the point deflected by Mahlitz. Shot again Mahlitz covers.

13.2 seconds left in the first, Eagles skating much better now and passing a little as they seem to be finding their groove a little.

There's the horn and the end of the first period.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Eagles Game Four - Third Period

Out now for the Eagles: Tulchinsky at Center, Jeffs on left wing, Carson on right win, Ryan on Left D, Suguitan on Right D. Faceoff NRI wins, knocekded away by Suguitan, nwo in the corner, Eagles send it out, NRI recovers and dumps it back in.

NRI behind the net centering but no one there, shot from the point goes wide, Ryan perfect tape to tape to Jeffs, Jeffs sends it up, battling on the boards and Ryan dumps it in Eagles go for a change - - sudden rush by NRI while the Eagles are changing - - but they go offsides. That could have been a 3 on 0.

LeBel with a rush, interfered with and he gets the whistle so it will be an Eagles poweer rplay.

Faceoff Eagles win it, Ryan shot from the blue line, NRI sends it out, Suguitan back in but offsides, and all theway down. Lebel pass to Buffoline, Buffoline takes it in on open ice, shot from the WAY high slot - - SCORES. The goalie reached up but didn't connect.

9:39 to go in the second and Eagles are on top 2-0, but this is a close ame that could very quickly turn. NRI on the rush now, they have numbers, shot save Mahlitz, shot save again. PUck is out of play. Faceoff NRI wins, tips it in, Gillan sends it back up, NRI long pass across the ice but can't hold on to it, Suguitan behind the net, sends it up, Hubschmitt tips it up, Eagles lose it, NRI tips it in, Gillan sends it back out.

Deep in NRI's ice now, Lebel tied up on theboards, now lebel has it, Buffoline, NRI with the rush long pass Smith strips him - - great play Sarah.

7:25 in the third now. Eagles on the rush, Buffoline tries to shoot can't, NRI onj the rush now, centering but can't connect, LeBlanc, carries it on but the Eagles go offisides.

Faceoff at center ice, Carson, NRI takes it, Ryan sends it up, Ryan again dumps it in, NRI gets it back long pass, Eagles on the rush, Carson behind the net now in front, Bogardus trying to get a shot but can't, now offises for the Eagles.

Faceoff NRI wins it, one timer Hubschmitt dives and takes the shot, he looks hurt, NRI in the corner now, sets up for a one-timer man's open but he fans. Now NIR goes offsides.

PUck is loose now towards thte net Mahlitz racing out gets there first. Two quick shojts by NRI, one sticked away, one kicked away. Mahlitz is at the top of his game today.

4:33 left LeBlanc down the ice goes in but offsides.

Fceoff outside Eagles NRI wins it, Eagles back McCue sends it up, Carson takes it up tries to pass to Hubschmitt but can't find him.

Faceoff to right of Mahlitz, Tulchinsky now Jeffs, battling in NEagles territory, the Eagles have changed their game maybe getting tired b ut they are letting NRI take the shots here. Mahlitz getting peppered blocks another one.

NRI is beginning to look desperate but they are getting somme momentum. Gillan in the corner sends it up, Lebel sends it out. Lebel takes it in to NRI's icde shot by Lebel stick save and the goalie covers.

2:06 left in the game. Shot by Carsonn from the corner goalies drops, covers.

Faceoff to left of NRI, Tulchinsky at center.

Eagles win it, pressuring but no shot, Hubschmitt open in front of the net goalie off to the side but he can't get the shot off, goalie scrambling and recovers, covers for a whistle with 1:17.

51 seconds left and a stop for offsides. The game isn't over but things look good for the Eagles. Suguitan dumps it in, 43 seconds, NRI pulls the goalie, Jeffs behind the net, twice, 19 seconds, 6 on 5 Eagles battling hard, 2 on 1 rush Mahlitz kicks but NRI scores with .2 on the clock.


Faceoff and an almost immediate buzzer -- Eagles win it, 2-1.

Eagles game 5 will be tomorrow at 12:15 when the Eagles play the Rattlers again in the tournament final. At worst we will go home with second place. The Rattlers play early tomorrow morning, and while they don't have a strong opponent they will have to play the whole game to beat Saugerties. Hopefully that will mean our fresh legs will give us a reasonable chance at beting the Rattlers.

Eagles Game Four - Second Period

Out on the ice: Tulchinsky, Hugschmitt, Nelsen, Gillan, Suguitan.

Eagles win it but NRI recovers, Gillan now starting a rush tied up at the blue line. Play along the boards now Tulchinsky takes a shot from his knees on the red line, goalie kickes it away, Lebel with a shot, Buffoline with a shot but nothings going in.

Now NRI down the ice, off to the left of Mahlitz centering pass weak wrister and Mahlitz covers easily.

Faceoff to the right of Mahlitz, shot Mahlitz reaches with his glove but it's in front. Long shot down the ice for the Eagles and now its all the way back for icing.

Faceoff Eagles lost it NRI shooting, wow the puck is flying everywhere bobbles in looks like a goal whistle, no goal. Greatt job Hunter!

Faceoff Eagles win it down the ice, offsides. Faceoff at middle ice, NRI wins it, takes it bac behind the net, sends it up but Hubschmitt takes it, now battling ont the boards nice play by Suguitan to keep it in, long shot by NRI all the way down and a whistle for icing.

Face off to left of NRI, Eagles win it, Buffoline to Lebel with a backhander but the goalie kicks it away, Buffoline with it to leblanc, back to Ryan shot rebound loose puck Buffoline backhander SCORES!

Eagles go up by one.

Faceoff center ice NRI wins it, Eagles close, long shot to the goal, the goalie's not touching it and it bounces JUST to the left of the net. Wow. Risky play. Whistle for icing.

Faceoff on Eagles ice, NRI wins it, rough play, NRI cetners from behyind the net but Eagles bat it away. NRI on the rush, Suguitan bats it away, Bogardus on the boards now, NRI fans on the puck, scrum in fronn of the net Mahlitz covers. Boy that looked like roughing the goalie after tthe whistle to me.

Long shot through traffic Mahlitz screened but drops at the last possible second to make the save. Now back behind the net, sends it up wicked wrister Mathlitz gloves it but can't hold on to it, but it goes wide. On the boards now, Nelsen up to Hubschmitt and its out.

Eaglees on the rush now but they go offsides and a whistle.

4:48 in the second now, NRI on the rush, weak wrister goes wide NRI gets it back, looking to center but no shot, centering again, Ryan's stick breaks he picks it up, and now he's going in the box. NRI on the power play.

Buffoline maneuvering . . he's tripped. This is going to be a 4 on 4 for 54 seconds.

NRI has it, not much pressure from the Eagles, Eagles are back to full strength now so it's an Eagles power play for 25 seoconds. NRI keepg it in now, Carson on the rush, Bogardus tries a shot in traffic .

Nelse on the rush, shoots wide, Tulchinsky, fans, shoots wide, down the ice now, Gillan back, shoves them off to the side, puck is out of the Eagles zone, now back in and offisdes. All the way back in the zone, faceoff, Eagles win it, buffoline shot goalie glove save.

Faceoff again NRI wins it, Buffolin on a rush, tied up, great play by mcCue, Lebel centers batted away by NRI, there's the buzzer and at the end of 2 periods its Eagles 1, NRI 0.

Eagles Game Four - First Period

The Eagles fourth tournament game is due to start in about 10 minutes. The Eagles will be playing Northern Rhode Island. The Eagles and NRI and currently tied with 4 points each. The winner of this game will return tomorrow to face, nearly without doubt, the Berkshire Rattlers. Both teams have previously lost to the Rattlers in this tournament by comfortable margins.

Three minutes til game time and I see a ref in the corner drinking coffee but no teams from either side.

OK, teams are coming out now. For some reason the Eagles sound positively jubilant. Maybe they know something no one else does.

Loud music from nowhere. Ouch.

NRI is wearing solid dark green, Eagles are in their traveling whites. No names on the NRI jerseys. Hm.

Warmup is over.

Eagles starting line: Lebel, Buffoline, LeBlanc, Suguitan, Gillan.

Eagles win the faceoff and Lebel takes it in early, Buffoline tries to stuff it bu the goalie covers. Great start for the Eagles.

Faceoff in NRI's ice, Eagles win it, Gillan shot rebound, Buffoline gets it, NRI has it down the ice Gillan chasing. Long shot down the ice now lebel closing, Ryan up to Buffoline, on the board lebel has it, centering to Tulchinsky great one timer goes wide. Ryan checking, gives NRI the first power play.

Faceoff on Eagles ice, Tulchyinsky wins it, shot goes wide, Smith up to Jeffs, chipped up and out of play for a whistle.

Faceoff NRI wins it, shot wide, Jeffs up and out Tulchinsky has it TRIPPED - - and its a 4 on 4 game.

Faceoff NRI wins it, but Gillan gets it, sends it up to Carson, now NRI has it baqttle in the faceoff cirlce SHOT Mahlitz sticks it off to the right. Now leblanc takes it up, Eagles go for a change, Buffoline with a shot, now back out, McCue has it dumps it in, Lebel battling in the corner. Back to the point, McCue looks for Buffoline but can't find him, now NRI has it, McCue sends it back in, good tape to tape pass by NRI but the Eagles bat it back in and go offsides.

PUck in NRI's ice, Davis battling loses it, NRI on the rush now, Ryan foils it, Tulchinsky in to help, Davis behind the net sends it up but goes down hard, Nelsen sends it up long but it's icing, all the way to the Eagles, right of Mahlitz.

Jeffs sends it out now no icing, pressur by Wigthman. NRI on the rush, shot save Mahlitz and NRI crashes the net off the moorings.

McCue up to Buffoline all alone, now pressured, LeBlanc shoots blocked by NRI, rebound Lebel shoots wide, Leblanc now on the boards centering no one there, Lebel shoots tripped but no call. NRI on the rush now, Smith back battling on the boards, NRI tips it in LeBlanc back, stripped, but covered by Smith, NRI centers McCue is there NRI tips it wide.

Shot by NRI Mahlitz covers, faceoff, shot by NRI goes wide, NRI behind the net Ryan wins the battle. Bogardus sends it up, NRI gets it back shot Ryan blocks it, shot by NRI goes wide, Carson in the corner, NRI has it, shot but NRI in the crease and the faceoff is outside of th Eagles zone.

2:18 remaining int he first, game is scoreless.

Eagles rush, Buffoline tripped but no call, Buffoline gets the puck, looking, looking, stripeed, Suguitan battling on the boards, shot Suguitan gets somme of it, Lebel takes it up, to Buffoline, now LeBlanc, shot goalie glove save.

NRI on the rush, perfect chance for a one-timer by NRI but they fan, Carson battling on the baords, 4 seconds left.

Buzzer and the end of the first, still scoreless.

Eagles Game Three - Third Period

The Eagles are going to need some spark if they are going to catch the Rattlers.

Same starting forward lineup, Jeffs and Suguitan are in on D.

Eagles win the faceoff, down in the Rattlers ice, shot save and the goalie covers.

On the boards, Buffoline has it, now Leblanc, stripped, Suguitan tips it back, LeBlanc has it.

#11 throws LeBlanc to the ground. #11 goes in tot he box for a slash. But it looks like LeBlanc is getting a penalty too? Not sure what the refs think they saw there.

Ryan back now sends it all the way down and the call is icing. 9:31 left to play and the eagles trail by 4.

Faceoff in Eagles ice, Carson sends it down the ice for icing again.

Faceoff in Eagles ice to the left of Mahlitz, Eagles take it down the ice now, Wightman closing.

The Eagles have back off now, they are giving the Rattlers a lot of room. McCue keeps it in shot by Carson goes wide, Wightman centering in traffic, SMith takes it behind the goal.

Nice hit by Lebel on #12. Buffoline now, tripped by #19 he's goin to the box for a Eagles power play.

Rattlers down the ice now with their PK, fromo the bottomm of the face off cirlce, shot #11 top left shelf scores. Rattlers 6, Eagles 1.

LeBlanc with a shot now goes behind the net, Davis shoots blocked by the Rattlers.

Buffoline to Lebel, back, puck towards the net but eh goalie covvers. 5:46 now left in the game.

Tulchinksey on open ice, heading towarrds the net, can't get a shot off as he's interefered with the Rattlers but no call.

Gillan in the corner takes it away fromo the Rattlers. Rattlers #11 breaking now, Suguitan back, whoa that's a trip and the arm goes up.

Rattlerson the power play, Eagles looking angry now as they battle the puck out, offisds and it goes all the way back to Rattlers icde. Leblanc flying in, where was this team ten minutes ago? Buffoline looking, tries the wrap but the goalie is there, back out to Davvis, long shot goalie covers for a whistle stop.

Here comes #12 again, no one pressuring him, he's got rrom, shot - - goal.

Scrum in fron of the net, Gillan falls and covers the puck. No whistle though. smart play.

30 seconds left, Eagles have a rush, centering pass by Ryan no one's there. NICE hit by Jeffs.

Bogardus has it with just a few left, tries to get a shot off but can't and there's the final buzzer.

Rattlers 7, Eagles 1.

Next game is this afternoon at 4:15 when the Eagles go against Northern Rhode Island.

Eagles Game Three - Second Period

Back out on the ice, the Eagles open with Buffoline, LeBel, LeBlanc, Davis, and Ryan. Battling at cen ter, Lebel on thte break, Buffoline has it, tackled by Lebel, Buffoline now stripped, Rattlers clear and start a rush.

Looking at little mor eevenly matched as the play has bone back and forth on both ends this period. Nelsen in now.

Jeffs perfect pass to Carson in front of the net, Carson one timer sends it home GOAL. Rattlers 3, Eagles 1.

Faceoff, Eagles send it to the Rattlers, Rattlers on a break. Eagles pick it off and send it back down to the Rattlers. Goalie is down but Eagles can't manage a shot. Smith dumps it in offisdes for a whistle.

Rattlers on a rush Ryan lifts anad leBel slaps it away. Buffoline now tries a wraparound, goalie is there. Lebel in the corner surrounded by Rattlers.

Rattlers on a rush now Ryan back, pushes the Rattler wide but gets a call for tripping. Rattlers on the poweer play with 7:05 left in the second.

Eagles win the faceoff, Suguitan behind the net sends it up but the Rattlers get it , long HARD shot fromm the blue line Mahlitz nabs it out of the air for a whistle. Great save.

Faceoff and another shot Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff and anothershot blocked by the Eagles, Rattlers back to the point #12 long shot top shelf goal. Rattlers go up 4 to 1.

Eagles win the faceoff, Carson into the Rattlers ice, shot, puck arcing, goalie grabs it with a glove save for a whistle stop.

Rattlers win the faceoff send the puck in, now its out, back in but the Rattlers are offisdes for a whistle.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Eagles lose it, get it back, now down the ice and a whistle for offisdes.

Eagles manage two shots b ut can't get it past Foley. Rattlers down the ice now #12 takes a shot, good sliding save by Mahlitz and a covers for a stoppage of play.

PUck down at the Eagles now, battling along the boards, now its out, now Wightman, centering but no ones there, Rattlers have it, crossing in front of the net, what a mess, Rattlers score.

With 2:21 in the second it's Rattlers 5, Eagles 1.

Buffoline questioning the goal, discussing with the ref, no change in the call the goal stands. Buffoline now with a shot rebound. Puck is out but the Rattlers send it back in, Lebel picks it up, centers but no one there. Buffoline now tries to walk it in but can't.

Nelsen down the ice now dumps it in, Wightman in the coner, Ryan shoots, Rattlers send it all the way down the ice and a whistle for icing.

Faceoff in Rattlers, Rattlers have it for a rush, 10 seconds left Rattlers shoot, Mahlitz saves and covers.

There's the buzzer and at the end of two its Rattlers 5, Eagles 1.

Eagles Game Three - First Period

The Eagles third game of the tournament will start in about 10 minutes.

The Eagles play the Berkshire Rattlers this morning. Berkshire held on to beat Northern Rhode Island in their only game yesterday, so they comme into this game fairly fresh. Berkshire is a strong team, beating the Eagles once in regular season play. Their goalie is a big and sharp, and there are a few skaters on the team our skaters cannot stay with. This will be a difficult game.

Eagles coming out of the locker room now as the Zamboni(R) finishes its last few passes.

Both teams are in the box and very quiet. This is a meeting of two possible finalists and it looks like both teams understand that.

The Eagles look anxious to get on the ice as the ground crew finishes the last cleanup.

Now they're out.

The Rattlers have their big goalie, Foley, in net. The Eagles will place Mahlitz.

1:30 left in the warmup. The Rattlers are ripping shots in on their side. Eagles are starting up some passing drills.

Time for the opening faceoff. The Eagles will start with Buffoline at Center, Leblanc on Right wing, Lebel on left wing, Mccuie on left D, Smith on right D. Scrumming at center ice, McCue back Eagles come out wiht it, battling behind the net, Buffoline has it stripped.

Rattlers with a wraparound Mathlitz is there. Back to the point, Rattlers dump it in again. Cetnering pass from behind the net one timmer goes wide. Weak wrister Mahlitz covers for a whistle stop.

Ryan in the corner runs the breakaout and its in Rattlers territory now. Not much pressure from the Eagles. Battling at the faceoff circle Eagles win it. Around behind the net and up the boards Ryan keeps it in. Rattlers behind their net Nelsen battling. Rattlers start a rush now.

Back in Eagles territory, Nelsen sends it down theice, no icing as the Eagles close in. Rattlers on a break, Gillan back and shoved into the wall hard. Penalty on the Rattlers for roughing.

Eagles on the power play now, leBlanc wins it and stars the rush, Lebel now, LeBlanc ack to Suguitan on the point. Rattlers with a rush Suguitan foils it, Rattlers 2 to 99 onetimer sends it home for a goal. Rattlers 1, Clifton Park 0. Rattlers scoring shorthanded.

Eagles win the faceoff now in Rattlers territory, still 20 seconds left on the penalty. Rattlers have it now starting a rush, Ryan foils it, Buffoine down the ice now, shoots, Foley nabs it out of the air for a whistle stop.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Rattlers have a break, #11 beats Mahlitz easily for another goal. Rattlers 2, Eagles 0.

Nelsen now into the Rattlers zone takes a shot goalie kick save, Rattlers now down the left boards now in the middle, Rattlers ona break Mccue foils Carson with a shot goes in front of the net.

Rattlers down the side now, centering, Ryan bats it down, Jeffs behind the net takes it up, Rattlers trying a breakout can't doi it, Wightman cetners to Carson shot goes wide. Centering now, Rattlers try a break "Bogardus has it driving deep. now Buffoline, shot and the goalie covers for a whislte.

3:45 in the first, Rattlers 2 Eagles 0.

Faceoff in Rattlers ice, Suguitan keeps it in, Buffoline shot rebound, Rattlers get it, Lebel tripped but no call, battling behind the net, Gillan with a long shot goalie covers for another whistle. Eagles look a little livlier towards the end of this period, putting some pressure on the Rattlers.

Rattlers now back in Eagles ice, centering, lots of traffic in fronnt of the net, Rattlers lift it up for a goal. 3-0 Rattlers with 2:32 left in the first. This will be hard to comme back from as the Eagles have managed only a few shots on net.

Smith behind th ent now, Nelsen has it on the rush, shot goalie covers, no, behind the net. No out to center ice, Jeffs has it dumps it in, Rattlers send it all the way down no icing, hard play on the boards now Buffoline has it, stripped, Lebel checked into the boards no call, long shot on the net goalie gloves it for a whistle stop. 8 second left. Ryan with a long shot from the blue line blocked by the Rattlers and the first period ends, Rattlers 3, Eagles 0.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Eagles Game Two - Third Period

Eagles are out now for the third.

Scrum a center after the faceoff. Eagles now into Saug zone. Lebel in the corner. Back to Buffoline, stripped. Has it back, stripped again. Buffoline has it back, puck now in Eagles zone. In front of the net, Mahlitz shuffling down on the ice, sets, shot save and Mahlitz covers.

Faceoff i nthe Eagles zone and another shot on the net, Mahlitz sticks it away to the right, Suguitan now ehind th ent, stripped, goes hard into the boards. Gillan now, nice pass up the ice, Tulchinsky shoots - - off the post and back down in front of the net - - no goal.

Faceoff, Eagles win it, play in the middle section, Jeffs has it , Ryan with a mighty shot hits Carson. Centering pass no one there, Ryan with a shot wide. Ryan with a shot hits a Saugerties player who screams and falls, but gets back up. Free puck , McCue dumps it in.

Saugerties with th epuck now starting a rush, centers to #5 Mahlitz way off to the side but she bobbles it, can't get the shot off. That should have b een an easy goal for Saugerties. Smith now behind the net, takes it up, Saugerties back in but offisdes.

Faceoff at the Eagles blue line. Tulchinsky wins the draw, Suguitan sends it up, Saugerties has the puck now, no Tulchinsky takes it, back to Gillan , shot into traffice, Saugerties has the puck now, down the ice, two on one Suguitan back breaks it up but a sliding pass to #5 - - she blows it again.

#5 with the puck now, stripped by Davis. Down into Saugerties zone, Carson with a backhander goes wide. #5 on the rush, fakes Ryan but Davis is right there. Ryan sends it out, Saugerties sends it back in but offisdes with 5:14 remaining.

Faceoff at center ice. Buffoline goes forward, McCue sends it up, LeBel dumps it in, Eagles offsides at 4:59.

Buffoline on the faceoff, takes it in, maneuvering for room, tries to hit LeBlanc but Saug breaks it up. Nice D play by Smith to keep it in.

Now down on Eagles ice, shot stopped by McCue. Now back to Saugerties, LeBlanc shoots into traffic. Suguitan shoots into traffice. leBlanc on the rush, shoots, glove savve Saugerties.

Faceoff in Saugerties ice with 3:14 left, Saugerties not looking like they are getting much momentum here. #5 still has somme good legs though while the Eagles are tiring a little as this is their second game. Shot Mahlitz stick save, covers for a whistle at 2:46.

Faceoff and another whistle at 2:30, offsides Eagles. Faceoff and another whistle at 2:19, offsides Saugerties.

LeBel now on the rush, behind the net, sends it back to the point, Suguitan shot into traffic, Saugerties takes it to the side.

Now down in Eagles zone. Fceoff. Penalty in there somewhere as Saugerties now seems to be on thepower play.

Buffoline down the ice, Eagles shorthanded, Saugerties on the rush, passes, LeBlanc gets there and the Eagles send it all the way down. Buffoline behind th enet now, now in front, shot tipped up over the net. LeBlanc shoots I think the same kid just took it again. Great play by Gillan to keep it in.

That's the buzzer and this one ends without a bang.

Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.

Next game it tomorrow at 12:15. Not sure if the blog will be going as I might be home with the other hockey players but check back.

Eagles Game Two - Second Period

Tulchinsky out for the opening faceoff, Nelsen, Hubschmitt, Smith and McCue. Saugerties gets the puck, takes it up, out, back in offsides and a whistle stop 15 seconds in tothe period.

11:45 faceoff in Eagles zone, eagles have the puck, tipped up and now down the ice . Whistle stop for icing and the puck goes all the eway back.

Saugerties wins the faceoff, hard shot right off the bat but save by Mahlitz. Carson now with the puck, loses it, gets it back, goalie kicks the pick all the way out to the blue line. Wow.

Puck now down in Eagles territory, long shot down the ice and a whistle for icing at 10:35.

Saugerties wins the faceoff, great shot by Saugerties, sticked away by Mahlitz. Buffloine down the ice now shot reboudn, Buffoline behind the net, wraparound - - it's in. Goal Eagles.

Buffoline now, shoots, blocked.

Whistle now, LeBel for hooking. Saugerties will start the power play with 9:42 remaining in the second.

Faceoff, Eagles win it, Smith back now, Tulchinsky withthe puck, loses it, Nelsen helps, Tulchinsky racing, McCue, Saugerties breakaway crossing in fron t of the net, Mahlitz with a sliding save. Nice, nice. Puck behind the net, back out shot - - Mahlitz again with the save.

Eagles now down in Saugerties territory, Dawson Davis nice play to keep it in.

Faceoff now near center ice. Eagles take it forward, Jeffs sends it up. Davis keeps it in. Whistle stop for icing on Saugerties.

7:13 in the second, Tulchinskey wins the draw, Saaugerties in the corner playing keep away, Gillan with a shot goes wide.

6:39 faceoff all the way yback in Saug. zone. Wightman shot, kicked away by Saugerties goalie Kehr. Saug on a breakawy, crossing in front GREAT sliding save by Mahlitz but there's a penalty. Looks like tripping on mcCue, putting saugerties on another power play.

Faceoff in Eagles zone, Saugerties controlling, shot wide, cetnering pass borken up by Davis, Carson now on the rush, Saugerties now back but they go offsides for a whistlestop.

Faceoff at the Eagles blueline, Eagles win, Buffloine into tSuagerties zone, tries to get a shot off but cant, Saugerties takes th epuck to ward the Eagles net, Gillan takes it away. Buffoline now, now in the corner, whistle for frozen puck. Pretty quick whistle. Puck in fron of the net, Buffoline, shoots, save.

Buffoline behind the net looks for LeBlanc can't find him, puck taken away now, back to Gillan shot wide, Lebel now to LeBlanc slams it but wide, puck down the ice now would be icing but Gillan back, shoots it up but now icing on Gillan so the faceoff is all the way back.

2;56 in the second now, still Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.

Faceoff Eagles have it, Tulchinskyu up, shoots, Nelsen in the slot tries a backhnader but it's off the goalies pads. Saugerties takes it down the ice, gets off a weak shot easy save by Mahlitz.

1:57 now Tulchinkssy on the rush, shot rebound, Nelsen shot rebound, Hubschmitt can't get the third shot off, puck is back out and now back in but Saugerties has 4 men in the zone already for offsides.

Jeffs now sends it across to Bogardus, Saugerties with the puck now Wightman takes it away, Wgihtman trying to center, Bogardus trying to center, no one on the net. Shot dribbles toward the goal but no one is on center.

Saugerties on the rush now, tries to cross by Jeffs is there sends it away. Eagles offsides with :19.6 left in the second.

Eagles playing more like themselves this game with a little more zip in the skates and a little more heat in the puck.

Lebel now down the ice, to the right of the Saugerties net, perfect pass to LeBlanc winds up a shoots - - wide.

Buzzer and that's the second. Eagles 4, Saugerties 0.

Eagles Game Two - First Period

This will be the second game for the Eagles today after defeating Bethlehem 4-2 this morning. The Eagles enjoyed a fine afternoon of pizza followed by bowling. It turns out Coach George is a closet bowling fanatic and pasted one of the parents (who will remain unnamed) 168-134 in a late afternoon match.

So far the Eagles, Northern Rhode Island, and the Rattlers have posted wins, so there is a three-way tie for first.

This game is between the Eagles and Saugerties.

The Eagles have a chance to move alone into first if they defeat Saugerties. If the Eagles lose, Saugerties will join the Eagles, NRI and the Rattlers for a four-way tie for first.

Warmup is done now. Teams are collecting the pucks.

Eagles coming out now. Opening linie is Buffoline, LeBlanc, LeBel, Gillan, Suguitan on D.

Eagles win the facedoff, leblanc up, has it centering to Lebel picked off by Saugerties. Lebel now on the boards, to Buffoline, good centering pass to LeBlanc, shoots rebound, shot SCORE!

Eagles up by one. Not sure who got that one. Nelsen no in to Saug zone, takes a shot, goalie sticks it away. Saugerties now with a shot blocked by Smith. Smithj on the puck, passes, into traffic. Eagles go for a change as Saug satrts the rush.

Ryan now with the puck sends it up, icing and a stoppage of play.

Puck now in Eagels territory, Saug centering, foiled by Ryan and Carson, shot wide of the net, Ryan sends it up, back again, Ryan up to Wightman, centers but Davis is there. Carsonn now into Saugerties zone and Eagles change their forwards.

Eagles changing D now, LeBel in the corner to Buffoline, Buffoline cetners to LeBlanc but misses, good Eagles play. Suguitan down shot, wow right on the line but Mahlitz keeps it out, Leble takes it away. Buffoline now, looking, shoots rebound. LeBlanc now, LeBlanc to Tulchinsky one timer SCORES!! Eagles up by 2. GREAT one-timer.

Faceoff now, Saugerties dumps it in, McCue back, misses, Nelsen hits Hubschmitt on a pass, Nelsen keeps it in, wrister on the net, save and the goalie covers.

Carson behind th enet, Ryan keeps it in, Ryan with a shot almost hits Carson. Eagles keepin gthe pressure on. Good play by Ryan on the Blue line. Saugerties winws the battle and tries a rush but the Eagles close fast. Jeffs now on the rush dumps it in and the Eagles change it up all the way around. Icicng, faceoff will be all the way back in Eagles territory.

Eagles win the faceoff, puck now in Saugerties zone. Buffoline along the boardes, now leblanc, centers, play broken up, Gillan with a shot deflected by Saugerties bodies. BUffoline now, puck comes back, Buffoline again, closing, shoots, goalie deflects, behind the net shot on the other side, goalie cover for a stoppage of fplay.

4:38 left in the first, Eagles 2, Saugerties 0.

Tulchinksy now inn center, Saug wins the draw, Nelsen back battling, Tulchinsky, Hugschmitt keeping it towards the SAugerties end. Saugerties now down the ice, passes, open, Smith back wins the puck, Mahlitz races towards the box as there's a delayed penalty on Saugerties. Saugerties takes the puck and play stops. Not sure what the call was.

Eagles on the power play now, puck is in Saugerties territory. Ryan with a shot deflected. Saugerties has the puck now, now in to CP zone, icing but Saugerties gets to it first. Here comes a breakaway, shot save Mahlitz and covers to stop play.

1:42 left in the first.

Buffoline on the faceoff, shot Mahlitz deflects, Suguitan now coast to coast, shoots, Saugerties covers.

Faceoff in Saugerties zone. Penalty is over.

LeBlanc nice centering pass, now Saugerties on the rush, Saugerties shnot wid, Buffolin behind the net, down the ice, still has it - - cross pass to LeBlanc shot - - off the post. GREAT play.

Faceoff with 15 second left. Smith back, Saugerties regroups, dumps the puck in but the buzzer ends the round.

Score at the end of the first, Eagles 2, Saugerties 0.

Eagles Game - Third Period

Beth will begin the period with a :43 power play.

#90 out a center, Carson for the Eagles, Wightman, Suguitan, and McCue.
McCue on the breakout, can't get it out, now Suguitan, now Carson but Beth's sticks are there. Carson gets it out finally. #90 now through traffic, stays with it, shoots, scores.

Eagles 2, Beth 2. Mahlitz protesting that #90 was in the crease, but the Ref doesn't listen.

Play now in Beth's territory. Center pass to Nelsen - - shoots, SCORES. Eagles back up 3-2 with 10:04 remaining.

Faceoff, Eagles take it in, to Lebel - - shoots, goalie save. She is earning her paycheck today.

Buffoline on the faceoff, in the corner now, Gillan lets it out, recovers, dumps it back in. Beth breakaway, Gillan back, forces the shot wide.

Free puck . . . Buffoline controls, pass ot Carson, shot wide. Nice Eagles play.

Smith back now, play along the boards, Beth goes offsides for a stoppage of play.

Free puck, Ryan back, sends it up, here's #90. More traffic in front of the net, Mahlitz covvers.

6:36 remaining. No one pressuring the puck. Now Jeffs, Nelsen down and Beth goes offsiddes.

Eagles now with a 3-1 breakaway, LeBlanc shoots, goalies saves, covers.

Eagles with the puck, delayed penalty on Beth, 6 attackers. Shoots, save and the penalty now coming up on Beth.

4:35 remaining, Eagles up 3-2.

Beth on a break, Egales foil. Wightman now, starts the rush, feeds up, Carsonn, Wightman, Bogardus, Smith, McCue with t he shot, blcoked.

Carson on open ice, shoots wide. Eagles getting outbattled for the puck.

Beth on a break, #90 on open ice, bad pass or that could have been disaster. Shot #90 save Mahlitz. PUkc out now. Nelsen pressuring. Beth goes offsides.

1:58 in the game. Buffoline, LeBlanc, LeBel out, Suguitna, McCue.

1:08 Buffloine in traffic . . loses it . . gets it back shoots SCORES. 4-2 Eagles.

1:04 Carsonn throws it on the net. Here's #90 centering pass Jeffs picks it up. Beth pulls the goalie. 13.8 seconds #90 shoots, Mahlitz saves and covers.

Faceoff . . . 6 on 5 . . . looks like the Eagles are going to hang on to this as time runs, and the final score is Eagles 4, Bethlehem 2.

Next game is 5:45, Eagles v. Saugerties.

Eagles Game - Second Period

Starting a new post for the second period. Eagles send out Buffoline, LeBlanc, Suguitan, Jeffs. 1:02 of Beth power play remaining.

Beth wins the draw, but Eagles recover and dump it. Out now, Eagles regrouping but offisdes.

LeBlanc noow, stripped, lots of messy playon the sides. Penalty over.

Faceoff in Beth's territory. Gillan, Ryan out on D. Gillan foils another one in front of the net.

Gillan with a shot from the point, goes wide. Carson chance for a breakaway but falls. Now Ryan behind the net, to Bogardus, Beth has now, shot, save Mahlitz.

Faceoff in Eagles. Penalty #8 Beth, cross-check. Don't see that call very often.

Eagles power play. Past smith, she has it dumps it back in. Great D-D pass by Mccue - - shot Bogardus tipped away by Beth. Buffoline to Leblanc - - Goal Eagles!

8:04 remaining in the second it's a 1-1 game.

Nelsen now gets the puck on the net but the goalie covers. Jeffs, Suguitan out on D.

Nelsen, throws it to the net. Beth has now, Tulchinsky chance for a shot, now in the Eagles zone, shot save Mahlitz.

Faceoff, Beth to the net, Ryan clears, Carson shoots shot goes wide. Beth possible breakaway Gillan foils it to keep the puck in.

Who is number 90? His jersey is different than the others, and he is good.

LeBel shoots, rebound, shot Leblanc scores . . . . ref waives it off - - player in the crease. Faceoff now outside the attacking zonnee.

Suguitan now behind the net, Buffoline now behind th enet, now down in the Beth's, good centering pass but Leblanc can't get to it. Buffoline in the corner now, Jeffs dumps it in, Egales for a change, trip coming up on Bethlehem.

3:43 left in the seconnd, Eagles power play. Faceoff in Beth's zone . . Tulchinskey at center. Ryan blaster from the blue line, goalie saves and covers.

Faceoff again, Nelsen racing back for the puck, Beth controls, Suguitan back now, can't pull off the breakout. Now out, Beth regrouping, now in Beth's zonne, Ryan shot from the blueline goes wide.

1:50 left in the second, power play is over.

McCue hits carson on a NICE long pass, Carson to Buffoline, Buffoline closes on the net, shoots, SCORES. Eagles 2, Beth 1 with 1:26 in the second.

Nice breakup by Jeffs.

Gillan racing back. Checks. #10 White going to the box for 1:30 with :49 left in the period, that will give Beth a power play extending into the third.

Buffoline now in Beth's zone shorthanded, wrister to the net, goalie catches, drops, covers for a stoppage of play. Faceoff again . . . Eagles control . . . but that's the end of the period.

At the end of the second, it's Eagles 2, Beth 1.

Live Blogging the Eagles Game at Berkshire School

I'm going to try live blogging the game today at Berkshire school.

First of, this facility is AMAZING. We are playing on an olympic-sized rink today. The entire team is here.

Everyone was dressed early so there was an extended warmup period. The Bethlehem team is hitting the ice right now with 2:52 togo until game time.

Mahlitz is in the net for the Eagles.

33 seconds left in the warmup. Sounds like we are going to have a national anthem too.

National Anthem is over. I can't ever hear it without getting chills.

Buffoline, LeBlanc, LeBel out on the first line, Gillan, Suguitan on D.

10:48, eagles offisdes.

Carson, Wightman, Bogardus out, Beth wins the faceoff.

10:31, #90 bethelehem scores the first shot and first goal.

Beth wins the faceoff.

Ryan dumps it in but a play stoppage for icing.

Faceoff in Eagles zone. Shot, savve. Faceoff again, now down in Beth territoriy.

Nelsen completely alone with the goalie, shot goes wide.
Buffoline, bad pass back to the point, puck goals to the Eagles.

Quick whistle by the ref, would have been a second goal for Beth.

Eagles looking pretty flat. Jeff has the puck, dumps it in. GREAT crossing pass but Wightman can't get to it.

Beth shott goes wide. Tulchinsky racing for the puck now, whistle and stop for icing - - faceoff all the way back in Eagles territory.

Tulchinsky at center. Nelsen again on a breakaway! Goalie saves.

Bethlehem icing call now, all the way back in their territory.

6:17 to play in the first, still 0-1.

Buffoline now with the puck, looking, looking, pass to Suguitan.

Gillan racing back buits Beth to the puck. Beth gets it back, shot save Mahlitz. Beth outshooting the Eagles so far, outplaying them so far too.

Now in Beth's zone - - GREAT center pass Wightman bumped fromo mbehind just as he made contact. Now dow in the Eagles zone. Jeffs has it, dumps it in while the Eagles go for a change.

Lots of pressure on the net, Beth goalie easily makes three saves in traffic.

Now in the Eagles zone, Smith fans on the puck. Here comes tulchinsky, to Humschmimtt, back to Tulchinksy - - shot goalie glove save. Doesn't she get the MVP so far, coming up big.

Lebel shoots just wide of the Beth net. Now leblanc, good centering pass but Lebel was away, Eagles regrouping, Leblanc in the corner Beth comes up with the puck. Now back in Bath's zone. Buffoline has it, stripped, Beth on a breaway, Gillan foils it in front of the net and a whistle stop for the net off its moorings.

1:00 left in the frist, Beth on a breakaway. Great 2-man play but they couldn't pull it off.

Penalty now on the Eagles, #20 Ryan. I missed the signal. Bogardus ices it.

Down in Beth's zone shorthanded, Nelsen shoots, goalie covers.

Eagles pull the goalie for the faceoff, time runs.

End of the first period, Eagles 0, Beth 1.